HOT! Make Money & 5X At Office Depot/Officemax: $15 Instant Rebate on Visa Gift Cards!

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office depot visa gift card rebate 2016
This deal is available at Office Depot too!

Free Points & Profit at Officemax & Office Depot

Once upon a time a little company called Officemax used to run instant rebate promotions quite often on Visa and Mastercard gift cards. While these promotions were sometimes a pain because they required the store to scan a barcode found in a mysterious book (that they often couldn’t find), they were quite lucrative. Then a big bad giant called Office Depot bought them and the deals slowed down.

We have seen a few instant rebate deals on Visa/MC gift cards since the merger, but they haven’t been as plentiful. The good news is that a deal is coming up this weekend and that it is quite good. Oh, and the register now takes the discount off automatically so you don’t have to worry about that darn book.

The Offer

  • Save $15 instantly when you buy $300 or more in Visa gift cards.

Key Terms

  • In-store only.
  • Limit two offers per customer.
  • Discount is taken at the register.
  • Valid 8/21/16-8/27/16

office depot visa gift card rebate 2016

The Math

Recently Office Depot introduced Dining Everywhere Visa gift cards in some stores. Those cards carry a $4.95 fee on up to $200, however they aren’t available nationwide and aren’t accepted everywhere. For that reason I will base my math on the old school $200 cards with a $6.95 fee, but you can of course adjust your costs as necessary.

With a limit of 2, the best option is to purchase 3X $200 Visa gift cards. The math works out like this:

  • Cost of cards: $620.85
  • Minus rebate: -$30
  • Final cost: $590.85
  • Profit: $9.15

It is best to pay with a card that earns 5X at office supply stores such as a Chase Ink. For example, a Chase Ink card would also earn 2,954 Ultimate Rewards points. Alternatively, an Amex SimplyCash Plus which earns 5% cashback at office supply stores would put an additional $29.54 in your pocket.

The Limit

There is a limit of 2 discounts per transaction and this is generally enforced. In the past sometimes the register has taken off more than two discounts if you purchase more cards, however those glitches are fixed quickly. It may also be possible to ask the cashier to ring you up in multiple transactions. Some stores are stricter than others.


Visa gift cards sold by Officemax/Office Depot are issued by Metabank and are pin-enabled. These cards should work fine to load Bluebird/Serve at Walmart if you still have one. They also generally work for money orders if that is your thing. For more detailed information on liquidating these cards, see: How To Liquidate Prepaid Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards


This is a very good deal and one where it might make sense to wake up early on Sunday. The cards often go very quickly when these deals come around and I don’t think this time will be any different. In other words, oil up your Chase Ink cards, gas up the car and prepare for some fun on Sunday morning.

HT: Frequent Miler

Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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    • It’s not a one-time thing. Get back over there and buy more cards! Just be sure to relink your Visa to Your Ebates account.

      • The email I got from. Ebates said it was one time only. I can try again, but I don’t think it will work. The purchasing of the VGCs will work, but I don’t think the rebate will. I’ll give it a try though!

        • from my experience, it is one activation per card then you have to re-link it. for those who have several INKs and/or 1.5% cb cards, each $600 card transaction gave me 3% cashback. I just noticed in the night of the 24th, the ODOM link was no longer available but the other cards I’ve already activated the offer remains on my account.

  1. Question….. why buy 3 for $620.85-30 for $9.10 profit and 2954 UR points when you can buy 4 cards for $827.8-30 for a $2.20 profit and 3939 UR points…. Aren’t the 1035 more UR points worth more than the $6.90 cash profit you are giving up by going to 4x$200 cards??? Even at 1cent a point, that’s $10.35 in value versus the $6.90 we just gave up….(though I guess really $15+ in value at 1.5cents a piece.)

    Am I right on this?


    • Because once you buy more gift cards than you need to for the discount, then you are simply purchasing a $200 card for $6.95. In other words you are taking cash out of your pocket and paying full price for that card. At any point you could walk into Office Depot and purchase a card for that price and earn those points.

      Also, since this is an instant rebate you are much better trying to get $1,200 in two split transactions ($600 & $600) or trying to go to another store and/or go back at another time.

