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Onward To Malaysia!

After having only been in Singapore for a few days, we were ready to leave the nation state behind for a little more adventure up north in Malaysia. Our first stop was the ancient port city of Melaka where we would see some European influences and enjoy delicious food!

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Day 326 - Tuesday March 11, 2008 Singapore We ultimately didn’t do much on Tuesday, but that was okay since it was our seventh wedding anniversary....

Bumboating & Safaris in Singapore

Not letting the rain get us down, we visited the historic area of Singapore along the river. This area is where the city was founded and is home to many of the area's most interesting sites!

Exploring Singapore’s Ethnic Neighborhoods

Singapore is home to a diverse range of people. From Westerners to Chinese and Malay to Indian, almost all cultures are represented here. Today we visited Chinatown, a Hindu temple and one of the most beautiful mosques we have ever seen!