A Complete Guide To Amex Sync (American Express Sync)

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American Express has a wonderful program called Sync where you get a rebate from American Express for spending a certain amount at select retailers.   For example, the most popular recent Sync deal was $25 back with a $75 purchase at Amazon.  This was a great deal and many people bought gift cards that they loaded into their Amazon accounts for later purchases.  By using that deal, one could essentially get a 33% discount on all Amazon purchases.

In this post I want to cover all of the ways to Sync your cards to make sure you get to fully utilize these deals.  Next time, I will go into specifics about how you can utilize specific Sync offers to make money or earn extra miles and points.


The first thing that needs to be done with Sync is to enroll your card(s).  Before you do that, it is important to understand that some promotions are targeted, some only are available through social networks and others are only available through logging into your account.  With that said, it has been my experience that most of the promotions are available by using either your online account or a social network.

Enrolling With Your American Express Account

Syncing an eligible offer to your card by logging into your account is simple.  Once logged in, scroll down a bit and find the “Offers For You” tab.

When you click on the tab, a list of eligible offers will display.  To sync the offer, simply click the “Save Offer” button to the right.  The offer will then be saved to your card.  For the promotion to work, all you now have to do is make the minimum purchase and you will receive a statement credit within 8 weeks. (My experience is that the credit posts within a few days.)


Syncing your card is as easy as clicking a button.


Most of the offers are only available once per account.  This means that if you have several cards linked to your profile, you can only sync one.  When you click the “Save Offer” button on one card, the offer will disappear from the list for your other cards.  There are two workarounds for this problem.

The first and less attractive option is to create a separate login account for each of your cards.  If you don’t want to do that, there is an easier way.  If you open up each card’s “Offers For You” in a separate tab and save the offers one after the other, you can sync all of your cards.


I now have three tabs open and am ready to sync the offers to each of my three accounts!


Here is the process:

  • Go to AmericanExpress.com and login.
  • Open a new tab and navigate to AmericanExpress.com (You will already be logged in from the other tab).
  • You now have two tabs open.  If you have more than two cards, simply keep opening tabs until you have one tab open for each card.
  • In each tab navigate to the “Offers For You” for each account. Tab #1 should have “Offers For You” for account #1, Tab #2 for account #2 and so on.
  • Click “Save Offer” on each tab for the offer you are going to Sync.  It is important to do this fairly quickly.  While I am not sure how long is too long to wait, I wouldn’t go about it slow.  Syncing 2-3 cards shouldn’t take more than 20-30 seconds to do.
  • Once you have saved the offer, you can verify it is available by clicking the “My Offers” button towards the top.  All of the synced offers for that card will show up there.


It shows me that the offer is now synced to my card!
It shows me that the offer is now saved to my card!

Enrolling With A Social Network

You can also sync your American Express card with Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare or TripAdvisor.  To do this simply visit the main Sync page and click the “Get Started” button next to your social network of choice.  It will then take you into an enrollment process for that specific network.

Out of the four options of social networks, the easiest two are Facebook and Twitter in my opinion.  The only problem I have found with Facebook is that sometimes the offers don’t appear there.  Almost every offer which has come out recently has shown up on Twitter, but some have been missing from Facebook.  Since these are the two methods I use for Sync, I will walk you through the enrollment process for each.




Click the “Get Started” button for Facebook from the main Sync page to start the enrollment process.  The first page that comes up has a diagram that explains the enrollment process.  When you are ready, click “Get Started” (2nd time).

At this point a popup will appear asking for your permission to allow Sync to have access to select information.  You must click “Okay” at this prompt to continue the process.


Click “Okay” to continue the enrollment process.


After the first popup is done, you will get a second one asking if Amex Sync has your permission to post on your behalf.  You can either click “Okay” or “Skip” here.


You can click either option at this popup.


Once you authorize Sync and link it to your Facebook account, you will be taken to an enrollment page.  Here you have to input your information including your name, email address and the number of the card you are syncing.

When that is complete click “I Agree” and you will be taken to your Facebook Amex Sync page where your offers are listed.


Input the required information to enroll your card.


Now that you are enrolled, you can see a list of offers which are available to be synced to your card.  I recommend before syncing any offers that you look at the “Social Activity” dropdown.

If the little button is green, then Amex will post a blurb on your behalf after you sync an offer.  If you clicked the “Skip” option during enrollment, then you don’t have to worry about this.

If you opted to allow them to post for you, then simply click the dropdown and turn “Social Sharing” off if you don’t want every offer you sync to be sent out for the world to see.  The little light will change from green to red!


The light is red! No sharing here!


Now we are ready to enroll in an offer.  To enroll, simply click the green “Get Offer” button under the offer that you want.  A popup will then appear and you must now click “Add To Card”.  That is it.  You have now synced the offer.

To look at a complete list of offers that are synced, just click the “On My Card” dropdown towards the top right. (You can see it in the picture above near the Social Activity dropdown.)  After clicking, a popup will appear with a full list of all of the synced offers along with the terms and conditions.


Click “Get Offer” and then “Add to Card” on the popup.




Twitter is my preferred Sync method.


Syncing your Twitter account is very easy.  From the main Sync page, click “Get Started” next to the Twitter icon.  At this point you will be taken to a sign-in page.

Once signed in to your Twitter account, you will be asked to authorize the app.  To authorize it click “Sign In” and you will be taken to an enrollment page to enter your information along with the number of the card you are looking to Sync.




Just input your information and click the “I, Agree Sync” button to complete the enrollment process.




To find eligible offers, visit the American Express Twitter page.  After finding an offer you want to Sync, all you have to do is send a Tweet with that offer’s specific hashtag.  The American Express page will show you the hashtag for each corresponding offer.


The American Express Twitter account has a full list of all available offers.
The American Express Twitter account has a full list of all available offers.


Now lets say I want to enroll in the Panera bread offer.  To enroll, all I need to do is send a tweet with the following text “#AmexPanera“.


There is no need to put any text other than the hashtag.


To verify that the offer is now synced, simply go to your @Connect tab and you should have a tweet from Amex confirming your enrollment in the offer.


I am now enrolled!
I am now enrolled!


Amex Sync Tips

There are a few things that many people don’t know about Sync.  Here are a some tips to make sure you are maximizing your offers and syncing all available cards.

  • All American Express cards can be synced.  This includes non-Amex issued cards such as the Citi Aadvantage American Express card.  For non-Amex issued cards, you must use a social network to sync. (This is something I didn’t know for a long time.)
  • American Express gives each authorized user a separate card number.  This means that each authorized user’s card is also eligible for Sync. (This is only applicable for American Express issued cards.)
  • I suggest keeping a note somewhere reminding yourself of which card is synced where.  For example, we have cards linked to four different social media accounts.  It is impossible for me to remember which cards are synced where, so I have a small file stored on my computer with the last five digits of the card number and which network and username it is attached to.
  • Before going to a store to make a purchase, always verify that the offer is synced and that you have the correct card.  It can be confusing when you have multiple cards and it would stink to make a purchase and not get the rebate.
  • American Express says to allow up to eight weeks for the credit to post, but in my experience it posts within a few days.  You almost always get an email confirming the use of your synced card when the purchase is made.
  • Most of the offers have a limited number of registrants allowed.  If you think that you may possibly use an offer, it is a good idea to sync it just in case.


Now you know how to sync all of your cards.  There is no reason not to have each and every eligible American Express card synced.

In the second part, I will show you how to leverage these offers to earn miles and points and sometimes even make a little money.  Between now and then sync your cards!

If you have any questions about Sync, leave them in the “Comments” section below!

Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomerhttps://milestomemories.com/
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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