      • Yes and no……. I get your logic, but in reality, you still aren’t paying anything, since you still come out with a 2 dollar profit. If we had no rebate, you are paying almost .7 cents per point if we just walked in without a promo.

        I guess I’m looking at it more from a follow the rules aspect of 2 rebates limit.
        But yes, if we ignore the rules and just purchase $600 each time all day long, then yes, that’s a better deal.

        • You can do the math, and it’s pretty easy. After 4 purchases of 600 each, your roi is approximately $36 + 11820 UR.

          Doing it your way, your roi would be after 3 purchases of 800: $6.60 + 11,967 UR.

          Remember the Roi is more important than the profit per transaction since u can only do this a limited number if times due to spending limits.

      • when I got email about ebates in-store cashback, I linked my INK+ and other cards and activated the ODOM 3% cashback offer to it. I went to OD and bought visa dining everywhere GCs. MY OD allows up to $2000 worth of GCs per transaction so I bought 10 cards plus $49.50 fees. This was a test transaction that’s why I bought lots to see if I will get my CBs. Four days later, I got $60 posted to my ebates account which means I have a profit of $10.50 cash PLUS 10247.50 URs added to my INK+ account.

        I have drained all those VGCs at the grocery store where I can swipe up to six GCs at a time. Bought $1K WUMO with five GCs in two transactions and deposited them to my bank. I’ve aready pushed payment before the ODOM deal came. I’ve done the rounds for 4 days, will do another these last 2 days knowing this kind of deal doesn’t come very often.

  2. Just an FYI, some stores couldn’t care less about repeat buyers. Most of the cashiers have no clue about the limit. Managers didn’t really take a second glance at me either. I went in both yesterday and today to 4 different stores. Have totaled 24 cards so far. Going to try again tomorrow, but a lot of them are beginning to disappear. Will they restock later in the week do you think, or usually when they sell out it’s gone for good?

    Also had no problem at all liquidating at Walmart. Cheers, Shawn, thanks for letting us know about this offer! I’m gonna score at least 5 free nights at they Hyatt with this for a sweet getaway. 🙂

      • Hey Debbie, I’m buying the $20-$200 variable load Visa Gift Cards. And putting $200 on each. Picked up another dozen today. Absolutely KILLING it over here!!! Talk about some hard-core churning. Going to be doing this daily. EEEK!!!! Beyond giddy and practically drooling over all my free miles and the added free $9 each time is just the icing on the cake. I’m adding a random sale item a lot of the times so it doesn’t look like all the transactions total the same amount though. And it doesn’t hurt to try getting 6 cards at a time in 2 separate transactions. Some cashiers allow it and others don’t, but the worst they can do is say no.

        Good luck!

        • Then do you go to Walmart and change the vgc into money orders and redeposit them into your bank account to pay off your credit card?

          • You can go to Walmart but it is a little more expensive at $.70 and you are limited to 4 swipes (total $800). If you need several, wait until after you have completed the payment to request another one, otherwise they will try to ring it all up at once (say $1,600) and you will still be limited to 4 swipes so they will need to cancel it since it won’t work. At Dillons they cost me only $.49 for up to $1,000 with unlimited swipes. But only some allow it, in big cities not all of them allow gift cards for money orders, but in smaller towns a lot of them don’t care. At Dillons I can request $2800 in money orders at a time (never request $3,000 or they have to pull out their books) So go different days, or just to different locations if you need more than that. It makes it easiest for the cashier if you pay the fee in cash, to calculate the total. If they ask you why you have so many gift cards, just say that you bought them to earn airline miles on your credit card and they won’t question you an further.

            I’ve totaled 63 cards so far. So that means about 60,000 free miles plus about $180 in free cash with the discount. 2 more days to go! Hoping to do another 12-24 yet. Got chase to do a temporary credit line increase on my Ink without any hard pulls. Lovin’ this. I’ve decided on a vacation to Hawaii sometime hopefully when it works to take off work.

            My Ink sure deserves a gold medal after all the work I’ve put the poor thing through this week. 😉

  3. Do the Dining Everywhere $200 Visa cards work outside of restaurants? Do the Fashion/Dept Store $200 Visa cards work outside of department stores, shoe stores, boutiques, etc.?

