New Chime Offers for Target & Office Depot – Is the Chime Card Making a Comeback?

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chime card offer target

Chime Trying to Win Me Back?

A few months ago I wrote about why I had decided to quit my Chime card. Last year it was fun to claim the occasional bit of free money that they wanted to throw at me, but one day they decided to shut me out of any offers. Around the same time they started charging a 3% fee for bill payments using my NW Buxx debit card. It was a double whammy.

The Return of Chime Card Offers

Earlier this week I heard rumblings that offers had returned to Chime. I am sure a lot of people stopped using the card like I did after their “devaluation”. Anyway, some of the offers were/are somewhat decent and I at least acknowledged that I would check in on the card once in awhile. Right now I don’t have any balance on it, but I am willing to refund the card if it makes sense.

It really seems like Chime is trying to get users to take the card out of the drawer. Earlier today I received an email from them. It said:

Hey Shawn,

Congratulations! You unlocked a new reward at Target. This weekend only, shop at Target and you’ll receive an instant $5.00 back to your Chime card when you spend $50.00.

Keep spending with Chime, and you’ll earn more rewards at the places you love.

Update: As Grant mentions on Twitter, since the Chime card is a debit card it can be used to load REDbird. While not confirmed, REDbird loads should trigger the credit.

That is interesting. How did I unlock this new reward if I haven’t used the card? Yup, they really want to get people to use it again. 10% off at Target isn’t a terrible discount and it would get me to use the card if I was already heading to a store. Since I know a lot of you have/had one of these cards, I thought I would update you on all of the available offers right now.

Available Offers

chime card offer target

All of the available offers in my account are pictured above. Besides the previously mentioned Target offer which is new today, the most interesting one is $5 off $30 at Office Depot (Which has been out about a week). At the very least that could be a 16.67% discount on a merchant gift card for a store I shop at regularly. (In case you haven’t noticed OD tends to be a bit overpriced!)


I’m not ready to fund my Chime card just yet. In my life I don’t generally make a habit out of chasing $5 and $10 deals, however I will take the money if it doesn’t take me any extra time. I think it will probably take some more Amazon promotions to get me back on board, but these offers seem to be on the right track.

Shawn Coomer
Since 2007 Shawn Coomer has been circling the globe with his family for pennies on the dollar. He uses that first-hand knowledge and experience to teach others how to achieve their travel dreams for the least amount of money possible.

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  1. Used the card a few times for the rebates and then made it my payment method, since I got a 1.5% discount. After Jet went public and the prices went up, I might go to Target tomorrow.

    First there are various dollar off coupon available on the internet. Next there are a few buys in the current ad that will provide gift cards. The one for a $5 GC for buying two Maxwell House coffee looks inviting. Finally, Target does price match, YMMV.

  2. Even if we looked to save every penny, Target offer isn’t even worth the time from an opportunity cost analysis.

    Cardpool has Target ecards at 7% discount and has at this rate for quite some time. If you use an AGC at 4% cb + 7% Target it’s 11%, without any minimum spending requirement. The gift cards come to your account within 15 minutes and you’re able to quickly load them to your target account and they’ll scan your smart phone when you pay. I usually buy them the morning I go shopping.

    Do you know what’s up with the inactivity fee they’ll start charging? I vaguely remember reading something on DoC. I’ve never used the card and if they’re going to charge for inactivity it’s the easiest decision I’ll ever make to close the card down.

    • Well if it works to load REDbird, then it would make sense. As for inactivity, “Account Maintenance Fee: $5.00 per month ONLY AFTER 180 consecutive days of no purchases, withdrawals, or deposits on your account”

      • I suppose if you have $50 already in there and are going to Target anyways and the line is empty that for $5 it might be worth a shot 🙂

        BTW, curious to know more details about what caused you to give up on gift card arbitrage? The post from yesterday has had quit a bit of discussion in the comments, including my long book of a post haha.

        • I have seen the comments (including your book 🙂 ), but haven’t had time to respond. I haven’t given up on gift card arbitrage, but it just isn’t as efficient a way to MS as reselling or traditional MS in my opinion. I will still pursue good deals when they come along, but it won’t be my main strategy of meeting minimum spends, etc.

          I think you have invested a lot of time learning and as I said, I would never tell someone who is doing well to stop. It is working well for you and I think you have found a way to make it worthwhile. My post was more about trying to create realistic expectations for people looking to start with it. I write about a lot of deals, so I also like to step back and provide perspective or else it is just a lot of hype.

          • LOL it was a book indeed! I felt like if I was going to give an opposing opinion that I wanted to be as clear as possible, even if it made your eyes twitch from reading 🙂

            I’ve done limited reselling, but in general I have the assumption that there are just as many, if not more, hurdles to clear and time to invest in selling tangible products. It’ll be interesting to follow CSP’s blogs if he goes down that trail but as even Noah suggests, it’s probably a similar route with just different scenery. Depends on if you like the desert, forests, open plains or snow perhaps!

            I agree taking a step back is needed in this game. I find myself needing to do this all the time and I definitely agree that it shouldn’t be a primary source of MS for most. I look at all of this as tools in a tool bag. Depending on what someone needs to use for any given job they’ll have a bag of stuff to get the job done.

  3. Hi Shawn,

    I also see this office Depot offer on my account, but it seems limited to the online purchase. I am not sure if It is right, but I do not see any other third party gift card aviable on excpet it own gift card. I am wondering how do you buy gift cards or even VGC online at office depot?


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