Fee Free Visa Gift Cards at Staples – Easy 5X UR Points

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Staples Visa Gift Card Deal

Staples sells a variety of Visa & Mastercard gift cards. Depending on the value (up to $200) the fee to purchase these can cost as much as $6.95. But this coming week they have a great deal that will take care of the activation fee.

Update 10/13/22: The deal has been extended a week

The Offer

  • No purchase fee when you buy a $200 Visa Gift Card

Key Terms

  • Valid 10/9/22 – 10/22/22.
  • The Visa Gift Card is issued by MetaBank
  • Limit 8 per customer (increased from 5X, per store, per day).

Maximizing This Deal

Cards like the Chase Ink PlusInk Cash and Amex SimplyCash Plus will all earn 5X/5% back on these purchases. I also assume you may be able to visit multiple stores and/or ask to do multiple transactions despite the terms, but that is obviously YMMV.

Liquidating Visa Gift Card

The Visa gift card is PIN-enabled. The PIN is usually the last four digits of the card number. You can utilize my previous liquidation strategy or simply use it for normal spend. They have become harder to use because of the changes at Walmart so be aware of that.


It’s nice to see Staples move away from the restricted rebate program to a discount that is seemingly more scalable. Test it out with multiple Visa gift cards in same transactions, and hopefully it works again. That would make things much easier.

Based in NYC. Points/miles enthusiast for years and actively writing about it for the last 6+ years at Danny the Deal Guru. I'm always looking out for deals. Making a few bucks is always nice, but the traveling is by far the best part of this business.

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    • Would love for it to be both , but ad says Visa cards this time . Maybe the MasterCard deal is at Office Depot?

  1. I wonder why you don’t mention the promo at giftcards.com.

    You can buy up to six $250 virtual Visa gift certificates each day for a 5% discount. Each card has a $5.95 fee so the cost for $1,500 of cards is $1,460.70. If you get a 2% rebate from a credit card and 2% from a portal, the net cost comes down to $1,402.27 or about a 6.5% discount. That beats the Staples deals in price and size and saves you gas and time. While the virtual cards probably cannot be liquidated for cash, I have had no problem using them for ordinary spend on utilities, dental bills, and anything else that can be paid online or on the phone with a credit card. I presume they can also be used to pay your income taxes so after the 2% fee, you are saving 4.5% on your tax payments.

  2. FWIW — the latest iteration of this deal at my local Staples is for MetaBank $200 MasterCard GCS not MetaBank $200 Visa GCS. Works the same in my case.

  3. I was able to complete a $200 Metabank Visa GC in one swipe at WMT. Other WMT service centers were still $99/swipe as of last week. YMMV.

  4. If you have an SBA EIDL (disaster) loan and can afford to start paying it off early, this is a fantastic opportunity. Pay.gov accepts debit cards with no fees – Metabank Visa and MC gift cards qualify (NOT Vanilla cards). Just set up an account, start paying off the loan through this site (“Make a SBA 1201 Borrower Payment”) and collect a shtload of points without the shlep to Walmart or your grocery store for money orders. Stock up on these VGCs from Staples!

  5. I haven’t earned the $50 credit yet. It’s the first time I got this 10% staples offer and added it to my Amex Buz Plat card. Is it safe to purchase 2 $200 Visa GC & $100 Visa GC in 1 transaction @ Staples this Sunday? I want to use it to pay my taxes & babysitter. Hoping no clawback or even worse (like Amex closing my account & freezing my points).

    • It hasn’t been an issue in the past as long as you are not working on any minimum spend. Amex was cracking down on people for using multiples of the same offers which isn’t possible any more.

      • Curious, based on your apoplectic reading of the low-level tax court ruling, how worried should we be that any $$/points/earnings we make off this Staples deal will be deemed taxable? And based on what parts of the transaction? (if not the purchase of the vgc’s themselves, how about the money orders bought with the vgc’s — and/or gc’s obtained and then resold….. oh, and what if the CUR’s earned get upped by 50% if transferred to CSR before 4/30? Does it matter then how those CUR’s are used ? cash and/or travel? Don’t kid yourselves — your readers have done well playing this angle for the past six months….) Is the IRS really going to wade into all this?

        ps to Danny — edit needed on the dates for the deal (begins Sunday, not Friday)


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