    • I’m willing to bet they do, for two reasons. First, I was able to easily load my Serve card with them. Also, when calling the automated line to change my pin, the recording told me how to use them at gas stations, which don’t fit into the restaurant category.

  4. Worked this morning. Bought three variable load visas ($20-$200) for a total of $600. $30 in store discount was automatically applied. Thank you!

  5. $66.00 in profit for buying $1200 in vgc.. All at the cost of waking up at 10:00 AM and walking 66 steps.. I will take it

  6. I looked up Amex simply cSh credit card offer because I wanted to see what it offers since it was in the post and unable to find a link? Does this cArd exist anymore?

  7. Btw. I looked up Amex simply cash credit card and was going to apply for it and can’t find an offer for it, is this cRd discontinued?

  8. Been to 3 OMs and they don’t have fixed $200 VGC. Only the variable $15-$200 VGCwith $6.95 fee. No sure if it will be eligible for the $15 discount. The fixed $100 VGC is $5,95 fee. All are issued by Metabank.

    • I bought 3 of the variable visas with no problem this morning at OfficeMax for a total of $600- the $30 discount.

      • So I’m new to this, but I also bought 3 of the variable fee ones and they came out to 190 each, with no fee. Am I missing something? Will the fee be charged later?

  9. I checked my sale flyer for tomorrow and couldn’t find this offer. Any idea where else I can look? I always like to take in backup.

    • The past couple of times they have done this it has been unadvertised. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up in the weekly ad, but the discount should apply at the register. I’m sure we’ll see photos of the actual sign tomorrow as well.

      • Thanks! I had to show the manager the sale ad to get him to sell me Amex gift cards for no fee last December. He said he didn’t know about it. I’ll be there at 11 when they open to try it.

  10. Yay. I was just thinking today that my stash is getting low so it must be time for Office Max or Staples to run another deal. I use the Visa GCs for everyday purchases that would only get me 1 pt/$

  11. Is this just at Office Max stores (which sell Metabank-issued $200 VGCs)? Or at Office Depot stores too (which sell Vanilla-issued $200 VGCs)? I realize OD/OM is one company, but OD and OM have different products and different promotions.

    • You are correct that OD used to be Vanilla and OM used to be Metabank, but I believe most/all Office Depot stores have switched over to Metabank cards now. I know all of the ones I have been into recently in several cities have been all Metabank.

  12. Several of the OD/OM in our area, carry the newly packaged $20-$200 variable. I’ve been successful in purchasing these with my Ink on at least 3 occasions over the last month. I also noticed that the banner that once indicated “Cash only” for variable instruments is no longer there.

    • Just a friendly warning to my fellow ms’rs, the variables are a fickle bunch and don’t always work. Pinpads don’t always recognize them, so don’t get stuck with these. Can’t even use them on Amazon, which was my backup plan. Problems at my WMs too as well as a go to grocery store. But, packaging clearly states a warning that these don’t work everywhere. The issuer has been telling complainers who are now stuck with them, “the packaging clearly states these may not work in all stores”.

    • Yes the past several deals have worked this way. I can’t guarantee it will work the same, but based on past experience, a single $600 purchase should net a $30 discount.

        • The variables won’t work with this promotion because they code differently. And, for the benefit of others many have reported problems with these at grocery stores, online and sometimes even wm. Glad it worked for you, but these are weird and inconsistent so people should be careful not to get stuck with a bunch of them. Widespread reports of problems and the issuer keeps getting complaints and is amazed people don’t read the packaging which states these don’t work everywhere visa is accepted. Some pinpads don’t recognize these. Sometimes its just one card then other times it works. Very strange.

          • I was able to load my Serve card with them, this morning at WM. For some cards, you just have to remember to hit the yellow “Change Payment” button when it pops up on the screen, then select “Debit.”

  13. Shawn,

    Just to clarify. Are you are saying that you can get two $15 rebates for a single transaction? Because your math works on a single transaction and it seems to me we’d only get a rebate on each transaction and you have to do two transactions to get the $30. Please clarify and thank you so much

    • Every deal in the past has allowed the two discounts on the same transaction. In other words, my math works for how the deal has worked every other time in the past couple of years. I can’t guarantee they haven’t changed something, but I doubt that they have.


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