Are Visa Gift Cards No Longer Working at Walmart to Load Bluebird/Serve?

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walmart visa gift card loading problems

Reports of Issues Loading Bluebird/Serve at Walmart with Visas

Update: The vast majority of data points seem to indicate that these are isolated incidents. Read below in the comments to find out what others have been experiencing. Most people are reporting that they are not having issues.

Ever since most Visa gift cards became pin-enabled in 2013, loading them onto Bluebird or Serve at Walmart has been a great way to manufacture spend. Over the years we have seen several bumps in the road, with the most notable being when Vanilla Visas pretty much stopped working altogether at Walmart. Also, earlier this year a rumored memo supposedly stated that Walmart was looking to hardcode registers against taking these cards.

Over the past two days I have heard from several people who have shared their experiences with me of getting errors when trying to load Visa gift cards to Bluebird or Serve at Walmart. Enough people have chimed in that I felt a post was warranted. My goal here is not to scare anyone, but to gather data points so we can figure out what is going on.

Reports Rolling In

One of the first reports I heard was from a reader who was trying to load a $500 Visa purchased at Walmart to Bluebird along with a $200 Staples Visa. I believe the Walmart Visa is issued by Sunrise Bank and the Staples Visa by Metabank. Here is what he said:

Shawn, trying to use two different Kate [kiosk] machines today with two different cards.

One is a Visa from Walmart and the other is of course a silver Visa from Staples. Both denied declined and or host timeout processing.

See attached images of the receipts and the display on Kate.

Here are the images he sent over:

walmart visa gift card loading problems walmart visa gift card loading problems

He wasn’t the only one who asked me what was going on. Here are a few other comments I received yesterday:

I think there is definitely something up. I went to load $200 at WM at a register, which worked just fine last month, and now it’s saying “Debit Not Available”. I’m hoping this isn’t the end because I have a crapload of cards to unload.

Hi, I bought few Visa cards (200$) ones and tried loading BB using ATM at walmart. All the cards were declined saying Alternate payment required. Is it the end of loading 200$ cards from staples? It started only after Aug-1. I did Simon mall cards (500$) and they worked.

I also found his comment over on Frequent Miler from yesterday:

As of August 3, WalMarts near Charlotte,NC no longer accept VGC’s at the register nor at the kiosk.

Your Data Points

These reports were enough to make me wonder if Walmart is rolling out some sort of change. I do know that the person who sent me over the photos is very experienced and knows what he is doing. To add my own data point, I successfully loaded US Bank Mastercards from Officemax yesterday, but will try to get out and do some Visas as soon as I can.

Please share your experiences here. When posting comments try to include your general area of the country, what type of cards (issuing bank), what type of error you received, etc. Perhaps we can sort of figure out what is working and what isn’t. Hopefully this is all a fluke, but the more data we can collect the better.

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  1. Well, now a month later….Although I shopped for the card via the United shopping portal, I haven’t seen the 6 miles per dollar show up. I don’t think they will, since I bought a Visa card at Staples for the Bluebird load. So all I got was my Ultimate rewards points. Oh well…

    Are there any portals that allow for points for gift cards? Haven’t read anywhere yet where they do.

    • United portal SUCKS. You have to basically contact their customer support. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

      I let it go on the ones that were not a lot because it wasn’t worth the time to chase them, but I am in the process of going after them for 2400 miles!!!

      I have learned that if I use the United portal that I will have to petition to get those portal points in EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

      So, go file a complaint that you are missing miles with Mileage rewards portal.

      UNITED SUCKS. Ever since they switched that website over, everything sucks. I can’t query flights without a couple of attempts because I guess their system is being held together by duct tape and gum and McGiver didn’t do the job. Their shopping portal SUCKS because they won’t credit you points… you have to chase after them. Good luck!

      • I know they have that adblock thing now via firefox and chrome. I don’t have adblcock, so I don’t know if that’s the problem. My problem was I had to read the fine print on the site to see that gift cards aren’t eligible for points.

