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An Incredible Drive Down the Great Ocean Road. Simply Stunning!

The Twelve Apostles located along the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
Australia's Great Ocean Road is known by travelers far and wide as one of the most scenic drives around. Find out why we fell in love and what we saw!

A Great Sprawling Metropolis!

Our time in Melbourne was a bit confusing. Over our nine days in Australia’s second largest city, we ended up switching hotels four times. While this sounds a bit crazy, arriving in Australia on the week between Christmas and New Years is nothing if not chaotic. Our first two nights were booked prior to arriving, but after that we had to keep switching hotels in an effort not to go broke. It turns out that the holiday season is one of the peak times of year and hotels price their rooms accordingly. Also, to add another shoe to the fire, we were originally going to rent an apartment and stay in Melbourne for a while, so during this time a futile search for apartments was conducted on a daily basis. In regards to the apartment, we eventually figured out that the timing just wasn’t right.

An Early Christmas Start!

Before doing anything else on Christmas morning, our first order of business was to see what Santa had brought Shawn Reece while we were sleeping. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to check out the various gifts since we had to leave for the airport by 5am to check in for our 6:30am flight (we got a great rate on the tickets). We ended up getting out of bed at around 4:15am and managed to open all of the presents and get to the airport on time. Shawn Reece was delighted to find out that Santa had brought him a four pack of miniature skate boards that he had asked for in Dunedin along with a spy kit which was an added surprise.