American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards Calendar Extended (Dec-Jan)

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Reduced Mileage Awards

American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards Calendar  (Dec-Jan)

One of the more underutilized, or less known, perks of the American Airlines credit cards is the American Airlines reduced mileage awards calendar.  American Airlines lists a whole bunch of airports in 3 month segments that are bookable for 1,000-7,500 miles less.  The discount depends on which co-branded card you have and the distance flown.  Let’s take a look at the program and some sweet spots on the current chart.

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American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards Program

The American Airlines reduced mileage awards program is a discount award system for American Airlines credit card holders.  Depending on which cards you have you get 1,000-7,500 miles off round trip tickets.  You can do one way flights for half the discount as well.

To be able to book the flights you need to find saver award availability to the destination airport.  It should work if your departure airport is on the list as well. Some have run into issues with agents in the past so just hang up and call again if you do.

Which Cards Earn Provide A Discount?

Here is a list of the cards that receive a discount. The discounts are 7,500 miles for flights over 500 miles or 2,000 miles for flights of less than 500 miles:

  • Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ MasterCard®
  • Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® MasterCard®
  • CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® MasterCard®
  • CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Select MasterCard®
  • AAdvantage® Aviator® Silver World Elite MasterCard®
  • AAdvantage® Aviator® Red MasterCard®
  • AAdvantage® Aviator® Business MasterCard®

Here is a list of the cards that get a discount of 5,000 miles for flights of over 500 miles or 1,000 miles for flights of less than 500 miles:

  • Citi® / AAdvantage® Gold MasterCard®
  • AAdvantage® Aviator® Blue MasterCard®
Reduced Mileage Awards
San Antonio

The Booking Process

Once you find the airport on the list you are interested in you have to call 800-882-8880 to book the discount flight. Remember that the flight has to be showing saver award space before calling. They will waive the phone fee since these are not bookable online but you will still have to pay the $75 close in booking fee if the flight is 21 days away or less.

Remember to have your discount code ready:

Reduced Mileage Awards

December 2018-January 2019 Award Sweet Spots

After taking a quick peak at the American Airlines reduced mileage awards calendar I found a couple of destinations of interest. Remember that not every destination listed is available every month so be sure to look closely at the chart on the AA Website.

Aspen Colorado is on the list for both months.  I have a feeling finding saver awards may be tough in peak ski season but it is worth a look.

For great live music go to Austin Texas or Nashville.  They are both on the list in December and January.  New Orleans is on there for January as well.

For a few days on the links Charleston South Carolina and Hilton Head are on there for both months.

Maybe you just want to get out of the snow.  Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, and San Antonio have you covered.

You could be silly and fly to both coasts to check out the two Portlands (Maine and Oregon).

There really is a ton of options on the list this time around.  If you have a junior in high school and were thinking of checking out colleges there are 20+ college towns on the list as well.

Getting a roundtrip to any of these places for 15,750 per round-trip, when you include the discount plus the 10% rebate for card holders, offers a lot of value.

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I think many of us, myself included, forget about this amazing offer for American Airlines cardholders.  Having to find saver awards makes it a tall task at times. Needing to call in to book the trip is a PIA as well, but I think the juice is worth the squeeze.  Make sure you check online for saver award space before calling in and remember to have that discount code ready!

Which location are you going to book at a reduced rate?



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  1. Mark, thanks for the reminder on the eve of finalizing January vacation plans. AA is back in the hunt. I read their T’s and C’s and can’t find any reference to companion ticket. If I use my miles to buy tickets for myself and my wife, do we both get the reduced mileage award? It keeps talking about “the cardholder.”

    Thanks for all your great posts!

  2. This is definitely a very good deal if you’re looking for domestic award travel — and one that most people forget about! The problem, of course, is that it’s best for “long haul” domestic flights, or flights into expensive airports (like Aspen). I kind of wish there was a more mileage-based approach to domestic travel, like with Avios, where not every flight starts at 12,500 miles. AA’s 500 mile short haul flight deal is really too short to be worthwhile in most instances.

    • It does offer some great redemptions if you can find the saver space. I think Southwest is as close as you can get to that domestically since a lot of their one way flights are under 12.5K.


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