HOT!- Staples $20 Rebate with Purchase of $300 or More In Mastercards

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Staples gift card deal

A Moneymaking Staples Gift Card Deal

It has been awhile since we have seen any decent gift cards deals. Earlier this year, there seemingly was a great gift card deal every week at either an office supply or grocery store. The holy grail of such deals was the Officemax promo where there wasn’t a limit (you could buy multiples per day/week), but Staples has been the most consistent with offering such deals.

Last night, a user on Slickdeals posted a leaked copy of next week’s ad and Staples will once again be offering a $20 gift card via rebate with the purchase of $300 or more in Mastercards. Quite simply, you can make money. The ad scan isn’t very legible, so I am also posting the fine print from the last time they offered this exact deal. Update: I have found a clearer copy of the ad and replaced the original blurry ad scan.

The main restriction in the past has been a limit of one per household with the rebate being done completely online through their Easy Rebates system. You can click on the image below for the rest of the fine print from the previous deal.

Clear version of this week's Staples gift card deal.
Staples gift card deal 10/12-10/18/14.

Staples gift card deal.
For comparison, here is the fine print from the last time they offered this gift card deal.

How to Make Money with this Staples Gift Card Deal

Staples sells $100 gift cards for a $5.95 fee and $200 gift cards for a $6.95. The best scenario is to use your Chase Ink or Amex Simply Cash Business Card which earn 5x back at office supply stores. I personally will use my Chase Ink, so I will refer to it in my math.

Note: If you have a Chase Ink Visa card, it also earns an additional 1% cash back with Visa Savings Edge.

Two $200 Gift Cards

  • Cost: $413.90 ($206.95*2)
  • Rebate: $20
  • Final Cost: $393.90
  • Profit: $6.10
  • 5x Points Earned With Chase Ink2070

One $100 Gift Card & One $200 Gift Card

  • Cost: $312.90 ($206.95 + $105.95)
  • Rebate: $20
  • Final Cost: $292.90
  • Profit: $7.10
  • 5x Points Earned With Chase Ink1565

With the 2x $200 card option, you end up paying $1 more up front, however you get an additional 505 points. I value those points at around $10 personally, so that will be my strategy.  If you do plan to purchase $200 cards, make sure to go early, since the $200 cards generally run out quickly during these promos..


The only main drawback to this promotion is that the rebate is in the form of a Staples gift card. In the past they offered Visa rebate cards, however that hasn’t been the case lately. I shop enough at Staples that this isn’t a concern, however if you don’t want a Staples gift card, you can still sell it and break even moneywise.


As we near the holiday season, I expect to see more and more of these gift card deals. While this latest Staples gift card deal isn’t the most lucrative, it is an easy way to earn a couple of books along with a nice chunk of points. I will be heading to my local Staples on Sunday morning. Will you?


Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. How about getting 4 gift cards for $827.80 minus $8.28 for the 1% visa savings?
    The easy rebate covers the rest and you have 4139 miles for a tiny profit.

    • You could certainly do that. The other $400 in purchases are just to get the points. If you do that, I would suggest getting the Visas for the extra $400 since they are generally easier to load at Walmart.

  2. Great catch and helpful replies Shawn. Alas, my local Staple(s) stores since Sunday has only been carrying the M/C’s in small denominations ($25 or $50) . Rather annoying since the promotion is prominently highlighted in their weekly flier. I made the special trip, then go to two other Staples — same story at all. More reasons for me to wonder if Staples brick ‘n mortar will survive as a “going concern.” (Nearly every time I go to a local Staples here, the staff outnumber the customers)

  3. Thanks Shawn for the heads up.

    I bought 2 MC GC for $200 at Staples. Staples charged me $413.90. But cashier forgot to activate my cards. Unlike CVS or Officemax, you do not get GC activation receipt from Staples. I called MC GC service and they told me to fax (receipt, front and back of GC, contact info, etc.

    Let your reader know to check the GC balance as soon as they buy from Staples to avoid hassle.

    • I’m sorry that happened to you. With the U.S. Bank Mastercards (the ones for sale in the promo), I try to use them right away if possible since some fraud has been reported in the past. Thanks for sharing your story and hopefully they resolve it quickly!

    • How does the cashier “forget” to activate the cards? As best I can tell, activation is automatic upon purchase. It takes a few seconds per card as the register communicates the activations…but the cashier isn’t doing anything to cause that to happen.

  4. Do you know if this will be available online? I wouldn’t think so, but the ad (I have the full ad) does not state one way or the other. Anyone been successful online in the past? Thanks.

  5. Its kind of hard to get excited over $7 plus 500 points. Then again if I was slipping an affiliate link in a post I would definitely be more excited if I made a few hundred dollars off getting people to sign up for a credit card so they can make pocket change.

    Your math is also slightly flawed in that the gift card is a Staples gift card so if you spend it at Staples you are giving up at least 100 points (5 pts/dollar x $20) you would have earned if you used an Ink card for a purchase instead of the Staples card.

    • It is more than 500 points plus $7. I personally buy 2 of the $200 gift cards which yields $10.24 after the 1% rebate from Visa Savings Edge. Additionally the Ink card earns 2070 points. While I would never do it, even if you cash out the points at $.01 each, they are worth $20.70. Total profit by that method is then $30.94. I would value the deal at around $50 since I routinely get about $.02 value per Ultimate Rewards point. If you want to factor in the 100 points lost, then subtract $2 from the total.

      By the way, I have never had Chase affiliate links and have consistently covered these deals in the past. There is NO affiliate link in this post. Have a great day.

    • These are loadable at BB/Serve, however since they are Mastercards, if you load at a Walmart register it will show as credit and you must hit the cancel button almost immediately to tell it that the card is debit.

      If you go to a kiosk, then it will load just fine without any issues. As for the rebate tracking, it is done online via their Easy Rebate system. You simply fill out a form, enter your receipt number and they send you a card in the mail. You don’t have to mail anything in.


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