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My Chase Ink Application Roller Coaster & What You Can Learn...

My Chase Ink Plus application experience, rumors of upcoming changes and takeaways from the process.

Earn up to 2,000 Ultimate Rewards + $100 in Staples Rewards...

Staples Mastercard Online Deal
A new Staples negative cost deal that offer the chance to earn up to $100 in Staples Rewards plus 2,000 Ultimate Rewards for $.10 after rebate.

New Staples Visa Gift Card Rebate Deal: Free Money & 5X...

Staples is bringing back their Visa gift card rebate for the new year. Make a profit plus 5X points with this popular deal.

Free Money & 5X Points! Staples $20 Rebate on Visa, Mastercard...

Details of an upcoming Staples promotion offering a $20 rebate with the purchase of $300 or more in Visa, Mastercard or American Express gift cards.

Citi AA & Chase Ink Credit Card Retention Experiences: Two Very...

Citi & Chase credit card retention call results and takeaways. What retention offers did we receive on Chase Ink and Citi AAdvantage cards?

HOT! $20 Instant Rebate on $300 in Visa or MC Gift...

Officemax is offering a $20 instant rebate on the purchase of $300 or more in Visa or Mastercard gift cards. Stack with Chase Ink 5X for a profit plus a nice chunk of points.

Officemax Hard Codes Registers: Variable Load Visa/MC GCs are Cash Only!

officemax visa rebate
Officemax has hard coded their registers to only accept cash for the payment on variable load gift cards including $500 Visas and Mastercards.

Chase Ink Referral: You Get 10K & Your Friend Gets 60K!

Chase has upped the referral bonus on their Chase Ink card from 5K to 10K. Find out how to refer your friends and get them the 60K bonus!