        At least I got some Ultimate rewards out of them.

  2. Just for you guys, I did this: Bought a $250 visa GC at Staples as a test – netted about 7 miles per dollar…wish I would have bought $5000 but that’s another story. Loaded it last night on my Bluebird Card at our local Walmart. Uses a Metabank? kiosk. It went on easy. Might just be that I am in a rural area and so forth.

    While I was at it, I loaded a ….$ .44 (44 cents) leftover amount from another gift card and a $3.66 remaining balance from a Cooper Tire Rebate card onto the Bluebird. Thinned out my wallet at least, and it was a good way to rid of the small balances.

  3. ANYONE had any luck to load VGC’s to BB at WM?

    also any details about these 3 working or not working?

    1) Simon mall VGC $500
    2) $500 VGC from (I heard these are being denied)
    3) $500 VGC’s? ..are they sending PINLESS cards or all are PIN enabled? and do they work to load?

    • They do work I realized I reached limit of 5k and still trying to load and when I tried new month same error message..decided to call Bluebird and they said my card was temporarily blocked for some technical faults and she unblocked it and I was able to load Simon GC right away…try it

  4. Besides the ‘cash’ denied comment we just added yesterday…we have two new datapoints.

    We tried VGC at two KATE locations and once with MoneyCenter CSR’s (Denied) on both although that Serve account is still open; never got an email closing it.

    Accompanied a friend today to Rite Aid to load Serve. A Rite Aid Manager was there and told hom that they are not allowed to do Serve Loads anymore. He said the otpion is still live on their registers however he stated: “[they] received a memo on AMEX cards earlier in the week.” We asked to see the memo but he refused. Reminds me of the infamous “RedCard memo” not so long ago. I am wondering if WM is not getting the same from AmEx?

    • Just call Bluebird and let them know to unlock your card and then try to load the funds…make sure you are within your daily / monthly limit…else your card will be blocked…

  5. We are seeing similar results…and reports from others.

    Two people told me they tried “cash” loads yesterday and were denied.

    AmEx is making big changes with this division. Several reports/articles coming out ahead of the earnings report today that AmEx is shuttering many divisions of their Enterprise division.

    Not sure what this means long-term

    • I tried both Simon GC, as well as VGC from giftcarddotcom, both of them got denied….cashier tried 3 times for both cards (was very helpful unlike majority of bitchy WM agents) but transactions got denied………..any idea why?

      IS THIS THE END OF LOADING VGC AT WM (simon gc/giftcarddotcom/GCMall Gc’s)?

      LASTLY, IS SERVE STILL WORKING? (RED AND BLUE cards seem to have ended now)

  6. Haven’t tried Simon gift card but I did have issue with Safeway MCGC on 01/02/16. Not sure what’s up. Will try this week and see if it corrects its self.

  7. I had this issue with specific Visa Cards (silver). I tried loading them at Kate by my house and received the same issue. I then tried at another Walmart grocery only and the same thing. However, i did have 1 card go through. Maybe Visa did something to their cards and they’re starting to flow through, or I’m having bad luck?

  8. I have been currently loading Vanilla one visa gift cards on the Red Target but the pass few days my local Target Coconut Creek Florida are not allowing reloads. Any ideas how to reload on the Red Target. Thanks

  9. I have several silver vgc from Staples that have error messages when trying to use them at wm. I think it’s a problem with the strips. Some are from an online order and some from local store. They are all 200. I was able to use another one each time. The KATE at this store always gives the 2nd pin request so I’ve not been able to use it. I’m in southern Oregon.

  10. After buying my Staples Visa card on the 8th, and getting it in the mail on the 19th, I was at walmart and it loaded right on my Bluebird. Of course I live in a small midwestern town about 45 minutes from a Staples. The card loaded instantly! And it could have been an old system, I don’t know!

  11. Having trouble loading vgc at Target in Palm Harbor FL last few days. I have been loading there for many months. Went back today to give it another try and was told by manager that the vgc needs to be bought at target to load it to redbird. Anyone else had this? Will try again later tonight after shift change with the different crew and, if unsuccessful, will try another Target tomorrow but that would be burden long term. Is this store wide??

