Tourists Ruining Hawaii, AA Shutdown Story & A Nightmarish 34 Hour Spirit Delay

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I flew Spirit Airlines and had a nightmarish 34-hour delay with terrible customer service, and I’ll never use the airline again – Business Insider

As soon as I saw he was flying Vegas-Kansas City-Orlando-Newark I knew there would be issues.  I mean who selects that routing?! But beside that I have talked about flying Spirit Airlines quite a bit.  I have also been Spirit’ed before (well my mom has).  I think the main issue with all of this is that there are no laws in place in the US demanding airlines provide certain things for delays etc. so airlines often do the bare minimum.  The main issue with flying Spirit is that they do not have partnerships in place to put you on other airline’s aircraft when things go wrong so you are stuck dealing with their limited routing.  That is why it is always a good idea to consider purchasing some insurance before flying a low cost carrier.


Instagram is ruining the world, I swear it!  You guys know I have a hate, hate relationship with IG.  It is one of the reasons I think The Maldives are overvalued. But I think there will continue to be issues like this at popular tourist destinations, look what they did to The Gates of Heaven.

Locked by AA – My Data Point with Details & Thoughts – Middle Age Miles


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  1. Jetblue doesn’t have partnerships with other airlines either, and they have worse delays and cancellations than almost everyone (according to the DOT). And when they cancelled my flight last year for a so called weather issue (somehow no other airlines cancelled their flights that day). they refused no compensation other than offering me a flight a day and a half later from an airport 60 miles away.

    • That doesn’t surprise me. And I see airlines use weather all the time when it really isn’t the cause just so they can deny helping people out.


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