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Editorial: The New American Airlines

A look at the new American Airlines, their strategy going forward and what will ultimately make them successful as the largest airline in the world.

A Mother’s Role in Family Travel

Jasmine eating candy in Xela, Guatemala.
A look at a mother's role in the traveling family and why my wife has been the glue that has held us together while living on the road.

There Is No Perfect “Game” – 5 Common Miles & Points...

Why That Mistake Isn't A Huge Deal I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I am not perfect. I am not a...

Editorial – Discover, That “Good Feeling” & Why It Doesn’t Matter

A look at why some companies like Discover go above and beyond to provide customer service and why that ultimately shouldn't matter when dealing with money & credit.

Mistake Fares, A Scary Precedent & My Disappointment With Recent Events

A look at mistake fares, the recent United decision and why it sets a terrible precedent for future mistake fares. Have we shot ourselves in the foot?

Ramblings Of A Seasoned Traveler – Something Old & Something New

Ramblings Of A Seasoned Traveler As a kid I dreamed of traveling the world - going from new place to new place and just wandering....


A seemingly innocent conversation I had with someone eight years ago forever changed my life in drastic and sometimes incomprehensible ways.