Do It A Second Time! 20% Off Amazon Working Again!

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Do It A Second Time! 20% Off Amazon Working Again!

Mark wrote about a great promotion on Amazon two days ago.  You can get 20% off up to $100 when using 1 Membership Reward point at checkout.  This may be targeted but looks like almost everyone is able to get it to work. You can try for yourself here, make sure you activate it first.

The promotion was even better than expected. You can buy $400 in Amazon gift cards and $100 in third party gift cards and get $100 off on the whole order.

Do It A Second Time!

Now the promotion is working again for a second time for those who already took advantage of it in the first couple of days. You can no longer use it for Amazon gift cards this time around, but it is still working on third party gift cards. I tested it with Lowe’s gift cards myself and it is working for me for a second time.

Some people who have yet to use the promotion could even be able to still go the old route with the $400 in Amazon gift cards. Try that first if you have yet to take advantage of this great promotion.

If you did purchase Amazon gift cards last time you can use them for the purchase this time.  That is some great stacking there and would bring your discount to 36% on your first $400 in purchases this time around.

Just make sure you activate the promotion and use at least one Membership Rewards point.


It’s surprising that Amazon is letting people do this once more. Do this ASAP! It might not last long. Take a look at the gift card selection and find something that you could resell for the most value or brands that you can use yourself.

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  1. I do have the promotion on my account but it is not taking the 20% off of the Amazon eGC…. anybody knows if they fixed the glitch? Trying to do the deal for the first time.

    • It’s YMMV i believe if you’re doing it for the first time. But if it’s the second time around it won’t work on Amazon gift cards. Only third party cards.

  2. I can’t seem to use 1 point and also use my gift card balance. It seems to require me to pay the remainder on my AMEX card. Any tips?

  3. Every time I click it says not eligible. Why is that? I don’t have shop with points enabled. I had it enable at one point and removed it at least several months back.

      • tried that on my account and a new one for my husband (we had always used the same account). Both not eligible after connecting amex rewards points

  4. I did it a second time too! First time I got a $100 physical AirBnB GC and a $400 Amazon e-GC. Second time I used my $400 Amazon CG to buy a $500 AirBnB e-GC. All in all I now have $600 in AirBnB GCs for $400. Sweet little deal!

  5. Just did it a second time. First time around got a $400 Amazon GC and a $100 Whole Food GC.. This time I used my $400 Amazon gift card for a $400 Whole Foods GC PLUS picked up a $100 Southwest GC. So a free $100 WF and $100 SW gc–amazing. .Maybe there will be a third time???

  6. One thing I did notice is that your second order can’t be identical to the first. If you’re buying $500 in third party gift cards at a time, you need to select them in a different denomination (example: order 1: 5 $100 gift cards, order 2: 10 $50 gift cards of same retailer).

  7. Crazy! Worked a second time for me!

    First round I did a $500 Amazon gift card that I was already buying someone for a gift and then did a $100 Whole Foods gift card. This time, I did all Whole Foods and it worked again! Wild!

  8. I was able to do this twice: $100 iTunes card + $400 Amazon gift card for $400 +1 Amex point.
    And then $500 of iTunes card using the $400 Amazon gift card + 1 Amex point.

    Ultimately getting $600 of iTunes gift cards for $400 plus 2 points. Great deal for sure.

    Thank you for sharing the fact it could be done twice!


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