Is Office Depot/Officemax Ending Their Visa Gift Card Deal Early? I Think So.

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office depot visa gift card early end
This has seemingly been removed from their ad.

Office Depot & Officemax May Be Ending the Visa Gift Card Deal

Last week I broke the news over at Frequent Miler that Office Depot & Officemax were having a killer deal this week. As you probably all know by now, that deal is giving $20 off a $300 Visa gift card purchase instantly.

I have been in trenches at Office Depot and Officemax all week. By now the gift cards racks at a lot of stores are pretty much depleted, but there are a few things I noticed over the past couple of days that have me wondering if this deal will be pulled long before its 5/16 scheduled end date.

  • On Wednesday, I went into a store that I had visited a couple of times already. This time all of the Visa gift cards were pulled from the shelf. (Even the $25 and $50 varieties.)
  • Yesterday I visited two stores that both said it was a recent corporate policy to go cash only for gift cards. Both stores had official signs out on the gift card rack. (This may or may not be related.)
  • Finally, today Office Depot has offically removed any reference to this deal from their ad. Go to the bottom of page 8 and the deal has been removed and replaced with the Office Depot & Officemax logos. (HT: Matt who left this comment.)

office depot visa gift card early end

What to Do

If you know of a store with a lot of stock, I would probably try to get out there today. Most of the stores in my area are bone dry anyway, but I was hoping to get a restock in the next week or two, but I don’t think that will happen. Again I have no confirmation of this deal ending, but a removal from their ad is a pretty clear sign.

Share With Us

What have your experiences been? Have your local stores pulled cards off of the shelf, gone cash only or otherwise refused to sell you the cards. Have they pulled their ads or is it just business as usual. Let us know in the comments.

Shawn Coomer
Since 2007 Shawn Coomer has been circling the globe with his family for pennies on the dollar. He uses that first-hand knowledge and experience to teach others how to achieve their travel dreams for the least amount of money possible.

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  1. Went to officemax today. no signage for the promotion & was told the promotion ended last week.
    Rang up the cards and the discount came off anyway. success!
    required a manager override for me to purchase all $600 in one transaction though. Will do separate transactions to avoid that next time. No comment was made about paying with credit card.
    OM located in Harrisburg area

  2. Help! Yesterday, I walked into the Office Depot by me, then bought two $200 Vanilla Visa gift cards. Drove over to a local supermarket and purchased a money order with them. Easy. Then, today, I bought two more of the same gift cards, then drove to the same supermarket and tried to use them to buy money orders. This time, I got declined. Tried at another supermarket. Got declined there, too. Called Vanilla, who told me the cards cannot be used to purchase money orders. (They’d seen my attempted transactions.)

    Did something happen overnight with Vanilla? How can I quickly liquidate these gift cards?

    • Sometimes the cards don’t work for 24 hours after activation. The bank is always going to say they won’t work for money orders. I would try again today as I have had success in the past simply waiting 24 hours. I haven’t heard of any change and these cards will not work at every supermarket for money orders. If it worked the first time, I don’t know why other than a delayed activation that they wouldn’t work the next day.

      • Thanks, Shawn. I already liquidated one of the cards, but buying a few items I needed, then paying myself with my Square card reader. Tonight, I’ll try again to get a money order with the other card.

      • Thanks, Shawn. I already liquidated one of the cards, but buying a few items I needed, then paying myself with my Square card reader. Tonight, I’ll try again to get a money order with the other card.

        • Shawn, you were right. Yesterday, I walked into one of the stores where I’d tried earlier, and was able to buy a money order with no problem at all. I’ll have to remember to wait 24 hours next time.

          Also, because I have a Square card reader for my business, I still have that to occasionally fall back on. Hadn’t thought about that avenue when I bought those gift cards.

          • wouldnt you need to report income you received through the square reader on business taxes? I’ve thought about getting a reader as a backup too and pay myself but thought it would mess up my business accounting?? Does square send any 1099 form or anything?

          • Jill, that’s a good point, and I don’t know the answer to that question. But since a majority of my business income is cash anyway, it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. Besides, I’ve only swiped only $200-300 of gift cards through my Square reader. Most of my liquidating is done with money orders. I’m one of the few (maybe the only one) here who are just getting into the game. Haven’t gotten any offers lately, so I’m “practicing” until that time. Besides, the “spending” I’m doing is showing extra activity on my cards, which I hope will help me get higher limits and good offers. Essentially, I’m “buying” card points for now.

          • What part of the country are you in? I thought I was the only one “in the game” since I seemed to be the only one getting vgcs for the first few days. Last time I went, someone tried to hide the remaining 200 cards behind the variable load cash only ones…haha, so there’s a least one other person around here. Was that you? 🙂

  3. I was able to purchase, but they had me fill out a Financial Transaction Report (first time ever). At first I wasn’t going to fill it out, but it only asked for my name, address and DL number, all things they could have gotten from my DL. I’m in Southern Colorado.

  4. The Office Depot in Silver Spring Maryland is charging sales tax on the purchase of the gift card. The cashier was friendly and told me about the “glitch” before she rang me up, but it is just an interesting data point.

    Also, the Office Depot in Columbia MD is cash only. The manager said “corporate was in here earlier and said we can only accept cash for gift cards now.”

    • The tax thing is crazy. I would consider writing corporate with a copy of your receipts asking them to refund your money. As for cash only, I’m wondering if corporate evaluates the level of gift card fraud in each store and determines the cash only policy that way.

