[See UPDATE] Strategies for Registering Multiple Twitter Accounts for Amex Offers & Getting Around Phone Verification

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Amex Offers Multiple Twitter Accounts

Update: As of January 2018 You can no longer load Amex Offers via Twitter. Read more here.

Getting Multiple Twitter Accounts

As you may have noticed, these past few days have been rich with Amex Offers. Hopefully you haven’t missed out, but if you have, now is the time to get your system in place for the next great offer.

One of the best ways to go is to sync all of your cards through a Twitter account. Unfortunately Twitter can make that quite difficult. If you start creating accounts, you will quickly learn that they begin asking you for a phone number for verification. If you are like me, you only have so many of those.

Amex Offers Multiple Twitter Accounts
The dreaded Twitter phone verification screen.

A few months ago when the Smart & Final Amex Offer came out, I wrote about how to create Twitter accounts and why I was on a Twitter spree. At that time I created a Twitter account for all of my non-Amex issued cards. (The ones that I can’t load via the American Express website.)

Unfortunately that system has left quite a few holes since I am not always able to load my non-Twitter synced cards on the Amex website. In fact, this morning I was burned, because I wasn’t able to get the Office Depot offer on all of my cards. Thankfully I have been slowly ramping up my Twitter registrations and I only missed out on the offer for a couple of my cards.

Registering A Lot of Twitter Accounts

Here is what I am doing to get a lot of accounts, since Twitter doesn’t make it quite easy. Twitter tracks your IP and when you create multiple accounts it asks for a phone number. So:

  • Sign-up for an account while on WiFi away from home.
  • Use your phone’s internet connection.
  • Borrow a friend’s phone to sign-up.
  • If you are traveling, make sure to pickup an account or two at each new spot.
  • You can also download an app like Burner which will give you phone numbers, but it costs money.

Remember you only need to sign up on the other devices/connections. Once the account is created, you can manage it from your computer without any problem. These past few days I have been on the road and I have made it a point to pick up an account every time I think of it. Over the course of a few days I have easily registered 12 new accounts.

Update – Two Even Better Methods

A couple of days after publishing this post I stumbled upon two new methods. I did publish them as part of my step by step guide about automating your Twitter accounts to sync with Amex Offers, but I thought it would be prudent to add them here.

  • Several readers have said you can verify an account with your phone number and then remove it. The phone number can then be used to verify another account.
  • The second method is the one I stumbled upon and used to sign up for a number of accounts. You can sign up through the Twitter app on iPhone or Android. After signing up, uninstall the app and then reinstall. You can then sign up again. The app doesn’t require a phone number and I was able to do this over and over.

Singing Up & Syncing

Amex Offers Multiple Twitter Accounts

I sign up for the account on whichever device works and then I go back to my main computer to verify the email address, sync the account to my card, tweet out any necessary offers and then finally add it to my Tweetdeck. I also setup a fully automated system so new offers are automatically tweeted. You can find out more here.

Account Naming System

While this is not required, I have a simple system for Twitter account names. I use a specific phrase followed by the last four digits of the card number. This makes things much easier to track. For example if my phrase was “sunshine” and the card ended in “1055”, then my Twitter name would be “sunshine1055”.


Signing up for multiple Twitter accounts is a real pain. Fortunately once it is done then you should be on a fast track to a ton of great offers. I am 97% done with all of my accounts and only wish I had felt the push to register all of them sooner. How about you? Is your system different? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I know this may be a question that has been answered before but wanted to make sure I understood this correctly. Today I have AMX issued cards under one login. I go into offers, see some for one card, some for another, sometimes the same offer on both. Am I missing offers by just adding to card within the account login ? In other words are there either a) other offers via twitter I may be missing and b) an opportunity that if I only see an offer on 1 card that using twitter I could add to both ? If the answer to b is YES then would I HAVE to use multiple twitter accounts at that point ?

    Thanks for any help with this one

    • I am assuming you know the trick to add an offer to multiple cards within 1 login. I believe the question pertains to whether you should also link your Amex cards to a Twitter account and I would say yes. Some offers show up on Twitter, but don’t show up for all Amex accounts online. For example, there have been some offers that have a Twitter hashtag that only showed one a few of my Amex accounts on their website. By linking every card I have with Twitter I know they will all be registered if an offer shows up there.

      Some offers only show on the Amex website, so I still have the option of adding them there. Basically by doing that you are covering all bases. I think just using the Amex website will work most of the time, but it isn’t 100% effective.

  2. On iPhones it not even necessary to continually remove and readd the twitter app to make new accounts. You can create new Twitter accounts right from Twitter settings section of the main iOS Settings app. Using this route you don’t even need to use different internet connections. Apple’s access to the Twitter sign up system seems to bypass and multiple account detection mechanisms.

    Another pro tip: adding a “+” and anything else after any gmail account will send all mail to that same account. So when you’re creating these new Twitter accounts, you can use this to make all emails go to the same account even though it looks like different email addresses to Twitter, i.e. mike+1105@gmail.com, mike+1001@gmail.com, mike+2280@gmail.com. You can then create filters in gmail so you can view the emails for each “+” address separately.

  3. Thanks for your work and guidance on this. Just a few points:

    1) While it doesn’t always work, unsyncing an old card and resyncing a new card is also an option. That way you needn’t create a new twitter account every time you get a new card. With Amex limiting the number of personal cards an individual can have, I find that I occasionally close an account so Amex can move the CL to the new account I have applied for.

