How to Liquidate Staples Rebate Visas Into Cold Hard Cash! (Now Pin-Enabled)

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Staples Rebate Visa Liquidation

Staples Rebate Visa Liquidation

Staples has an amazing rebate program called Easy Rebates. What makes it so great is that they don’t require you to actually mail in anything. Rebate incentives are run often and for a wide variety of products. For example we often see rebates on Visa gift cards and we also recently saw a rebate on McAfee Antivirus software. While some rebates are paid out in the form of a Staples store gift card, most are paid out as a prepaid Visa gift card like the one shown above.

One of the most frustrating things about these cards has been that they were somewhat difficult to liquidate. Sure you could use them for normal spend, but who wants to do that? I covered a somewhat nice way I was liquidating them several months back. Basically I was using them to purchase eBay gift cards at my local Kroger during 4X fuel point promotions, but it wasn’t as good as getting straight cash.

A Better Way

Yesterday Doctor of Credit wrote a post about liquidating Staples Visa rebate cards and in the comments a few readers mentioned that the cards have recently switched over to Blackhawk Network (think Metabank) and are now pin-enabled. When I saw those comments yesterday I held off on posting, because I had just received a card in the mail and wanted to run a test.

This afternoon I headed over to my local Walmart and walked up to the Money Center. I asked to load $150 to my Serve alternative. ($150 was the amount of money on the rebate card.) The cashier then entered the amount, asked me to swipe my Serve alternative and then my rebate card. After I swiped the rebate card it asked for my PIN and I entered the last four digits of the card number. Seconds later it said “Approved”! The process was exactly the same as loading a normal Metabank Visa gift card.

Staples Rebate Visa Liquidation

A Few Things You Should Know

If you call the number on the back of the card there is no way to change the PIN number with the automated system and in fact the system will tell you to have the merchant run the transaction as credit. My guess is this is a holdover from the old days when these cards were not pin-enabled. I did not try to speak to a representative to see if the PIN can be changed, since the last four works great for me!


If you have the ability to liquidate pin-enabled Visa gift cards to Bluebird/Serve or another prepaid card, then Staples rebate Visa gift cards are basically as good as cash. The PIN number is now the last four digits of the card number and they load like any Metabank Visa. Once the money is on your prepaid card you can withdraw it from an ATM or use it to pay bills!

Now, if Staples would only offer a lot more “free after rebate” sales! 🙂 Happy swiping!

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  1. I’ve been buying these at Stples for years and for me these have had a PIN for at least 18 months. Maybe it wasn’t like that for the whole country, but for some regions we’ve known that these had a PIN for a long time. It shocked me that this was a new development back in Feb. ’16 for many of you. It’s very old news to me. Had to have been regional I guess.

  2. The PIN on these Staples easy rebate cards are not working for me anymore
    Do other people have the same issue..? please advise

  3. Its really a bad advice if you’re loading this to your gobank
    Especially in multiples of small amount like 20s…they absolutely after excessive loads like these to ban the account.. Be careful.

    • No advice was given. This post is simply saying it is possibly to liquidate rebate cards to a number of prepaids. That just happens to be the one I had with me.

      I highly suggest people do their research on this card if they are interested. Enough information exists to figure out the basics.

  4. Got it…not trying to hijack your thread…but doesn’t activity like (similar to Serve activity) this lead to almost certain shutdown with this card / account?

    • I have had my card for a long time and use it sparingly. You could also use Serve/Bluebird or cards that have load fees. This just happened to be the card I had on me.

      • shwan, since u has had this for a while back, guess $0 monthly fee? or, is there a fee now for both old & new? TIA

          • Does the DD have to be employer or does brokerages/banks work to waive the fee? Are loads free in all Walmarts?

          • There is info out there on the card but I’m not sure about what triggers direct deposit. I have had my card for years and am grandfathered in to no monthly fee.

            This card is very finicky and they will shut you down. I seasoned my card over a long period of time. I want to make it clear to everyone that this post was about the Staples Visas and not the card I liquidated to. I just happened to have it with me for the load.


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