(Now Live) Easy 5X UR Points With Staples No Fee Mastercard Gift Card Deal

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Staples Mastercard Gift Card Deal

Staples Mastercard Gift Card Deal

Staples sells a variety of Visa & Mastercard gift cards. Depending on the value (up to $200) the fee to purchase these can cost as much as $6.95. They do often run rebate promos on these cards, however the rebates are limited to one per household meaning it gets hard to scale up. Well, this week they are bringing back a different offer that waives the fee completely. Let’s take a look.

Updated 4/24/22

The Offer

  • No purchase fee when you buy a $200 Mastercard® Gift Card

Key Terms

    • Offer valid 4/24/22 to 4/30/22
    • The Mastercard® Gift Card is issued by Metabank, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International.
    • Limit of 5 per person, per day

Maximizing This Deal

There’s is a limit of 5 mentioned in the ad, so you should be able to purchase up to $1,000 in total per store, per day. Cards like the Chase Ink Plus, Ink Cash and Amex SimplyCash Plus will all earn 5X/5% back on these purchases. I also assume you may be able to visit multiple stores and/or ask to do multiple transactions despite the terms, but that is obviously YMMV.

Spending the Mastercards

These Mastercards are PIN-enabled and should work anywhere Mastercard is accepted. I know people have had issues with these coding as debit cards at Walmart, but they do work at some places and can be run as credit if you are just using them to buy normal products.

For more info, see: How To Liquidate Prepaid Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards


It’s nice to see Staples bring back this offer, as many 5X sources have been drying up lately. This is one of the better deals we have seen with the limit of 5 cards.

What do you think? Are you excited for this Staples Mastercard gift card deal? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I notice that Staples is now printing on the receipt a coupon for $10 off your next in-store $20 purchase good until the end of the month. The coupon seems to print only of you do NOT enter your Rewards card number. Even with Staples relatively high prices, it is a nice bonus.

  2. Any creative ways to liquidate these ?
    Money order seems like a hassle.
    I’ve paid my water and gas bills before.


  3. Staples (and Office Depot/Max) can quickly run out of these cards and have no control over shipping new cards into the store. It’s best to call first and go early in the sale.

  4. I purchased a $200 mastercard giftcard at Staples and its not showing 5x points. On another note, I went to another Staples and bought $1400 in mastercard and thats showing up as 5x point.

    Wonder if they are cracking down.

  5. You are now given an option to add a pin when you register the card or check your balance: Register Card
    Check Balance/Transactions
    Personalize PIN

  6. Thanks. What’s the pin on these if you want to make a debit purchase? Is it the last 4 digits like the vgc? I need to pay my property taxes as a debit transaction, they only charge $1 per debit card.

    • I haven’t bought them in a while and can’t remember if it is the last four or if they give you the pin inside the package. Hopefully someone else can help out.

    • I didn’t see a pin inside the package. So to be safe I went online to update the pin. It worked fine when I unload.

        • My question too. MCs are not easy to use for anything besides just regular purchases, in my experience. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

          • In Mark’s post , he has a link on How to Liquid vgc/mcgc.He listed the many options you can do. I did mine at Walmart using BB.

          • I have only been able to use vgc at Walmart, for MOs. I’ll try mc again — I have a small stash of them which I would LOVE to be rid of.

          • There is a cancel trick with MCGC at Walmart. If you google it you should be able to find some Flyertalk threads that have the info on what process you need to do.

  7. I stopped in Staples on Friday and the Mastercards in store are now Metabank and not U.S. Bank. So that should solve the problem of the security issues with the Mastercards.

  8. Appreciate the warning re: fraud, although in my experience (and looking online as well) it’s the U.S. Bank, rather than MetaBank MasterCard GCs that are especially prone to fraud. I’ve had zero issues with hundreds of MetaBank GCs, although those have been Visa not MC.

    • It will be interesting to see if they are better protected with MetaBank vs USB. I agree with the VGC I have not seen issues on those outside of people tampering with them in store.


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