Kroger 4X or 5X Fuel Points on Gift Cards Returns – Stacks with Gift Card Coupons & How to Maximize

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kroger 4x fuel points august 2015

Kroger 4X Fuel Points Returns – Stacks With Other Deals

Every few months (and sometimes more often), Kroger and its subsidiary brands hold 4X fuel points promotions on gift cards. This is generally a good deal overall, but right now there are a few particular reasons why it is better than normal. Lets take a look at the deal and how to possibly maximize it.

The Deal

  • Earn 4X fuel points on the purchase of gift cards through 8/11/15. Terms and conditions vary by store/region.

Fuel Points

Kroger fuel points are pretty simple. You normally earn 1 fuel point for every dollar spent at their stores and 100 fuel points equals $.10 off per gallon of gas up to 35 gallons. While normal groceries earn 1X fuel points, gift cards normally earn 2X fuel points.

So normally, if you were to purchase a $50 gift card, you would earn 100 fuel points or $.10 off per gallon. During this promotion, a $50 gift card will net you 200 fuel points or $.20 off per gallon. You can use a maximum of 1,000 fuel points to receive a $1 off per gallon on each transaction. Fuel points expire at the end of the calendar month following the month you earn them.

Digital Coupons

kroger 4x fuel points august 2015

Right now, Kroger has a number of one-time use digital coupons for discounts on gift cards. You can receive an instant discount of up to 20% on cards from Sephora, Gap and eBay. Remember that purchases of these cards will also earn 4X fuel points.

Perhaps the most valuable of these deals is eBay. The deal gives $10 off the purchase of 2 eBay cards. Since the lowest denomination of eBay cards is $25, you can basically achieve a 20% discount. You will also receive 160 fuel points or $.16 off per gallon for this purchase. The other cards aren’t as valuable, but may still be worth it for you.

Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards

kroger 4x fuel points august 2015
The variable load cards like these won’t earn fuel points, but fixed value cards normally do.

Variable load Visa gift cards do not earn fuel points, but fixed value cards generally do. (This varies in some areas so check the terms in your local store.) The highest denomination fixed value cards that Kroger sells are $100 cards with a $5.95 fee. (You can buy MC as well, but they are tougher to liquidate at Walmart.)

Purchasing $100 cards will earn you 424 fuel points or $.424 off per gallon of gas. What I have done in the past, is purchase 5 x $100 cards. This generates 2,119 fuel points. This is good for 2 x $1 off on up to 35 gallons of gas. My wife and I generally fill up both cars and get around 30 gallons of gas. Some people also bring fuel canisters to maximize their savings.

The math on this deal for 30 gallons works out like this:

  • Cost of cards ($5.95 x 5): $29.75
  • Fuel Savings: $60
  • Profit: $30.25

Of course, if you have a card that earns 5X or 5% at a grocery store, then you really are making out. Either way, it is pretty easy to come out ahead with these deals, as long as you know how to liquidate the cards.

5X Points?!?

One other thing to mention is that I purchased some eBay gift cards this morning and earned 5X points instead of 4X. My $40 purchase netted 200 fuel points. I don’t know how long this will last, but perhaps it is another incentive to get out to the store sooner rather than later!

Update: Thanks to Chuck from Doctor of Credit for letting me know that fuel points are issued based on the face value. So $50 in eBay cards earn 200 points even though you only pay $40. Good stuff!


There is a lot of value in Kroger fuel points. Right now you can stack the digital coupons and purchase gift cards for eBay and other stores. You can also save by purchasing Visa gift cards that can easily be loaded to Bluebird/Serve/REDbird and save yourself some money at the pump. How much money is up to you!

HT: Ian @rotisp on Twitter

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  1. Shawn – do you know if the $100 visa /mc cards earn fuel points at LV Smiths? I think I saw a FM post where you said it hadn’t worked for you on at least once occasion buying a Visa card?

  2. I think the 2x points were a summer deal that ended yesterday,only available on Friday-Sunday . I got 2 x show up yesterday on receipt. And then at bottom of receipt it totaled up the 4 x points also.

  3. So weird, I went to my local Ralph’s and bought the gift card, it only shows 2x so I only got 212 points per $100 Visa card. But on the bottom of receipt it said earn 40 cents off per gallon on gift card and it shows how much I purchased during this promo period…..but I didn’t receive 442 for my $100 visa gc…I’m in Southern California

    • As far as I know Ralph’s points work the same as the other brands. That is strange. Maybe it was an error. Have you tried logging in online to check the balance. Maybe the full amount of points posted.

    • It’s always been like that in Southern California Ralphs as far as I remember. The point total will show the normal 2X points you get from purchasing gift cards, so $100 gift cards earn 200 points, but will code as 40 cents off at a Shell gas station, deducting 200 points from your monthly total. Maybe it has something to do with no Kroger gas stations around the area. I normally just buy $100 Shell gift cards and get $0.40 off per gallon from the cash price, making it at least $0.50 from the credit card price depending on the cash discount of the station.

  4. the 20% off gift card that you need to load to card is one time use right? i used it last time you report, but it doesn’t have the 4x

  5. Surely, I’m not the only one who brings both my car and my wife’s to the pump at the same time to make sure we get the full 35 gallons 🙂

  6. Just got back from Kroeger. It is indeed 4x in fuel points. I used one of the 20% off digital coupons to get 5x$100 Gap cards.
    One thing I wonder is how would Chase react to $2-3k purchases a Kroeger? This a new card so no “behavior pattern” on it.

  7. Thanks for laying out all the math. I had been buying GC’s I’d normally use, but hadn’t yet taken the plunge on the $100 visas. Combined with my amex blue at 5%, two cars and a couple of gas cans…this makes perfect sense.

  8. Ebay coupon $ 10 off is gone unless otherwise you have saved the coupon to your account before 07/28. Also the unused points from the current month will carry over to the following month. Those points are valid unless other wise your earned points from the current month doesn’t exceed the previous month balance. Normally I stack around 4000 points which I use it for 2 months.

    • It really depends on whether or not you will use the fuel points. I personally am able to save $30 on fuel and my local Kroger station is close by so it makes perfect sense. Obviously it won’t make sense for everyone.

      • Yeah, I’m just so used to buying the $500 card, so buying anything else just seems odd to me. But it’s something I’ll keep in mind. The best cashback card I have is 3%, but it’s better than nothing.

  9. Shawn
    Do you have to download the coupon to your card or is it available for everyone? I don’t see it available under the digital coupon section.

  10. a few points:
    1. some area gas savings are capped at 25 gallon (or 30).
    2. those points expire so don’t forget to use them. 😀


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