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La Segunda Ciudad En Guatemala – Part 2

After a couple of weeks in Xela, we settled down into a bit of a routine. On three of our four Wednesday’s in the city, we visited the movie theater in La Pradera. Sure, any movie playing in the theater can be purchased pirated on DVD at the market, but there is something special about going to the cinema. Wednesday also happens to be half price day at the theater, meaning a ticket costs Q13, which works out to be a little less than $2.

La Segunda Ciudad En Guatemala – Part 1

After our rough first night in Xela, things did improve quite a bit. Shortly after waking up at the Hotel Shalom on Wednesday morning, we packed up our things and found another place down the street. Our new digs at the Hotel Andina, turned out to be the same price and much, much nicer. Since we were finally settled in and comfortable, it was time to head out into the city. Luckily the constant downpours of the past few days faded away and the weather was beautiful. Yes, things were steadily getting better by the minute!

Shawn Reece´s Birthday

I recently read an article about long term travel. In this article, the author vividly portrayed some of his most memorable travel experiences. Of course by memorable, I mean he recalled those days where everything seemed to go against him. In this article, he wrote something that is likely to stick with me for a long time. These days, he said, “Are the ones when you wish you had two ruby slippers to click together and say, there is no place like home.” August 14th turned out to be one of those days, oh and it also was Shawn Reece’s birthday.

Two Fiestas & Guatemala’s Largest Market!

Sunday morning we awoke very early with the annoying sound of our alarm. We dressed quickly and headed over to the travel agent’s office to catch our shuttle. The shuttle left San Pedro destined for Chichicastenango at 8am sharp. Chichicastanengo is home to the largest outdoor market in Guatemala. This fact certainly hasn’t escaped the gringo population here and on market days, this sleepy little mountain town comes to life with locals and tourists alike.

Five Days By Lago De Atitlan

A recount of the five peaceful days we spent in the town of San Pedro La Laguna located on the beautiful Lago De Atitlán in Guatemala's Western Highlands.

Settling Down In Guatemala!

When last I left you, we had landed in Guatemala City and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Fortunately, the worst of the food poisoning quickly passed and my body slowly returned to normal. We had arranged transportation from Guatemala City to Antigua ahead of time, so at least we didn’t have to deal with the vast array of taxi drivers at the airport.

Nine or Eleven Days Off Before Guatemala!

While I don’t have much to report from this layover time, I can now say that my dad is now happily married. We attended his wedding on Saturday July 21, 2007 and everything went off without a hitch. It was a small ceremony and the newlyweds seem to be incredibly happy. I have to admit, with the situation as it is, I couldn’t be happier for them.