Profitable Quill Chase Offers Have Had A Negative Side Effect

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Profitable Quill Chase Offers Have Had A Negative Side Effect

Chase has rolled out a couple of nice offers for in their Chase Offers program. I have been targeted for these on a few different cards. I was even lucky enough to get it twice on my Chase Ink Cash card. That works out nicely since Quill codes as a office store which earns 5X Ultimate Rewards points. The website also sells $300 Visa gift cards that come with a hefty $8.95 fee.

The high fee is why this isn’t usually a viable option for me. Paying $0.0057 cents per point is something that I can do pretty much anytime so there is no point in chasing it here. But with these Chase Offers, some maxing out at $50 in credit, the fees are not a problem. The cards actually become a net negative, or a profitable play. If you have a way to liquidate Visa cards then this equates to free points and money in your pocket, a true win win. Even if you use the cards for normal purchases it is a nice play. That means you get a discount on your purchase and earn 5X on it as well.

I gladly hit up every single one of these offers I got. Even though Quill’s website is truly horrible I thought the juice was worth the squeeze. They are slow to ship, respond to service and the site is kind of buggy overall. They are a subsidiary of Staples so that checks out. One order took a few weeks to come in but I still continued to pile up the orders. It is worth trying some random shopping portals too since sometimes they will track on these orders.

All was going swimmingly until the phone calls started rolling in.  For some reason Quill doesn’t want to focus their time, energy and bankroll on improving the site and order fulfillment speed. Instead they seem to be focused on having sales reps call you multiple times a week and leave a message looking for more business. For someone that has only ever bought gift cards from the site, and not even a huge amount, I find this strange. It is also extremely annoying since they leave a voicemail almost every single time they call.  You would figure I would not strike them as a good customer, first of all, and more than one or two calls seems excessive. I have received 4-5 such calls over the last few weeks.

UPDATE: Parts Unknown shared a great tip that they changed the phone number on their account to the Quill customer service number and the calls stopped.

While I think these Quill offers are great, better than most of what Amex is rolling out these days, I still find myself reconsidering doing them any more. I should probably just take one of the calls and asked to be removed from the call list. I wonder if anyone else has been having these issues? Let me know in the comments.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Do you have to be the business to register and make the purchase? I have been trying to make the purchase but was denied.

  2. I also used to get random calls but they stopped since my orders are so infrequent. However, the gave me a quantity limit of 10 cards for ten years? for some reason. Same with the $100 denomination. Not sure how you all get past that.

  3. I marked myself as business but none of my GC orders get processed. I can submit order, see the confirmation on web page but never get any email and the order doe snot show up next day. Any other ideas? I get this Quill offer many times but could not use even once.

    • They are physical gift cards and they take like 7-10 days to come in the mail. I don’t think I ever got a shipped email etc. either. The website leaves a lot to be desired, why I think they should spend the time and money fixing it versus cold calling people that ordered non stop.

      • I am referring to order confirmation email. I never get one and when I go to order history next day, it is dropped there too. I do not even see pending charge on my CC. Tired with both Chase and BOA with offers. It is as if a system or someone cancels the order and then there is no trace of the order except for the screenshots I can take after placing an order.

  4. Should I be jealous?
    I started buying on Quill (no G/C yet) because they have what Staples does without limits. I am a reseller and the sales are good, along with a plethora of coupon codes (too many). I have yet to get a call even though I registered as a business. Also using a business CC and buying in bulk. I haven’t been targeted for the Chase offers on any of my cards either, though I usually get offers on multiple cards.
    Don’t know if it would work with a G/C purchase, but I always add some one cent or ten cent items to my cart with each purchase. Get some basically free household stuff.

  5. No calls for me and I’ve been doing the same activity as you.

    Though currently I am “fighting” them on a GC I ordered and paid with my CC. They said it didn’t go through but I have a receipt from them and it shows on my CC statement. Since they had an issue with it they decided to “bill” my Quill account. So now I have past due they are trying to get me to pay.

    • Their system is pretty horrible. Had two orders the same day one got delivered 2 weeks after the other and they had no idea why it was delayed. Couldn’t give me updated tracking or anything. Hopefully you get it settled with them.

  6. Answer the phone. Ask to be taken off phone list. I can’t believe you write this all up without doing that minor effort, but from the way you write it up, I guess you did. Make an effort to solve your “negative side effect.”

    • I don’t answer the phone for any number I don’t recognize because I get 4-5 calls a day from sales people / scammers etc. Not worth the effort to answer 15-20 in the hopes that one is Quill calling me about my business.

      • If you don’t answer the phone on numbers you do not know, then how do you know that it is Quill calling you multiple times a week? When there is a call that you *do* know is Quill, since apparently you *do* know they call multiple times a week, answer it, tell them to knock it off. Problem solved.

        Just seems like you could have nipped this particular problem in the bud but then no article, I guess. I don’t feel this is up to your usual standards. But enough said.I guess.

        • As I said in the article they leave a message each time. Read it again and stop being a jerk for no reason. You don’t like the article then move along Carl. I am tired of your attitude to be honest.


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