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A Long and Inspiring Day in Atlanta!

On a day when we looked at a lot of stuff, but didn't do to much, we had one definite thing on the agenda. Atlanta was the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and the place that he lived most of his adult life. In 1980 President Jimmy Carter named the Ebinezer Baptist Church where he preached, a National Historic Site. Ebinezer Baptist Church is also the church where his father and grandfather preached before him.

Oh Savannah!

Our day started just across the border from Savannah in Hardeeville, South Carolina. Yesterday when we arrived in Savannah it was to late in the afternoon to do a tour of the historical district, so we opted to do the tour this morning. After experiencing it, we are glad that we gave ourselves plenty of time to explore Savannah's Historical District.

Out of Florida!

We are a little excited over here at Coomer Family World Adventures. Yesterday marked the one month milestone for us on the road and today is the 21st day that we have been in Florida. It is no surprise then, that we woke up this morning ready to leave Florida behind. After eating and gassing the car up, we got on the road at 11:30am. The drive up to Savannah was nothing out of the ordinary. We did enjoy the Georgia sign as it offers something different from the standard fare.

Trying To Breath In Space!

I woke up this morning, took one breath, and realized that my head cold had progressed quite a bit overnight. Sleeping outside probably didn't help. My nose was stuffed, my chest congested and I was sore from head to toe. In addition, I kept waking up all night and didn't get any quality sleep. I knew that the frantic pace of going up to the Kennedy Space Center and then driving four hours north to Savannah, Georgia wasn't going to work. We decided to keep a slow pace today and see where it takes us.

Camping & More Beach Bummin’

As mentioned yesterday, we decided to put off our departure from Florida for one more day to camp on the beach. Fort DeSoto has a beautiful campground that sits right on the water. All three of us were enthusiastic about camping for the first time on this trip. The scenery here certainly made the decision to stay and camp very easy.

Beach Bummin’

Today was set aside as nothing more than a beach day. We slept in pretty late (which is the norm these days) and then did some laundry. While Jasmine folded the clothes, I hopped on the internet to search for the best beach in the area. I narrowed it down to a couple, both of which have been named the top beach in the USA before.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Tampa Bay Style!

To be honest, Jasmine was not very excited about the plan today. I don't know of any woman who would want to leave behind Miami Beach for a baseball game. This whole thing started a couple of days ago when I looked at the Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule and discovered that we would be able to catch one of their home games. In reality we were already headed for the Tampa Bay area and I am just kidding about Jasmine being upset. We left Ft. Lauderdale at about 11am in the morning on our way northwest towards St. Petersburg.