New Potentially Profitable Amex Offers from Best Buy, Chili’s & Zappos – Full Analysis & How to Maximize

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amex offers best buy profitable

Amex Offers Roundup & Analysis – Make Some Money

A number of new Amex Offers surfaced today that I think are interesting. You can find a full list over at Frequent Miler’s Quick Deals, but I just wanted to focus on the three best ones here. Lets look at the new Amex Offers for Best Buy, Chili’s and Zappos.

Best Buy Amex Offer

amex offers best buy profitable

The Offer: Receive a $25 statement credit with the purchase of $250 or more online or in-store by 9/30/2015. Offer Terms

How to Load: You may be able to find this offer on your cards via the American Express website, however you can also load it to your synced cards via Twitter by tweeting #AmexBestBuy

How to Maximize: Best Buys around the country sell a variety of gift cards. The best way to maximize this is to find one that sells $200 Visa gift cards for $205.95. If you purchase two then you would spend $11.90 in fees, thus netting a $13.10 profit plus 413 points.

You may also be able to split tender and purchase 5 x $200 cards across 4 Amex cards. That would generate $100 in credits and $29.75 in fees. Doctor of Credit says this will work, however I have not tried it.

The $200 Visas purchased at Best Buy can then be loaded to Bluebird/Serve/REDbird and liquidated quite easily. Since this offer can be loaded on all of your Amex cards, you could potentially do quite well.

Chili’s Amex Offer

amex offers best buy profitable

The Offer: Receive a $10 statement credit with the purchase of $30 or more at Chili’s by 9/7/15. Offer Terms

How to Load: You may be able to find this offer on your cards via the American Express website, however you can also load it to your synced cards via Twitter by tweeting #AmexChilis

How to Maximize: This is a fairly easy offer to maximize. If you go into Chili’s and purchase a $30 gift card then your cost will be $20. You can then turn around and sell that card to a number of resellers for $24. Not the largest profit, but free points and money nonetheless. Of course, this could also mean 33% off of food at Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano’s or On the Border.

Zappos Amex Offer

amex offers best buy profitable

The Offer: Receive a $40 statement credit with the purchase of $200 or more at by 9/3/15. Offer Terms

How to Load: You may be able to find this offer on your cards via the American Express website, however you can also load it to your synced cards via Twitter by tweeting #AmexZappos

How to Maximize: I have never purchased gift cards from Zappos, but I do believe that they will code properly to trigger this offer. With that said, it may be wise to run a test first. If gift cards do work, then you will net a 20% discount. You can then turn around and sell those cards for 80.5% as digital codes or a number of resellers will buy the physical cards for 80%.

Note: According to Points for Later, you can only resell physical gift cards, so make sure not to purchase Zappos eGift cards/codes.

Guide to Amex Offers

I don’t mention this enough, but I do a lot of work over at Frequent Miler. One of the guides I helped develop was a Complete Guide to Amex Offers. It has everything you need to know about loading and syncing offers, so feel free to take a look if you are newer to the hobby.


These three offers are very good overall. I think the Best Buy offer definitely has the most potential, however all three are potentially profitable and the Chili’s offer is alright for reselling but very good if you actually like to eat in their restaurants. American Express has continued to provide value with their Amex Offers program and for that I am grateful.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the Ipad Air 2 deal at BBY. Combined with the AMEX sync $25 off $250 purchase I think it makes sense to pull the trigger. Keep the updates coming!

  2. I’ve got a puzzle for you folks: I just got approved for the Blue Cash Everyday card and with it comes an offer to earn an extra $100 Reward Dollars if I spend $500 in the first 90 days. Obviously, the quickest way to achieve that goal is to buy a VISA/MC card, but this offer is also available on this account, as well as my Blue Sky account.

    So I wonder if I can apply these together and make it work or if that’s a risk that I shouldn’t take?

  3. ABC Gift Cards pays 92.5% for Exxon Mobil gift cards.

    One $205.95 VGC + $50 Exxon Mobil = $15.30 gained plus $5.12 (2% CB)
    Two $205.95 VGC = $13.10 gained plus $8.24 (2% CB)

    The latter is slightly better but you lose $200 in RedCard space. I’m personally going with the former.

  4. I’m new to this and don’t understand something. If it’s a $25 credit for $250 in spend, then why buy $400 in gift cards? Isn’t it better to tie up less money in the transaction? (Yes, I know many people here have multiple cards, and I get the idea of spreading costs across cards, I’m just not clear on the small deal.)

    • You make back slightly more in rewards. Some people will want to buy a $200 Visa and then a $50 merchant gift card to use or resell. That is a good option as well. The best strategy is to purchase 5 Visas with 4 synced cards to maximize your savings.

  5. Hi Shawn:
    I have two Amex cards online accounts. After adding the BestBuy offers to each card under the same login, I didn’t see the BestBuy offer under my Platinum Card of another online account. I tried to tweet it but was told the card was enrolled for the offer already. The reply asked me to tweet @askAmex but they had not replied yet.
    Do you have any idea where can I follow up with? Do you know can they add the offer to my Platinum account manually?

  6. Guess we could always buy a plain Best Buy gift card and get the credit too, huh? And then use the gift card later when a deal comes along.