  12. The two $200 Staples Visa that didn’t work last Friday, worked fine when I went back to a a Wally Kate tonight. Over 40 Visa and MC cards since 8/1, and I am batting 100%. I have seen machines turned off frequently when busted, they eventually fix them, up to a week, and then eventually they are back in business. While change is always possible, I think we are dealing with a lot of rumors on this and uninformed store personnel. Granted I never go to a register.

  13. I posted a little over a month ago on a MS spend site (can’t remember) but I spoke with a Walmart Manager who told me that there IS going to be a change. They turned off kate and forced you to go to the money center that said no to loading my bb with vgc. then i went to customer service and they said they would do it for a 3 dollar fee per card — on top of what was paid to activate the gc.

    so, yes, there are changes coming corporate wide and some stores have put kate offline — meaning nobody can do anything with her and instead must go to customer service or the money center. the money center people are being well versed to NOT accept vgc but the store managers will give customer service to load them with permission for 3 bucks a card.

    I was pretty freaked out by it, and one of the customer service ladies, not the manager, told me to go to a wm community grocery store and see if it works there because they apparently let kate do her thing while the walmarts are rejecting it flat out by design. so there you have it. that is what i was told by a store manager that refused to put kate online.

    • I have noticed a lot of kiosks switched off lately and one was recently replaced with an ATM. At this point I am sure some sort of changes will be coming down the line. The kiosks are several years old and are probably due for replacement anyway.

    • I have experienced a similar situation in Sacramento, CA. The Money Center Express machines have been shut down/disappearing for a while now. Two of the closest WM in my area stopped taking VCGs for BB altogether. I found friendly Money Center staff at a WM near my office and in the last three weeks they shut me down using VCGs for BB as well. Sacramento area Target stores stopped offering prepaid RB almost immediately after they announced them. I guess Sacramento is a tough area for MS.

  14. Happened to me with $600 in cards. Tender not valid…. but others worked. THE Cards Work and have money, just not to load on the bb.

  15. Kate down for many weeks in New Jersey, also with a very permanent looking sign. Haven’t tried registers, sticking with Target for now. Have had a few instances of cashiers obviously looking at the card I load with and then asking to see it and my ID. When I give my *other* bank-issued debit card, they push a button and say “card error, swipe again” even though the pin prompt has come up as normal.. I am then forced to reswipe with my bank debit card Unfortunately they don’t ask to see my card before I swipe, only after they spot the gc, so no ninja tricks for me apparently.

  16. Went to load 8 Staples Visa $200 GC at a Wally Kate in Dallas on 8/7 in the evening. 5 loaded without issue and 3 initially not accepted, one declined and two said tender-not-allowed. Retried the 3 cards right away and one went through leaving me two left to try again another day. I’ve seen this occur over the last couple of months on about 10% of my new blue visa gift cards from Staples out of 120 bought (2/3’s were pre 8/1 though.) Typically if I bring back the next day they work fine. Never had an issue with Staples MC $200’s.

    • kate can only handle $1,000 every 10 minutes. try more than that, and you lock her up. a manager needs to unlock her. this is by design and presumed to be known by everyone but definitely worth a mention. kate only likes 1,000 a day for your bb account and you may be hitting the lock out on your bb through kate but you can do up to 2,500 with the help of a friendly cs rep….

        • ok, thanks. I will see if I can get this done on the WM community grocery stores. In the past, when WM kate was up and running, I could only do 1,000 in 10 minutes without tripping her, so I quit trying and wasn’t able to get the full 2,500 in unless I went to customer service (not the money center). for the balance. Going to the community stores is further away, but, i have noticed they are a bit more friendly there and if you do buy something, it isn’t an automatic 20 minute wait to check out – even if you are the only person in the store…

          going forward, is there any other option for MS? redbird is not yet in my area so I don’t know if it will work or not if I were to acquire one. I spoke with someone at my Target about it and they said they had someone trying to load their redbird and were not able to get it loaded.

