How to Secure Message US Bank to get a Club Carlson Free Night Certificate if they didn’t Offer You One

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us bank secure message

Getting a US Bank Club Carlson Free Night Certificate

The internet was a buzz a couple of weeks ago when US Bank offered most holders of their co-branded Club Carlson credit card a free certificate to be used at any property worldwide. Unfortunately the key word in my previous sentence is most. I was unfortunately not someone who was given a cert. Booo.

Fortunately I noticed that George at Travel Blogger Buzz decided to pursue the free night certificate. After a series of phone calls with both Club Carlson and US Bank, he eventually was successful. What you might not know about me is that I HATE to talk on the phone with companies. I often find that I am transferred around and end up spending way too much time trying to get things resolved.

Since I didn’t want to call, I decided to try to contact US Bank customer service online. I had never sent them a secure message before, however I was finally able to track down a way to send one. (I’ll detail that below.) In my message to US Bank, I explained how many of my friends received the free night certificate and wanted to know why I hadn’t.

us bank secure message

My message to them was that simple. I didn’t complain, but merely asked why! Then this morning I received a phone call from a Senior Specialist at US Bank. The call took all of two minutes. She explained that she had reviewed my account, determined that I was eligible for the certificate and explained that it could take 6-8 weeks to hit my account!

To say I am impressed with their response is an understatement. Since I try to avoid the phone as much as possible, I have experience emailing or secure messaging just about every bank. Normally with something like this you will first get a canned response or a direction to call and then maybe after 2-3 responses it will get escalated and resolved. Bravo US Bank and thank you.

How to Send a Secure Message or Email to US Bank

There a number of reasons you may want to contact a bank. In this scenario it was for a rewards inquiry, however I have had to contact banks for all sorts of small issues in the past. Here is how to contact US Bank online via secure message or email.

  • Login to your US Bank Account. Hover over the “Customer Service” menu on the top and select “Contact Us”. Note there is a “Messages” tab, but you don’t want this. Those messages are just account alerts and don’t have a send function.

us bank secure message
Hover over Customer Service and then click Contact Us.

  • On the “Contact Us” page you will see a number of ways to contact US Bank. Near the top it says “Email Us” under the title “Prefer not to call?”. I call this the Shawn option!

us bank secure message
Forget all of those phone numbers! Just click “Email Us”!

  • The email page looks a lot like Secure Message pages from other banks. You can select the account you are writing about and a subject of your inquiry. In this case I selected my Club Carlson Visa and the subject “Rewards”. Note the only drawback is that unlike with Secure Messaging, there is no written record of the email as far as I can tell.

us bank secure message
Select your account and then the subject you are writing about!

  • Their website says you should hear back within 1-3 business days. In my case it took 3 days. Not the best response time, but I didn’t have to go through multiple levels of agents, so I have no problem with that.


This is just proof that giving up isn’t always a good idea. I am truly impressed that it didn’t take anything other than a simple two sentence message to get US Bank to give me the certificate they had offered almost everyone else. If you ever have an issue with US Bank or haven’t received a Club Carlson certificate (if you are cardholder), then this method of contacting them might just be a winner!

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  1. A couple of weeks I sent a secure messages through the US Bank website for both my husband’s and my personal cards. We got call backs. I was offered the free night certificate. My husband was offered to close account, reimburse of annual fee or a free night certificate. He took free night certificate.

    This week I did the secure messages for both my husband’s and my business cards. The person that called had a unknown number. I explained the situation to her about receiving the free nights for our personal cards and could we receive the same courtesy for the business cards. I was told the only offer available was 7500 points. I didn’t take the offer. She said I could call back and let her know if we still wanted the points. But she didn’t know how long it will last. We paid our annual fees in May, so was thinking of cancelling card but we already did the 10K spend for those free night certificates, so I can’t cancel yet. I’m was thinking of emailing another response to office of the president but after reading the other replies, I’m guessing the person that called was for the office of the president. Any suggestions??

    • It doesn’t hurt to ask again or see if they will escalate it. You are probably right that you were speaking to someone in the Office of the President, but it doesn’t hurt to press them. It may or may not work though. They may have changed their policy and/or aren’t giving it anymore on some accounts.

  2. Just wondering for those who message or call to ask for the free night e-cert, do you have a lot of spending in your Club Carlson Visa? I have no spending after meeting the minimum spend other than the annual fee, so not sure it is a good idea to demand benefits and have my account reviewed by US bank…

    • My husband and I have both been told we are getting them. Here’s how it happened.
      Original email from customer service said I would get a reply after 15 calendar days. I had saved that email so after 16 days sent a reply saying I had heard nothing.
      Got email reply acknowledgement saying we would be contacted . Next day got call from a number I didn’t recognize. VM left by nice rep. Called back and she reviewed my account and said I would get the e-cert.
      I then inquired about my husband’s email on same subject. Said she saw his email but had to speak to him since I was not authorized on his account. She gave me her direct line for him to call and said she herself would call us around 6:15 pm (time I expected him home). He came in much earlier, called her number and he, too, is getting the e-cert. Said they could take up to 8 weeks to post to our accounts.