  7. Hey Shawn,
    The value MtM brings to my family travel is amazing. Please don’t let negative people change anything about what you do. So far your posts have helped me plan and fully finance 2 trips for my family of four. I’m on my way to 150k points with about $1500 spend money. I’ve done this by following your advice and being smart about how I transact purchases. To give an example, I had about $10,000 of home remod to do. Instead of paying cash, I ran all expenditures through 3 different credit cards, collecting huge bonus points throughout the process. I’m sure Chase was happy to have a new customer who got 3 of their Credit Cards plus switched savings and checking accounts over from BoA after realizing how good Chase products are. I also got my teenage so to open his first High School account with Chase. My wife has also followed me to Chase. Is this “abusing” the system? Of course not Richard! This is what you call a win-win! Banks put out promotions to get new customers, and sure the the 150k travel points are great but we also bring other direct and indirect business that also ultimately benefit the banks.

  8. Dear Richard: I am very sympathetic to your concerns about wasting time reading “drivel”, today on Miles to Memories and perhaps on other blogs as well. None of us has the goal of wasting time. The problem is that you are judging others and their intentions. And, frankly, it’s none of your business how I spend my time or how I value it. Sadly, the only time wasted in reading today’s blog was the time spent reading your post which contributes nothing but a sour expression of your own situation. Try dealing with it in a positive and productive way instead of taking your deep frustrations out on bloggers who mean you no harm.

  9. For Best Buy:
    “If you purchase two then you would spend $13.90 in fees, thus netting a $11.10 profit plus 413 points.”

    If you have multiples of 4 Amex cards, you could increase profits by buying 5x $200 vgc’s split on 4 cards (assuming they let you split four ways, I’ve never tried it before).

    • This deal came in the past and I was able to use four amex CCs to pay for five $200 VGCs with cashier taking off $250 on each card with the last card more than $250 since it pays for all fees. It just takes a knowledgeable cashier who knows how to do split tender and it is allowed by Best Buy.

  10. WRT Best buy, if they’re out of $200 VGC’s then just borrow them from another retailer who uses the same type, and ring them in at BB. I do this all the time with Staples and gift cards borrowed from the grocery store. Im smart.

    • Just understand that those cards are inventoried and you are technically stealing them from one store. I know some people do this and I definitely am not judging, but there certainly can be consequences if you are caught. I personally don’t feel it is worth it.

    • Seems like you haven’t seen the Best Buy Visa GCs being talked about. It is designed especially for Best Buy. See for yourself and you’ll understand why sneaking out $200 inactivated GCs from other stores won’t work. Even if others say these cards have no value, they remain the property of the store so taking them out for whatever purpose is a no-no.

    • To “borrow” VGCs is to steal from that retailer. It isn’t borrowing and there have been people being arrested for shoplifting unactivated gift cards even within the last 2 months. Then, their names end up in the news, people laugh at them because they stole unactivated cards (people don’t know why they want them) and then their name ends up on the bad list that banks monitor (especially Chase and Amex) and they end up losing all their accounts (bank accts and credit cards). Is it worth it? No.

  11. I saw this offer on all my amex CCs and Serve accounts. I have already added them and now thinking of best strategies to use them with the least OOP.

    I tried the multiple browser technique mentioned by a blogger but it didn’t work for me so I just logged in to my amex CC accounts one after the other and added them.

    I love these amex sync offers of free money!

  12. I, for one, appreciate these posts. It’s one thing to know that you have the Amex offer in your card, but it’s useless if you don’t know how to maximize it. For example, I have the best buy offer, but If I didn’t know about gift cards, I would just ignore it. I check this blog (and Doctor of Credit’s blog) for these kinds of deals.

  13. I imagine you are trying to produce reasonable content to generate clicks and followers. This post is inane, I feel it smacks of one writing content solely for the purpose of writing content. Not only the time involved would be absurd, reflecting that the type of person who’d bother to jump through the hoops here has a kind of psychological issue or infatuation with the idea of ‘gaming’ the system for $10 for a couple of hours of work and far more hours of mental energy wasted…

    … But also the really valuable, worthwhile Amex Offers, etc. may disappear if bloggers like yourself make it appear that folks are actually bothering with such nitpicky, stupid strategies. I have a close friend who works in Amex marketing and they’re aware of bloggers like yourself trying to promote strategies to ‘game’ their system. So far they just dismiss it as ‘the crazies’, but…

    Abuse it too much, esp. with stupid self-promoting drivel as this, and the offers may stop coming.

    • I’m really sorry you feel that way. Perhaps you have never visited this site, however I write about deals to help people accumulate points and money. If you don’t like that sort of things then feel free not to visit. What I am writing is in no way a violation of the terms of the deal, so there is no reason for American Express to worry about us.

      Of course most customers don’t maximize a deal to its fullest. If they did then it wouldn’t be sustainable. The point of this website is to show others how to maximize deals for themselves in order to generate wealth and miles/points. Thanks for your input Richard. I do hope you find some useful content on this website. Look around. You might be surprised at the quality of what is here.

      • Shawn, always someone trying to rain on the parade. I agree, he should go elsewhere instead of whining. We appreciate your content. People need to lighten up.


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