          I haven’t really explored many other MS options because I am fairly new to this and only signed up for BB. I understand you can only have one: BB or Redbird. I am learning as I go and don’t want to rock the boat so if the VGC option goes away from BB, I am not sure what I can do. I live in a large city, so there have to be other options that are cost effective to make it worth it — right?

  17. I have datapoint here in greater houston, I found few that’s been long working to become dreadful 9 digits pin recently and one exact like what this post describes , it will not accept any form of visa gc, and takes long time to process for some reason.

  18. PNW area (WA State): We are hearing that they are hard-coding these KATE’s (and cashier registers) to NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY VISA/MC GIFT CARDS going forward. I spoke with customer service reps in two stores. By the way, my WM VGC got “Security Blocked” by Wal-Mart and I am dealing with them on this issue. They “flagged” the card because it was “attempting a debit load in an unauthorized transaction.”

    That language makes me believe the end of the WallyWorld adventure is coming to an end.

    Of course, the ‘blocked’ VGC was denied at RedCard load because that card is now frozen until I clear this up with them (10 business days they told me).


    • I have no doubts about your experience but from my personal experience dealing with changes at WM, it has and will always be YMMV. Even with software changes/upgrades, sometimes it takes a while before it trickles down to all WM branches nationwide.

      If, it turns out the end for VGC loading at WM, I’m optimistic that they will new venues to drain VGCs which may not be as easy as it is now but such challenge may further thin the herd.

      • @Mimi –

        Oh, I totally agree with YMMV.

        These two reps just told us about the local trading area…but the fact that the card was “Security Blocked” by Wal-Mart and specifically because it was “attempting a debit load in an unauthorized transaction” leads us to believe that they know what they are doing.

    • I have no doubts about your experience but from my personal experience dealing with changes at WM, it has and will always be YMMV. Even with software changes/upgrades, sometimes it takes a while before it trickles down to all WM branches nationwide.

      If, it turns out the end for VGC loading at WM, I’m optimistic that there will be new venues to drain VGCs which may not be as easy as it is now but such challenge may further thin the herd.

  19. 1. The number of posts show how popular this blog is. Congrats.
    2. The ATMs are run by Metabank. To shut down Metabank cards would be akin to masochism, right?

  20. Shawn,

    I swear I typed this earlier…maybe blog lag…

    Can you load Bluebird online in your account – with the Staples Visa Debit gift card? Since you can load from debit, I was just wondering this. It would be more convenient, although I seem to have to go to walmart every other day.



    • Hey Jim. Sorry the comment got held in moderation. No you can’t do that. After you load one of those cards as a debit, Amex will lock your account and ask you to prove the card is your own bank issued debit card. So you may get away with loading 1 or 2, but your account will get locked quickly.

      • Thanks! Good info. I guess I’ll have to play with the walmart option, as I have to go there several times per week anyway. Used to try it with my Suntrust Delta debit card, but that went away. I’ll just give it a whirl!

  21. Bought 4 $200 MC from OM. All 4 initially got message as Tender not accepted. I tried to change the mode of payment to Debit and then it worked. I never had luck with MC and somehow able to use the OM deal and get the MC liquidates. This is all from Rochester, NY.

  22. Shawn,

    Can you buy the Staples gift cards and load them onto the Bluebird online, via their website? That way it might save the trouble of going to a kiosk.

    I haven’t used the Bluebird in quite some time, but if there is an option to do something here, I’m back on it.



  23. No problems in Cleveland – I just loaded 2 Visa and 2 MC gift cards at a Walmart register. As a matter of fact, the MC loads suddenly seemed to work easily. I had been avoiding buying MC’s for months, but took advantage of the OM sale, and was most pleasantly surprised.

  24. I live right outside of Atlanta and have no issues. Earlier today I loaded a Serve for $49 from a Vanilla Visa at the machine with no issues. Last week I successfully loaded a $500 Mastercard giftcard that I purchased at Kroger.

