Make up to $45 Profit + 3K Ultimate Rewards with this eBay Staples Gift Card Deal

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eBay Staples Gift Card Deal

eBay Staples Gift Card Deal

PayPal Digital Gifts via eBay is selling $150 Staples eGift cards for $130. By taking advantage of this deal you can actually generate some Ultimate Rewards points for no cost. Let’s take a look.

The Offer

Buy a $150 Staples eGift card for $130. Limit 5.

Maximizing the Deal

  • Go through the Shop at Home portal for 1.5% cashback and also earn 2% in eBay Bucks. Your total rebate between these two will be $22.75.
  • Buy 5 cards and pay with the Chase Ink card through PayPal. The seller is PayPal Digital Gifts so you should earn 5X Ultimate Rewards or 3,250 points total.
  • Sell the gift cards to SaveYa for 84.5% or $126.75 each.

The Math

Update: The math just got even better. Some accounts are now being targeted for 4X (8%) in eBay Bucks. That adds an additional $39 profit to the deal if you are targeted.

Here is the math of the deal:

  • Total Cost: $650
  • Portal & eBay Bucks: -$22.75
  • Proceeds from selling: -$633.75
  • Final Cost: -$6.50
  • Points earned: 3,250

So there you have it. You can make $6.50 and 3,250 Ultimate Rewards points.

Other Gift Cards

eBay has a number of other gift cards on sale as well. Among the deals are:

  • $100 ChevronTexaco gift card for $92.
  • $100 Sears gift card for $85.
  • $100 CVS gift card for $88.
  • $100 BP gift card for $92.
  • $100 AutoZone gift card for $90
  • $100 Barns & Noble gift card for $88.

You can find all of the discounted gift cards here.


These deals aren’t for everyone, but considering the codes can be sold digitally, there is a minimal amount of work involved. The total time to purchase and sell should be less than 10 minutes or so. Given the value of the points, it was worth it for me to purchase five cards, but I’ll probably keep mine to purchase merchandise for reselling.

Shawn Coomer
Since 2007 Shawn Coomer has been circling the globe with his family for pennies on the dollar. He uses that first-hand knowledge and experience to teach others how to achieve their travel dreams for the least amount of money possible.

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  1. Holy smokes this has been frustrating. So I have used my Ink card for at least a half a dozen orders. When I tried to order this, I got an error that I had to verify my card. After doing that several times nothing. The first two reps I talked to knew absolutely nothing. The third rep I talked to on the phone said I needed to get a code sent to my statement and enter that. Of course they sent me directions that didn’t resemble the website at all. Finally got the right info and followed the process and did it work…of course not.

    Fired this back:
    “Thank you for the updated instructions. I followed this process and received a code on my statement. I entered that code and supposedly verified my card. I tried to order product and received the same error that I had the past 2 days. So far I have spent an hour and a half on the phone with 3 different Paypal reps, a few emails, countless times trying to order, multiple phone call verifications, multiple text verifications, sent in my proof of ID….all for absolutely nothing. I still can’t order squat on this site. I understand fraud prevention but this is ridiculous! This is like cutting off someone’s arm so no one sneezes on their hand. I have been through a bad layoff and a nasty divorce and this by far is worse than either of those. Sorry to rant but I am beyond frustrated and Paypal isn’t doing anything to make my account work. Paypal needs a software validation engineer something fierce!
    Who can I contact so that this can get fixed CORRECTLY the first time? ”

    If this were about making $40 I would have quit long ago. I want to get my account set up so it will work again in the future though.


    • Yup what Shawn said. Splender is still a great portal though. All things equal, I use them because they’re up there with TCB as far as fast tracking updates.

      • negative experience with splender so far
        1) initially refused to honor a referral bonus as they had first claimed that i didn’t use the link; after submitting proof, next excuse was that the referring person & i are the same. Had to vent my grievance & complaint on tweeter & fb to have them honored the bonus 2) recently made a purchase @ home depot, no tracking after a week, had to attach purchase receipts by email as requested; then took a month later before it’s finally tracked

  2. Ok newbie question, can you use a Staples gift card to purchase other gift cards in store? Can I use it for a gas card or Nordstrom card?

    How does one know it codes as PayPal Digital Gift?

    Many thanks

  3. SaveYa revoked my sales (sold yesterday) so I sold to cardcash instead for $607.50. Still nets 3250 UR points for $19.75 and a bit of a hassle. Worth it.


  4. Do cards have to be sold through PayPal Digital Gifts to get 5 points/dollar with the Ink card? Or can I buy any gift card from any seller and check out with PayPal choosing my Ink card?

  5. I really think these Paypal/eBay offers should start having a warning with them. I can’t buy through Paypal Digital Gifts and am giving no concrete answer anytime I ask. Paypal is incompetent to say the least and they aren’t even giving reasoning for denying purchases that make sense. Posts for these are starting to look like a cheap inexpensive way to shill for Paypal. One, if not the worst companies out there.

      • They’re hit and miss, as are just about every exchange site. However, SaveYa is definitely one of the few trusted places to sell gift cards and I’d always recommend giving them a try. All I’ll say is to pay attention to minor details because at times they’ve been somewhat unorganized. Then again, they’ve had a lot of transition over the last year and appear to be on better footing these days.

    • I’ve sold thousands of dollars worth of GCs to saveya without incident, they’re one of the most reliable companies in my opinion. Usually takes 3 weeks to receive the check. Wish they did ACH like ABC does for physical cards.

      • If you’ve sold thousands you should strongly consider applying as a bulk seller. You’ll unlock (free) ACH which is paid promptly. On deals such as this where you’re submitting electronically you’ll get paid even faster, probably by the end of the week.

        Further, if your total sale is $500+ you can request a free FedEx shipping label. Not sure if this is available to non-bulk sellers, but either way it’s a plus if you are a bulk seller.

        • Agreed. SaveYa has been very good to me as a bulk seller since I receive ACH payments the same week I send in cards. The free Fedex labels are an added bonus. It is necessary to keep good records as invariably one card per order they have a day or so delay in verifying. Usually within two days they have confirmed all cards. I would give them high ratings.

  6. How to pay with the Chase Ink card through PayPal? I can only add money from my linked bank account to Paypal.

  7. at ebay checkout, can’t pay with paypal with a CC on file; rather it switched to the paypal credit which i don’t want to pay with that method.

    anyone has the same issue?

    • Had similar issue. I just transferred the papyal credit to my bank before completing transaction. No problem.

      Also had an 8% Ebucks targetted on my account. Just had to activiate it, good for 8 hours. On mine last day to use was today. Picked up some gas cards that I will use. Not sure if I will go down the reselling path.

    • I had the same problem even after I depleted all my funds out of Paypal account. It used to let me pay with my Chase ink card but now it wont let me do that, saying that a credit card is not an option . Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  8. This deal might last long enough until tomorrow at which point we may have a chance at ebay bucks. There’s currently 13.5k left. I know in the past similar staples deals like this have lasted more than 24 hours so I’ll be sitting on the sidelines and monitoring inventory.


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