Deals Bank Account Bonuses

Bank Account Bonuses

Are you looking to score a little extra cash? Banks often give away money for signing up for checking/savings accounts and jumping through a few hoops. We cover the best bank account bonuses on the site and you can find all of the info below!

Get $300 When You Open a New US Bank Account

US Bank is offering a $300 bonus for new Easy Checking accounts. This bonus is available nationwide and you can open the account online.

SunTrust Bank Offering a $1,000 Bonus in Select States

SunTrust Bank has a new bonus offer that can get you up to $1,000 in cash. This offer is available only in a few states from January 5, 2021 through March 31.

(Last Chance) Capital One Offering $400 Bonus for New Checking Accounts

Capital One hasn’t offered a decent bonus for the 360 Checking account in a while and this is one of the best we have seen. Plus the account has no fees to worry about.

$2,000 Bonus When You Upgrade to Chase Private Client

Chase has a huge bonus offer of $2,000 for those who upgrade their accounts to Chase Private Client. This account needs a balance of $250,000 or more, so this is not a deal for everyone.

New Citi Checking Offers, Earn $300 to $1,500

Citi has an offer for new checking accounts that can earn you as much as $1,500 in cash.

Chase Merchant Services Offer, Get $750 When You Sign Up

Chase is targeting some business customers with a huge bonus for signing up for a new Merchant Services account. This offer is usually for $500, so it's much better this time around.

Bank Account Bonus Results 2020 Edition – How Much $$$ Did I Make?

I share my bank account bonus results from 2020 and a peek at what is upcoming for 2021. I also share my results from 2017-2019.

Get Up to $750 with a Bank of America Business Checking, Plus Gold Tier...

Bank of America has a targeted Business Checking account bonus of $750. This offer has been around, but it is now improved with a free year of Gold tier benefits.