  25. Hi,

    Nice to hear that someone is able to load at WM, here in the SF bay area there are few WM & no Kiosk/ATMs,
    all they say is “only cash” they’re not ready to take VGC debits, liquidating is problematic and I would appreciate some tips, I think GCs are the way to go but…

  26. Always have problems with Mastercard GC at Kate. It will usually only take one successfully and then freak out with a “contact customer service rep” message. No problems with VGC. I’m in Dallas.

  27. Got 5 VGCs today at Staples. Tried loading to BB at WM. Tried cashier and also money center – denied. denied. denied. Tried different cards each time to see if it was a glitch with one of the cards (these are the META VGCs). Nope. What the customer sees on the screen is “card read error.”

    The money center lady asked me, “What kind of card are you using..?” I told her debit. She said, “Well, it is showing as a credit card so I guess you can’t use those to load the Bluebird.”

    This tells me that this WM has coded the registers to not accept VGCs. The real question is – is this every WM, or just some? I will try to load at another WM tomorrow.

  28. My experience in an L.A. area store:
    About two weeks ago, I had an experience similar to the one pictured in the post and the one @Mimi described. I returned a couple days later and Kate had message on its (her?) screen saying the machine was out of order.

    I tried today and a $500 US Bank VGC worked fine — but that was in between a manager having to fix a paper jam where the receipts are printed. Even after the manager corrected the problem — and she looked like she knew what she was doing — she pressed something like “Error Corrected” on the screen something like 7 or 8 times. The paper fed just fine. But Kate wasn’t having it.

    After I made my deposit, no receipt came out and an error message popped up on the screen. Same manager came back (I verified the deposit via email, so all good there). She opened up the machine again, fixed the problem again, Kate’s usual home screen appeared — and then error messages started showing up again about a paper jam that I witnessed was non-existent. She said she was going to have to shut ‘er down.

    I told her about my experience a few weeks ago and asked if the machines have gone wonky as of late. She rolled her eyes, nodded slowly and said, “Yyyyyeppp.” It seems she and Kate are not BFFs.

    Maybe software is interfering with something in the network? Or maybe this is the end, who knows. (I’ve tried reloading Bluebird with the CSRs but every single one I’ve dealt with seems to have been preloaded with bad software, if you will…)

  29. What about visa gift cards purchased from target? They say issued by target bank on the back, Are they considered vanilla cards? Will they work to load bb at the register? I used one at Kate 7/17 had to load in 49.99 increments and it worked fine, but now all Kate’s around here are down. Western WA area.

  30. Just loaded 2 US Bank Mastercards and 4 US Bank Visas at Wal-Mart checkstand and money center. I experienced no problems at all.

  31. happy to report I just loaded a Sun $495 VGC at Wmart to my BB with no issue — greater Kansas City area. This Wmart has no Kate’s so I always have to use the register. Seemed to take forever to spit out receipt and my heart did do a extra pitter-patter waiting for Approved to show up on the screen.

  32. I’m having no problems with Visa GCs.
    However for the last few months MasterCard GCs – specifically ones from US Bank – have not worked with my or my SO’s BB account. Not sure why since they work for everyone else the KATEs just won’t take them. I even called BB to ask if there were any issues they could see with my account (I obviously didn’t say I was loading GCs – simply that I had had issues with making deposits) and the rep couldn’t see anything on their end.
    Not sure what’s going on but I’ve decided to live with it and stick to Visas

    • This. I am fairly new and learning but what I have learned is VISA only and ONLY Metabank or Sunnies or US Bank. NO Mastercards and I still cannot figure out how to use AMEX GC when nobody around here (small city and miles from a bigger one) wants to take them for anything. Can’t even get MOs with a VGC. Grrr.

      • I have limited experience with MCGCs but for those who remember the amex sync $20/$20 Sam’s club deal, I got the $50 Anne Geddess MCGC when it was still available. It says no PIN and will run only as credit. I fed it to Kate in May using the last 4 digits of card number and it went through. I’m willing to take risks on small amounts like this but for the cardlab $500’s or more, getting those would be courting trouble.