  3. Just wondering if there is success with the free ecert you’ve already received the 30k bonus points for one stay before Aug. 31st

  4. Sent the secure message email on my account yesterday. Wanted to wait for reply before doing it on my husband’s account.

    Received this email response:

    “Thank you for contacting U.S. Bancorp Service Center, Inc. via our Website.

    We understand you are inquiring regarding a free night certificate, XXXXXX. We have referred your inquiry to the Office of the President to ensure that we answer your concerns appropriately. An Office of the President Specialist will send a response in writing within fifteen calendar days of the date of your email correspondence. ”

    So let’s see what happens. Meanwhile, I will also email from my husband’s account.

  5. I SM/emailed this morning and a few hours later, received this reply–
    I have no idea what they are talking about, as I was logged in to my USB account and chose my CC business card in the subject menu. In my message, I mentioned that I had not received the cert that so many others have, and that I was affected by the CC devaluation. I asked if there was anything I could do to get the cert.

    “Good afternoon and thank you for contacting U.S. Bancorp Service Center, Inc. via our Website.

    We understand that you would like assistance with your business account, Dave. While we look forward to being of service to you, unfortunately, we are unable to match the verification information in your request to what is listed on your account. In order to obtain all of the necessary information and give us an opportunity to answer any questions you may have, please contact us at our twenty-four hour Cardmember Service Department at 800-236-7546. A representative will be able to assist you.

    We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance. Have a nice day. “

    • I get the same thing when trying to message USB. It’s been like this for years, and I have never been able to successfully send a message.

  6. DaninMCI – I heard all NOs when doing CALLS to Club Carlson and was transferred back to them when I called USB.. It was completely different when I ended up with somebody at the “Office of the President” after using the “contact us” and “email” on the US Bank web site, although it did take some waiting time.

  7. I called and complained about a week ago and was told the hold time to talk with a supervisor was hours long but I could leave a number and they would call me back within 48 hours. So fast forward about 100 hours and someone called me and said sorry and offered me an e-cert but not the 7,500 points which I should have called about originally a few months back. The standard talking point if you call is “well if you spend a ton of money on this card you’ll get a free night annually” Wow so what. I’d rather put my major spend on a card I value like Chase Sapphire or whatever. I wish they could have left this alone or maybe just tweaked it a little like you get a free award night after 3 nights or something to keep some value in this program.

  8. Today, received an email concerning the U.S. Bank Cash Rewards Visa® Card. For the next 2 months receive 2%, instead of 1%, when you buy grocery. Unsure if the code to input on the linked page is unique or not. The max bonus amount is $20 and is based on the net.

  9. Are these free night certs for business cards or are people getting them for personal cards? I’m 1 of 2 on my business cards. Just emailed on the other.

  10. I missed the call from US Bank today, funny when I listened to the message I was in the parking lot of US Bank. Nobody was in when I tried to call back. Will try again on Moday. Fingers crossed I will get the e-cert. Everyone is making me feel hopeful.

  11. I called and emailed and was politely told No. Then I lit them up and was told yes. My in law closed her card and received s free night, yet I don’t… No no no no. That doesn’t fly. I don’t like being sharp tongued and usually accept no with a grain, but not when I kept this POS card past the AF and felt shorted.

  12. This was also how I got the 7,500 bonus points, that I was not initially offered. In that case I got an actual letter and then called the person at the “office of the President” a few weeks ago. They also offered refund of December AF with cancellation in lieu of 7,500. Now glad I went with the 7,500.

    For the e-cert I did return a voicemail from Lori (also blocked number on caller ID).

  13. I took the same approach using the “contact us” on the US Bank website. After a day or so I got the email reply below.

    “Thank you for contacting U.S. Bancorp Service Center, Inc. via our Website.

    We have referred your inquiry to the Office of the President to ensure that we answer your concerns appropriately. An Office of the President Specialist will send a response in writing within fifteen calendar days of the date of your email correspondence. ”

    I got a phone call yesterday (about a week later). They said they had reviewed the account and I would be receiving the e-cert in 6 to 8 weeks via email.

    When I had called US Bank I just got transferred to Club Carlson, so the secure message worked better than calling for me. I just pointed out I had read of the e-cert on blogs, and pointed out the number of Club Carlson stays (about 10 nights earlier in the year) and the credit cards use (mainly on those stays).

  14. I called as soon as I heard about the free certificates. I had been offered nothing. After calling in they told me they would call me back in 24 hours. I was called back in four days but the very first conversation rendered a free night. It appeared to be the least they could do. They were very very accommodating.


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