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Boston Is Wicked Awesome!

With our bodies still recovering from their "New York fatigue", we didn't get to the train station in Boston until about 11am. It took us awhile to get into the city, since two of the stations on our subway line were closed for repairs. With two stations closed, we had to take the train halfway, a shuttle bus to pass the two closed stations, then re-board a train to finish the trip. It added about thirty minutes to the normal time it would have taken, but what can you do?

Catching Our Breath & Losing It All Over Again!

After four long days in New York, the Coomer Family was in need of some rest. Friday was just such a day. Yay! Unfortunately, we couldn't extend our stay at last night's hotel in Hartford for another night, so we booked a different one not far away. Changing hotels, was about all we would do today. It has been awhile since we have taken a day off and it feels nice.

New York, Thanks For the Memories!

The only items on the itinerary for Thursday were the two remaining places on our City Passes. We decided to visit the American Natural History Museum first thing in the morning, followed by the New York Museum of Modern Art. I didn't start the day with much energy or enthusiasm, since the past few days, coupled with two straight weeks of going really hard, have taken their toll on me. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel though.

Art Takes On Many Forms In NYC!

Once again, Wednesday started pretty late. After arriving in Manhattan, in typical New York style, we shoved everyone aside on our way over to the ½ price ticket booth. =0 When we got there, ironically, they were closed. To our dismay, the ticket booth didn't open until 3pm. With some extra time on our hands, we took a stroll around Times Square, before deciding to join the line at the ticket booth around 2pm.

Empire State Building, The Met & The Yankees (Suck)

After our normal morning routine and the train ride over, we finally got into the city at noon. Two weeks ago I bought Yankees tickets for tonight's game at 7:05pm. This gave us about five or six hours before we needed to head up to the Bronx. With that in mind we continued to use our City Pass. Last night we were introduced to the city from the water, so today we wanted to see it from above. This meant that our day was to start at the Empire State Building.

New York City, You Had Me At Hello!

Last night we stayed about an hour outside of Newark, New Jersey so we had a bit of a drive this morning before arriving. By the time we drove in, unloaded our stuff in the hotel and took the train into New York City, it was about 2pm. We decided to buy the City Pass in New York. The City Pass gave us a 50% discount to six different popular attractions in New York City. It includes a Harbor Cruise, The Natural History Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Empire State Building Observatory.

Chilling History & Delicious Chocolate!

Today on our way to Gettysburg, we passed through many of the same areas we saw two days ago near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I assure you that there is a simple explanation for this. You see, I forgot to incorporate Gettysburg into our trip to Pennsylvania, when I got caught up in all of the excitement of Washington D.C. It has always been on the itinerary, but I simply forgot that we were this close. When one is dealing with so much planning, it is just a matter of time before a little detail skips past one's mind! Or so I say!