        Lesson learned: What T&C says isn’t always reliable, if one is willing to take calculated risks, they’ll soon find out a lot of options available to them. Those who dare to take risks where others dread are likely going to hit the jackpot. Taking risks is only for those who are smart enough to think ahead of solutions in case things don’t work.

  33. I got similar error messages posted above last week while trying to load at Kate. I was trying to load MB VGCs and tried smaller amounts to see if they would go through. Still no go, I went to the register; what was strange was I saw APPROVED blink on my screen but when receipt came out, it was a piece of paper saying Debit not Allowed : ( I thanked cashier and left so I can check my balance on my card.

    I skipped 2 days before I came back to my go-to Kate last Saturday, August 1. I held my breath right after the part XX will be debited from your account Y/N I pressed Yes and it felt like forever while waiting for a full receipt. And it went through! I was relieved!

  34. A couple of fails today at Walmart registers.

    One was a $500 US Bank VISA from Staples, the new purple designed one. The error was a “Debit not available”.

    The other was an old $50 Sunrise VISA that I got from the supermarket. The error was an “ERROR card not read”.

    And this was in Orange County, CA. I’ll try some other Walmarts to see what happens. If they don’t work, gonna have to unload them some other way.

  35. You have to remember that it’s Walmart, and as such, the KATE’s are often crap. I have had issues where a random VGC of mine wouldn’t work, but the other 10 I had worked fine. I just took that one that was declined, confirmed online that it was active, and unloaded it at a register.

  36. A few weeks ago I attempted to load a $200 VGC and a $500 VGC at my local WM in suburban Chicago. It failed and store employees told me they stopped accepting these cards recently. No Kate at this store so I go to customer service and it has worked fine many times before. I then went to 2 other WM’s and they loaded fine there. I haven’t been back to original store to see if loads are now accepted.

  37. I have had similar issues while loading with a CSR but in the end it would work out with some workarounds. Tried unloading $2000 worth $200 Visa Gift cards from staples but would give the same error “Debit not available – 56”, “Alternate form of payment required” but was resolved by trying the fast fingers method of manually changing to Debit under Change Payment. Also had issues unloading Visa gift cards from Stop & Shop (Metabank) and was resolved by CSR pressing something in the system right after i input my PIN. Seems to be working after some issues, definitely something has changed. FYI, this happened last friday (07/31) and similar things on Sunday (08/02) in New Jersey Walmart
    Try Change Payment method and select even if the system asks for PIN on its own, seems to be a workaround giving success in my case. BTW, CSR was amazingly nice to allow me to experiment with their system.

  38. No problem loading $2000 worth of sunnies on serve at Walmart in Florida this morning. Also loaded one $200 staples gc.

  39. Loaded four $500 Visa Gift Cards today that were purchased at Kroger with no issues. I have seen several comments where people have been able to load Mastercard gift cards. I thought that there have always been problems with loading these at Walmart.

    • As Fathiss said, they code as credit if you go to the register so you need to quickly click “Change Payment Type”. If you load at the kiosk then the Mastercards work normally.

  40. KATE suddenly down at local WM (NW WA State) with a very permanent looking Out Of Order sign (Paper printed on computer inside a plastic sleeve) on it. Next nearest WM has had similar sign on their KATE for weeks! WAS able to load 2K of US Bank VGC on at register, but unable to load 3 X $100 MC GC there. Read today though of MC trick of hitting a “red button” immediately after swiping, but am unsure of what red button or where it is. Will experiment more soon.

    I am close to vest on this stuff so nervous every time I buy GC to load on Serve. NO RB available at targets near me either.

    • I’m curious which walmart you were able to load at the register? I tried in Bellingham yesterday, (KATE was down with a sign on it) and it came up as debit not allowed. Cashier said their system recognizes it as a credit card. all of a sudden every KATE within 100 miles is down, I’m in everett area. These worked just fine a couple weeks ago. So if you are able to tell me which store you were able to load at register I would appreciate it. I have a couple more cards to unload and then looks like I’ll be done

  41. I just got back from a $5000 run to Simon mall for VGC, and fed them to Redbird and Bluebird in Columbus Ohio. NO ISSUES.

