Moneymaker! Officemax Christmas Miracle – $20 Off When You Buy $300 In Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards

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Officemax Visa Gift Card Promotion

Merry Christmas With Free Money From Officemax

While not quite a miracle, Officemax is running another unadvertised in-store Visa/Mastercard gift card promotion. (The last one was on Black Friday.) Unlike the recent Staples promotion, Officemax offers an instant rebate. Lets look at the details.

The Deal

Here are the details of the deal:

  • Buy $300 or more in Visa/MC gift cards.
  • Receive $20 off the price instantly.
  • Limit of 2 per household/business.
  • Discount only works once per transaction.
  • Deal expires 12/27.

Ways to Maximize

Officemax Visa Gift Card Promotion

Even though the discount can be had twice, I have confirmed that there is a limit of one per transaction. This means that the transaction must be split up.

Since $200 gift cards are only $1 more than $100 gift cards, it is better to buy 2 x $200 gift cards per transaction in my opinion. Doing this results in a cost of $393.90 and a net profit of $6.10.

The real sweet part of this deal comes if you have a Chase Ink (or Amex SimplyCash) card which earns 5x points at Officemax. With the Ink card, the $393.90 purchase earns 1970 points. Double that and it is a nice haul.

Which Cards to Buy

Officemax Visa Gift Card Promotion
The green ones are $100 Visa cards sold at Officemax. The yellow ones are $200 cards.

The Visa gift cards sold at Officemax are easily loaded to Bluebird/Serve at Walmart by using the last four digits of the card number as the pin.

The Mastercard gift cards sold at Officemax are a little tougher. They are issued by U.S. Bank and have a couple of issues. Sometimes the pin is in the packaging, but if it is not, you have to call 1-866-952-5653 to set it.

Also, if you load the Mastercards to Bluebird/Serve at the MoneyCenter kiosk then everything goes as normal. If you try to load them at a register, the POS system will think they are a credit card and the transaction will fail.

To get around this, you must hit cancel almost immediately after swiping the card. This will take you to a screen where you can select debit as a payment option.

Sooner Rather Than Later

While this promotion runs until December 27, don’t expect your Officemax locations to have anymore gift cards remaining. They don’t often restock and once the word goes out about these deals, they tend to go fast.

Normally after a day or two, $200 gift cards are almost impossible to find. Fortunately, if you buy 3 x $100 gift cards, then you can still make a small profit and keep the points.

Why Unadvertised

This deal is only available at Officemax. Since both Officemax and Office Depot now share a weekly ad, these deals cannot be in the circular.

My guess is that Officemax had some sort of contract for these types of promotions before the merger and the new company is being forced to honor them. That is just a guess of course, but remember that you cannot get this deal at Office Depot.


In the end this is a wonderful deal. You may have luck maximizing it by going to different stores or the same store at different times to stretch the per person limit.

Even if you are only able to make one visit, if you have an Ink card, the profit margin is pretty good considering the modest time commitment. Happy gift card hunting!

HT: Frequent Miler

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  1. Regarding my previous comment about not being able to buy the cards in the Cleveland area – of course I found another nearby OfficeMax to buy them!

  2. I was able to get $1600 (8000 Chase points) in gift cards in 2 days with okay by store manager. On day one I was allowed to purchase 4x$200 in 2 separate transactions and the same 4x$200 in 2 separate transactions next day at the same store. Instant discount without any forms.

  3. The OfficeMax manager in one Cleveland area store told me today that this deal was not available. Is it only available in certain markets?

    Also, how can I found out about OfficeMax’s unadvertised deals at other times? (other than checking your website!) I’ve tried asking at various times for the cashier to check that notebook they keep with sale price barcodes, but most of the time the clerks tell me everything is advertised. (which you have shown us is not true!)

    Thanks! I appreciate your very informative website!

  4. Will gift cards from staples work at office max? In other words can I bring my own gift cards?

    Legit we had a staples close down a few months ago and was there last day. Manager said I could have the unused cards.

    • They are the same gift card type, but I have know way of knowing and generally wouldn’t recommend trying considering how much fraud is involved with the gift card game. They may look the same but could be coded differently in some way.

    • Cards from Staple should work in OM. It did for me today. There is no way to identify where they came from.

      Also, some of the OM stores have cards but don’t put them on the display. I had to ask them to open storage which is inside the display stand.

    • Some stores require you to fill out a form, although there is no centralized tracking program in place.

      It really depends on how strict the store is and if the employees remember you.

      • I was able to get $1600 (8000 Chase points) in gift cards in 2 days with okay by store manager. On day one I was allowed to purchase 4x$200 in 2 separate transactions and the same 4x$200 in 2 separate transactions next day at the same store. Instant discount without any forms.

    • Yeah I really think there must have been contracts in place for these promotions before the merger happened. It makes no sense for them to run these as Officemax only promotions unless they are leftover from before. I do know that corporate really hates them or at least one of my local store managers told me that.

  5. Just noticed this offer is not including officedepot, which is what my amex offers are for. I know they’re the same company now, so does anyone know if the amex offer for depot can be used at max?

  6. I still have $10 off $50 remaining on four amex cards. Wondering if I can split tender for two $200 vgc and do $100 first 3 cards, $100+ fees 4th card?

    Then I could do another 2 x $200 vgc with my chase ink to maximize the two per household limit.

    Any flaws here?


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