Citi Has Removed Us As A Partner For Sharing Our Honest “But Colorful” Experiences

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Citi ThankYou Points Transfer Times - How Long Does It Take?

Citi Has Removed Us As A Partner For Sharing Our Honest “But Colorful” Experiences

We wanted to inform our readers of a recently developing change with one of the major credit card issuers.  Citi has removed us as a partner (affiliate) from their program because they didn’t like a few of the articles I published lately sharing my personal experience with their system. They took umbrage with the tone of my articles and the language I used in particular, thinking it was sensationalized.

I had published these articles in a two fold effort.  One was to help you, the reader, navigate a system that isn’t the most customer friendly.  The other was in a hope that Citi may hear the cries of their end users and make some much needed improvements.

I had thought I had accomplished that with my phone call with someone in their main office about their very strange fraud verification process.  But nothing ever came of those promises since people are still jumping through the random hoops of them calling a relative to verify the end user.

Here are the articles that they took issue with:

What Does It Change Going Forward?

Nothing! We will continue to still cover, and use, Citi credit cards & promotions.  Nothing will change on our end because our goal is to give you the best information possible.  We will continue to share our experiences with Citi, good and bad, as always.

We thank any of you that have used our Citi affiliate links in the past to support the site and the free content we provide.  We encourage you to continue to support the sites that you read the most whenever you have a Citi application. If you would like to continue to support Miles to Memories in other ways we still have affiliate links for other issuers (learn more), Amazon and our Patreon group. Thank you for your support, it is what keeps these information machines humming!

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Takes a while for some to see the light. I closed my Citi Premier 2 years ago when I encountered some CSR issues. It’s the current mentality that no one should have an opinion that is truthful. I enjoy the site and will continue to support it.

  2. Citi is my WORST credit card! I applied and was approved for the citi 2% cash back card… with a limit of $500! This is such a joke! I have well over a decade of good credit history and my last card from chase was over 10k. I requested a credit limit increase every month after having it for 3 months and it keeps saying my card is too new, until a year later, then got denied. LMAO

  3. Citibank is the worst big bank in the USA. Alot has to do with their upper level of mgmt; many are abject failures from sleazy operations like Countrywide. Be very cautious dealing with these bottom feeders.

  4. Please don’t stop! Your articles are so important to help navigate Citi’s medieval and opaque policies. People need to hear these accounts so they can avoid getting screwed.

  5. I’ve never been a part of the Citi ecosystem – no credit cards nor bank accounts. Too many customer service nightmare stories out there. This further affirms my decision to stay away.

  6. Citi seems like whiny b*****s if this is the reasons they dropped MtM from the affiliate program. These people are more thin skinned than a politician. I don’t see anything even close to being over the line in the artcles you cited.

    I commented on a Citi post of yours several months back, and while I’m too lazy to retype it all, I had what I regarded as a major customer service failure with Citi involving a lengthy delay in getting a card I applied for, and they told me to kick rocks. Refused to do anything otherr than send a replacement card via regular mail. It took about a month to get the damn thing. Met the minimum spend & promptly sock drawered it, then canceled my Double Cash and Prestige. No way I’m paying $500 a year for that crap.

    By contrast, I had the same problem with American Express, and they overnighted a replacement to me at no charge.

    • Funny you should mention American Express! I have a running issue with them going on 3+ months. I have not received any points on 10x for groceries and gas s part of the promotion on plat. After about the 10th try(not exaggerating) I finally reach a representative who gave me 15k points for my trouble and opened a new ticket promising me a call back within 10 days. On day 3 and waiting. Keep in mind I also have the Schwab and will lose out on the 1.25 multiplier after 9/1.

      My point is this all the cards have issues with their CSR’s and I mean all. If you have to contact any of them you are at the mercy of getting one that is actually trained and knows/cares what they are doing.

      • In my experience, Chase Sapphire Reserve/Preferred reps seem to have their stuff together. But CSRs at most large companies are mediocre at best.

  7. SUBHEADLINE: Osterman’s Citi take single handedly raises the price of MtM Patreon subscription.

    Seriously though, garbage bank is garbage bank. I’ll churn their AA cards every 4 years & have a good laugh at the next headline where they accidentally send out $900 million in error. Imagine if they were any other business, would you go back to the mechanic who screwed up your car 6 times in a row? Buy groceries from the store that sold you rotten food over and over and over and over? Pull that football out one more time on me Lucy, please. It’s not a joke that they’re so terrible at what they do, THEY’RE ACTUALLY EFFING TERRIBLE AT WHAT THEY DO!

    Look at their card portfolio, Costco (which they massively overpaid for) & AA (which they have to share with another bank). That’s like the definition of sorry-assed, also-ran. I’d rather fly transcon trapped in an unserviced Spirit lav than try to book a Turkish partner flight through email. Anyway, sorry that this’ll cost you guys some revenue- it couldn’t have been a good feeling to get that notice.

  8. Citi can’t do anything right. Banking customer service is a joke. They could never fix my citigold account from incurring erroneous account maintenance fees. I was fed up after
    7 consecutive months of this and canceled the account. Prestige is a joke.

  9. Silly response from a second rate bank. I have a Citi Costco, mostly just because Costco keeps Citi under control like a parent minding their 5 year old, but don’t do any other business with Citi. Even more convinced that’s the right approach after hearing this pathetic tale.

      • One of their writers (I think it was Summer Hull) wrote an article about how she was triggered by a rally of Trump supporters (not Trump himself), and she got roasted in the comments. The ability to comment disappeared soon after.

  10. Childish blackmail.
    Take my ball, and go home.
    Like the Facebook “friends” who unfriend you because they do not like what you say. Especially if it is the truth.

  11. Recent Facebook travel blogger pages show Citi a very distant #3.
    Chase is (#1) and Amex (#2).

    Don’t lose any sleep because of CITI. AA sholes.

  12. Citi comes across looking pretty petulant here. It’ll be interesting to see if other BA bloggers raise a fuss about this. I sure hope so.

  13. Of course they blame the messenger rather than fixing the problem. What a terrible company to deal with. Citi if you’re reading this you suck.

  14. @WG – Barclays negotiated they would be the card the is pushed on planes and also in airports are part of the deal w AA years ago. Pure business

  15. I always use your affiliate links when applying for a credit card and will continue to do so. Your honest coverage about products makes me support you in this regard so don’t worry about losing Citi. Its their loss, not yours. It will only make your fanbase stronger in supporting your honest opinions.

  16. Kudos for calling shots as you see them If Citi is too thin skinned to handle it, that’s their problem.

    Will apply for the Sapphire Preferred card in a few days, will definitely use MtM’s link.

  17. Shout out to you guys for not bowing down to the affiliates – I know it’s tough and lost income, but we really appreciate the real opinions!

  18. Most anything positive about Citi was gutted several years back when the insurance benefits went bye bye. Now the AA card is not even in a promoted position on the flights, taking a backdoor position to bottom feeding Barclays.


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