    • Do not load business VGCs if you can get them to BB/Serve. Use Redbird. I got burned (cannot buy anymore $1k cards) 🙁

  42. Ah… may be it’s time to kick this habit. The death of 1% cashback from visa savings edge on 12/31 couldn’t stop me from doing this. Even at higher 0.695 cent per UR point was still a good deal I thought (when UR points are valued at 1.6c or higher converted to United, Hyatt or Singapore Air). I have few more cards left over to liquidate. I am planning to head over to Kate after work and I will report the result.

    • I’m not scaring people and you seem to have completely missed the point of this post. I am asking people to share their experiences. By having everyone share what is happening, we will get a more complete picture. Thanks for sharing your data point.

  43. The recent STaples GC promo was fraught with card activation issues. Perhaps that explains the silver staples load issue.. Regarding Sunnys, blocking those loads would be a significant development

    • I’m thinking a combination of this and perhaps some technology issues may be causing this. So far the vast majority of people are reporting success which is a very very good thing.

  44. One word: Target. Thankfully have not been to a Walmart in 6 months.
    Redbird and Target experience is far superior.
    Loaded $5K yesterday in a snap.
    Good luck to all.

    • I agree that Target is superior to Wal-Mart as far as shopping experience goes.

      The problem is RB doesn’t stack up to Serve and it’s for one huge reason. The ability to have multiple Amex Offer qualifying cards from one primary Serve account is huge. I have 5 cards (4 of which are sub accounts) per Serve account I have/manage. If RB qualified for Amex Offers I’d be strongly tempted to switch back, even without the $20/mo I get per card for online cc loads.

  45. loaded $495 on Aug. 1 outside of Kansas City with no issue using the Visa GC by Sunrise Bank. A couple weeks ago I was told by a clerk that if you purchased any GC $500 or more you had to have a manager come over to the register and approve…hence why I purchased a GC for $495. Please keep us updated—don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of GC like when Vanilla Reloads got yanked.

  46. There were a couple chatter points for failed loads for RB recently as well. It seems hit or miss on the recent responses on FT. I can say for RB though, had no problem with OV on the 2nd. Trying OV and SM cards tonight.

  47. I did load $ 1000 on Friday and $ 2500 on Saturday.. All seem to be fine. Nothing wrong. Since kate is down,
    loaded my cards at the registers..

  48. Over the weekend I used $500 VGCs from Simon Malls and $100 & $500 US Bank VGCs from Kroger to load with no issues. The ATMs were down at the nearby Wal-Mart and 2 nearby Neighborhood Groceries but I was able to load at the customer service desk or at other registers with no issues.

    One of the ATMs wasn’t fully down in that it worked for cash withdrawals but when I went to enter my PIN it showed asterisks as I typed the PIN (as it usually does) then cleared the keypad screen and in a much larger font asked for my PIN again but this time showed my PIN as I typed it. But it would not process any further from that point so I ended up just cancelling the transaction and going to the customer service desk.

    I’m in Memphis.

  49. I am working with the ‘old style’ Kate and was able to load Best Buy $200 gc’s yesterday, and this morning I loaded a AAA card and a Simon card…all are Metabank cards.

  50. Thanks for posting this. As a data point, I had issues with Staples 200’s on my normal Kate starting Sunday with the “DEBIT NOT APPROVED” error. These were the first of the month that I was attempting to load so the monthly limit should not have been the issue, and tried multiple bluebird accounts to be safe. I have not tried them with a CSR but instead found a functioning Kate at another store and was able to unload them there without issue.

    • Interesting. It could just be a fluke or perhaps they are rolling something out in stages. It just seems that this is happening to too many people for it to be a coincidence. Of course, it could be a technology problem not related to the Visas. Lets hope that is the case.


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