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Since 2007 Shawn Coomer has been circling the globe with his family for pennies on the dollar. He uses that first-hand knowledge and experience to teach others how to achieve their travel dreams for the least amount of money possible.
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Vegas Disaster: MGM Announces $1B Loss! What Does This Mean for Sin City?

MGM Resorts Loss Vegas In Trouble Las Vegas is in huge trouble. I don't say that lightly nor do I take any amount of joy...

(Video) Are the New Chase Freedom Increased Bonus Offers Worth Considering?

A video segment from our podcast where we discuss the new Chase Freedom 5X Grocery offers, why they have us changing our plans and who may want to consider applying.

Permanent Ride Closures at Disney World, Rise of the Resistance & COVID + Disney’s 3 Peoplemovers!

On this episode we discuss what Disney's most technologically advanced ride is like now and how it compares to before. Plus we discuss some permanent attractions closures announced for Disney World and we dive into the history of Disney's 3 Peoplemovers.

Life in a Country Without Coronavirus, Vegas Loses Billions & Chase’s Awesome New Offer!

A recap of the best posts and deals including what it's like to be stuck in a remote country without Coronavirus, how Vegas is in huge trouble, a popular Amazon points promo returns, Chase impresses with their new Freedom Unlimited offer and more!

(Video) Vegas South Strip Tour: Masked Lions, Motels & Monorails

Take a tour of the South Vegas Strip including a motel, two huge casinos, the stunning new Target sign on the Strip and other fun and oddities we found on a recent trip.

Amex Wants to Send You Free Sanitizer & Social Distancing Markers! Grab Your “Open For Business Kit” Now!

Claim your free Open for Business Kit from American Express including free hand sanitizer, social distancing decals and more for your small business.

Best Hyatt Suites to Book Online, Banks Are Paying for Loose Coins & Living on an Island You Build Yourself!

A recap of some of the best articles from around the web including a great resource on finding the best Hyatt suites to book online, what a modern day mansion on the water looks like, Chase paying users to download their app and more!