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An Independent Guide To Visiting Olympia Greece & Katakolon!

By Shawn Coomer, family travel expert - Visiting Olympia Greece & Katkolon - A full review of the ruins at Olympia Greece and transport options. Getting there and visiting is easy to do on your own.

Would You Sleep In An Airport?

We are sleeping in an airport. Our friends and family often times don't understand just why we do this? Find out our thoughts on this and tell us whether you would ever consider this "strategy"!

It Is Ok To Be Different!

When it comes to travel and "outside of the box" decisions, I may be just a little different than everyone else.

Lessons Learned from Spending 9/11 On The Road

Five years ago on September 11, 2007 we were in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. This article shares what I learned spending that day on the road and what I have come to learn about September 11 through my travels.

Making The Decision!

On the fence about long term travel? Let me give you a few short reason why today is better than tomorrow and how this kind of travel will impact your life in more way than you can even imagine!

The Departed!

We have finally departed Las Vegas. We are going to enjoy the Grand Canyon today and will be heading further east. We have to make it to Orlando by May 4th to meet my father and brother at Disney World!