CONFIRMED: The Office Depot/Officemax Visa Gift Card Instant Rebate is Better Than Expected

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Office Depot Officemax Visa Gift Card Instant Rebate

Office Depot Officemax Visa Gift Card Instant Rebate

The other day I wrote about a new Visa gift card instant rebate offer at Office Depot and Officemax. That deal starts today and I have heard from a few readers who have confirmed some very good news. Let’s take a look.

Two Discounts One Transaction

This deal has a limit of two per person. Fortunately both of the discounts can be taken off in the same transaction. This means that you can purchase 3 X $200 cards and get a $30 combined discount. When buying normal fixed value Visa gift cards, the cost should be $590.85. ($206.95 * 3 cards – $30 discount)

Dining Everywhere Visas Are Included

Additionally, there was some speculation that Dining Everywhere Visa cards would not be included. Thankfully I can say that isn’t the case. Several people have received the discount when buying Dining Everywhere Visas. Since those Visas have a lower $4.95 fee per card, the total for $600 worth of cards is $584.85.

Keep in mind some people have had success using Dining Everywhere Visas at Walmart and other stores, but they don’t work everywhere and others have had problems. They definitely are a niche product and you probably don’t want to get stuck with thousands of dollars worth of cards that you can’t liquidate.


If you are interested in this deal and which cards to use in order to maximize it, you can find the full details in my original post. Office Depot stores open in about 35 minutes for me so I’ll be heading out soon. Keep in mind these cards go quickly, so if you want to get some, it is probably best to go today. Happy 5Xing.

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  1. I bought 3 styles everywhere card since the dining everywhere were not available at my local OD. Does anyone know what stores these work for buying MOs? I tried one at Kroger and it didn’t work. If these cannot be used for MOs, then what is the best way to drain them?

  2. Dining VGC work for promotional discount.

    Dining VGC do NOT work at Walmart.
    Called support and Walmart is coded as department store – told these cars would only work at sit down eat-in only restaurants (which I guess that means the for trucks written in the packaging who have to heave seats.)

  3. The Dining VGC’s worked at a different WM. The system must have had a problem when I was trying the first time. How do you know when OM is having a sale on GC? I checked the ad and can’t find it. Thanks for all your tips.

  4. Thanks for all the tips. I made the mistake of buying 3 Style Everywhere cards and I was able to call and get a refund by saying I bought the wrong cards and the store will not exchange them, so I have to wait up to 30 days. Then I tried the Dining cards and they worked at WM at first, but today they are not working. I will try again tomorrow.

  5. YMMV – I went to my local OM and was told that they have a new policy (I am sure it is store level or maybe small region) that no more than $500 in one transaction for gift cards. I pointed out that the promostion is for $300 in giftx cards *limit 2* which implies $600, but no dice. I asked if that could be overridden and he said no and I did not think it worth dragging the manager out and bringing extra attention to it, so I took the “break even” on rebate option of 2x $200 and took the bonus on my card.

    Kind hurts as the best rebate is if you can straddle the difference with 3×200.

  6. I bought three Dining Visas per transaction, paid $584.85 each time. Store didn’t enforce limit of 2 so I made four transactions. I drained them to MO at WMneigh at $799.30, 4 swipes per receipt. There are reports that these do NOT drain at their WMs and grocery stores so don’t buy a lot of these dining visas until you know you can drain them.

  7. The OD/OM i went to today said cash only with ID and limit of just $600per day. He acted as if a giant scam operation is going on. The OM i went to was same.

    • there is manager discretion at all the stores. one of the stores i go to lets me buy with cc when a certain manager is there and with an id, the others are like cash only. the cashiers roll their eyes. inconsistency. others are like cash only but because i go there often they let me buy them. sometimes you just tell them what the deal is, and be so excited about it, and then they are like, hey, that is awesome and they let you buy them with a credit card. Also, always pull out your id before they ask for it. one thing i have noticed is that the stores in the better parts of town don’t seem to balk at all when i buy them. but when i go to the less affluent areas, it is like you said, some giant scam going on. don’t lose hope just try another store.

  8. I visited several office depot/office max and got 2 of the $600 transactions at each because the offer said you could get 2 offers per person… I guess I am not good at the maths! hahahahahaha If you live in a big city like me then you can have a blast on these negative cost spending sprees visiting all the stores. Call chase ahead of time and tell them you found a great bargain and that you are going to buy all you can and basically they will let you buy until you reach your limit without tripping the risk control issues that I have had in the past with them, and they even offered to raise my limit today without any fees if I go over!

    if you want to fly under the radar at the regiser, then do only 2 of the $200 cards. $600 requires the manager override. $400 does not. You still have negative cost. You can do that all day long.

  9. Office Depot sold the $200 Dining Everywhere cards and the discount worked. Initially they claimed their system wouldn’t sell more than $300 per day but I suggested that didn’t make sense given the advertisement ($300 x 2 offers per person); manager did some kind of override and it worked just fine.

  10. No $200 cards at my Office Depot; had to settle for the $100 version. Now I hope I won’t have any trouble turning these into money orders at Walmart tomorrow.

  11. Just went to 2 separate Office Depot’s, and can confirm that this works using 3 Dining Everywhere cards ($200 each), for a total of $584.85. Was able to do one transaction at each store.

  12. Does your Office Depot let you use a credit card to buy these? My Office Depot stopped allowing this a long time ago so I haven’t even tried. Thanks for any input.

  13. Just bought 3 Dining Everywhere cards. They are variable load $20-$200. My Office Depot was out of $200 Visa Cards, so I went for these ones.

  14. I also bought new version of the Visa debit card “style everywhere” to shop at fashion retailers.. Similiar fee to the restaurant card and worked with the deal..


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