      Each and every cash only store has told me it is a corporate policy, so it seems like it isn’t coming from the local managers.

  5. Went in to a couple of Depots today here in Las Vegas. They had plenty of cards, but wouldnt take anything less than cold hard cash.

      • Would be funny to ask those cash only stores to just take their GC blanks to another store and load them up there. What do they care…there’s no money on them anyway.

        • You could ask, but they are still part of inventory. I have heard of people removing them from one store and moving them to another without permission, which I consider stealing.

  6. Does it strike anyone else as ironic that the continuing publicizing and talk about these deals is leading to their demise? How many more times will you spell everything out in posts before you realize you are part of the problem in the deals dying? Most of us will hope you catch on soon and stop talking about specific deals. Here’s to hoping to put it all together.

  7. Bought $4000 by cc in Florida in one store. Three $200 cards per transaction. No problem. Went right to target with redbird

  8. Went in to my OM today in Alabama and they had a fresh batch of $200 and $100 cards. Even had a new design but were metabank. No issues purchasing with credit card 2 $400 transactions

  9. Local store had no $100/$200 on shelf from day 1. Plenty of the lower denom. It’s near my office, so I stopped by an checked a couple of times. Today, I finally asked when they would restock. The guy said probably not until after the promo was over. I doubt the chain is going to pull the promo, but some stores have just opted not to participate in it very much.

    2 other stores further out had $100 cards no problem. Picked up 6 at each since I was there, but not going to make a 2nd trip to them for more. Not worth it to me.

  10. Not able to find $200 Visa @ OM anywhere in Cleveland. So I bought 6 $100’s a few times this week with Chase Ink. I asked about the $200 Visa, and the clerk said “we don’t have those when there’s a promotion.”

  11. Cash Only Removing Promotion.

    “Immediately after the distress of those days ” ‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’

  12. Just went and bought $1200 worth at 6PM in Portland, OR. No issues except for a grumpy manager to do the override, but I think he was just grumpy in general.

  13. Bought 4x$200 in KY today at about 5:00PM, got both discounts at checkout! Manager was new, had to look it up and call his senior manager to make sure it was ok for me to buy that much with a CC……..both places said it was fine.

  14. I too was able to purchase the $200 vanilla visa gift cards with credit card at office depot in the Dc metro area today.

  15. Just bought 3 $200 Vanilla visa cards and got the $40 off. The office depot didn’t have the metabank cards at all, and I’ve never seen them there. The cashier told me that the variable load gift cards were cash only, but that the fixed ones I could use a credit card.

  16. I’ve scored 1-2 rebates a day at Office Depot since it began but today the register did not give me the auto discount. I had the cashier manually enter the rebate based on the dates of the promotion. In another store one of the employees refused to sell me any more because I’ve been in every day. I never found any $200 cards at Office Max. There are still plenty of $200 card on the racks at my stores since they got a new shipment so maybe I need to run back over there. They will never do this deal again I bet.

  17. I have 3 OM near by. None of them had $200 even when they opened the day of the sale. All three stores have claimed not to have any $100 cards when asked, but ended up having stacks and stacks inside the GC display when I either looked myself or pushed for them to just double check. One store even looked inside for me and claimed there were none there when I could clearly see them. When I pointed them out the guy told me they were expired and he wasn’t allowed to sell them. I convinced him to give it a shot and demonstrated that they expire in something like 7 years.
    In short, I have been able to purchase with a CC, But there seems to be an effort to hide the cards. The odd thing is that they do out the sign up with the ad. I’m not sure why they do that when they seem to not want to participate in the sale.

  18. I found a store with some $100s today, so I got six of them. That’s not as good a deal as the three $200s I got on Wednesday at another store, but I’m still coming out ahead when I take them to Target. They only had one of them in the rack and were out of $200s, but the manager found some more in the storage cabinet. The clerk didn’t know about the promotion.

  19. Had trouble with it yesterday as well. Previously they were happy with me buying them. Yesterday the store manager (who hadn’t been there during my previous visits) wouldn’t let me buy any. Just said he wouldn’t do the security override to give me the discount. Wouldn’t have even let me do it for cash! (not that i would of). Just figured it was an isolated case, now I’m not so sure. Went to a different one the same day and they stuck with the 2 discounts per customer, which they hadn’t cared about previously.

  20. I was able to buy 3 $200 VGCs with credit card today at OD in Loveland, CO. Sign is still displayed and lots of cards on rack.

    • That could be unrelated. Some stores have been cash only for awhile, so this could be a coincidence. (Or it may not be.) The real fact here is that the deal has been removed from the online ad. Beyond that, we will have to see.

      • In S. Florida, I visited 4 stores this morning. The first 3 were empty, but had the sign up. At the 4th store SUCCESS!! I made 2 purchases with a credit card $580.85 each. Good luck to all.

  21. In Columbia, SC I was able to purchase with credit card yesterday, but today, the register was hard coded to not accept credit cards.

    • Seems odd for them to hardcode the register by regions? I’m in another region and the policy remains the same i.e., cash only for variable amount and CCs allowed for fixed values.

      while at Target and other stores, when the register is hardcoded, it applies to all branch POS, not just a select number or else, the policy may be made up by particular store managers. afaik, for this deal at OD-OM, manager override is required for $500 and up so that buying 3 requires calling the manager. Many were rejected by the manager but when they bought just 2 with a cooperative cashier, no manager override required.


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