    So creating a twitter handle that includes the acct number for an account you expect to close can only get confusing. For example, we’ll close my husband’s Delta Amex once the AF hits in year 2. Why waste two twitter handles that already exist? Better to close the card, unlink the syncs, and then sync the new Amex cards to the existing twitter handles. Keep a good spreadsheet to track it all.

    If I have trouble unsycing, I’ll just create a new twitter acct, but I always try the above method first.

    2) I know this will be controversial, and I don’t plan to come back to debate it in the comments. I just want to put it out there and then folks can make their own choices. Here goes:

    Setting up an IFTTT that tweets to get EVERY Amex offer means that the originator of the system gets many offers he or she simply will not use, in some cases crowding out someone who would use them. I’ve heard the argument “Well, yeah, but if I don’t automate I might get nothing. Better all than none.” I think that’s pretty selfish.

    I have two tweetdecks and when I learn of an offer, I just tweet from them for what I want. Living on the west coast, I often miss out on offers that go live while folks out here are still asleep. Still, with this system, I did get in on the #BestBuy and #OfficeDepot deals. Missed #Staples, but that’s life. Hopefully that allowed a few MSers who missed BB and OD to get some too.

    Just my two cents.

    • I don’t think any rational and fair human being would disagree with you on your points. One of the problems in my opinion is that Amex lets authorized users signup for these Amex Sync offers. Some people have fake authorized users on their accounts and get the offer 40 or even 60 times. Amex probably won’t care much about either issue as they are giving out a set amount of money regardless of who signs up. It is a sunk cost to them. If I hadn’t missed out on both the Office Depot and Staples offers I probably wouldn’t have been tempted to go the IFTTT route.

    • Elaine

      The issue with unsync/sync is you have to wait a full day (24 hrs) to resync another cc. By the time, all the offers will be gone

      • Unless it has changed in the past couple of weeks (very doubtful) that is not true at all. In the past I have synced/unsynced several Amex cards in a row with no issue.

        • I have unsynced and resynced too without waiting 24 hours. The best way to handle it is to unsync as soon as you close a card. Then when you get a new card, the twitter handle is available for use.

  4. Shawn, using last 4 digs of the card for twitter handle makes it easy to identify, but it also make it pretty hard to login if u do not have the prepper card on you. Especially with the case of 12+ cards 🙂
    I wnet with {my standard handle}_fln
    f – first name of the user
    l – last name of user
    n – number (1,2,3)
    John Doe
    myamex_jd1, myamex_jd2, myamex_jd3
    This mkes setup of RSS feed pretty easy/fast. It does have a drawback, not easy to say which card is #1 or #2 or #3. But this is not a big deal to remeber once u settle on designation: 1:Amex Paltinum, 2:EveryDay,3:etc..

      • I hope you keep it password protected 🙂
        Now that IFTTT-> amex main all sub accounts system is in place I am thinking if I should reconsider and switch to multiple IFTTT (ifttt per twitter account)..
        RSS scripts runs every 30 mins that’s a large amount of time for the deal to die. And that is on top of IFTTT delay (how long is it btw?)
        Case in points I failed to score staples offer on IFTTT -> amex main account

  5. Had to add a few accounts today and was “surprised” w/ phone validation.
    Use any phone u have available.
    for each new account:
    Get twitter account
    Go into profile
    Delete the phone

    • Mike, so you used the same phone # for each account? How many accounts were you allowed to open before phone validation started?

        • I was going to suggest this too, but Mike beat me to it. 🙂

          I also create accounts using the same phone number, then go into the profile and delete the phone number. Then reuse the phone number on the next account.

  6. Also, I forgot to ask why do most people seem to use Twitter for this purpose? Isn’t Facebook much easier for adding Amex Sync offers? It’s true that occasionally offers don’t appear on Facebook but I would say about 95% of the time they do. Does anyone know if Facebook frowns about people having multiple accounts?

  7. Also, I forgot to ask why do most people seem to use Twitter for this purpose? Isn’t Facebook much easier for adding Amex Sync offers. It’s true that occasionally offers don’t appear on Facebook but I would say about 95% of the time they do. Does anyone know if Facebook frowns about people having multiple accounts?

      • You can also create any new gmail account and then within the account set up a rule that all mail is forwarded to your primary account upon receipt. I’ve done this with one account for other reasons and it works just fine. In effect, gmail treats the new account as if it didn’t exist and sends all mail to the primary account.

  8. Shawn,

    What system would you suggest for signing up and keeping track of all of those email addresses? I have MUCH less Amex cards than you but I only have a few email addresses so I will need some more to get this done.

  9. Shawn:
    Are you saying that we can register non American Express login accounts like Serve and Fidelity American Express for AMEX Twitter Offers?

  10. To get new ip without leaving home, I use a VPN to get me an IP from a different city. I have also heard that signing up on Twitter from your cell phone avoids the limits.

  11. I found it hit or miss about Twitter requiring a phone number over the past year. Sometimes, there’s a ‘skip’ key to press and not have to enter the number.

    Also, I had on occasion that mobile data connection was able to sign up for unlimited Twitter account, while ordinary broadband was limited to 2. Not sure why.

    • Yeah I am at the point with every device that it asks for the phone after 1 sign-up on each IP. Every time I move, I use the new WiFi to get a new account or two. On my mobile data, requires phone number right away. No skip option. I am almost done. Have about 40 completed. Really is a stupid process. Wish they would let you sync multiple cards per Twitter account.


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