Credit Cards

Credit Cards

The number one way to rack up a lot of points/miles is through credit cards. Whether it is taking advantage of a great sign-up bonus or maximizing bonus categories, we are here to help.

Credit Cards for Beginners

If you are just getting started, then we have some advice for you. There are a few things you should learn before making your first applications. Read these posts to help:

Getting to Know the Banks

As you delve deeper into miles/points you will start hearing about the various banks and credit card products. While there are a ton of banks that offer rewards cards, the three biggest players are Chase, Citi and American Express. Each of these banks has their own rewards program and quirks.

Program Overview

Ultimate Rewards

Credit Cards

Program Overview

Membership Rewards

Credit Card Benefits

Credit Card Reconsideration

Once you have learned about the basics and studied the banks, then it becomes time to apply. If you aren’t approved right away, we have some tips that could help you turn that fate around.

Credit Card Retention

Rewards cards come with annual fees and not every card is worth keeping long term. When you try to cancel, sometimes banks try to keep your business with lucrative offers. Here is some information on maximizing those offers.

More Help

In the section below you’ll find links to all of our credit card related posts. You can also find even more relevant articles on our resources page. We have five years worth of dedicated credit card content to explore.

When you’re ready to apply, CLICK HERE.

All Credit Card Related Posts

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If you signed up for the Southwest Business Performance card for less than the 100K offer have no fear, Chase is matching offers as far back as November.
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The newly increased Southwest Business Performance offer looks great on the surface but is it all it cracks up to be or is it fool's gold?
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It looks like there is a new round of people being targeted for the American Express Aspire upgrade offer, my wife included.

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I got an American Express upgrade offer for the Delta SkyMiles Platinum Card when calling about an unrelated card. Here's the offer and why I took it.

Activate Now: Discover’s 2nd Quarter 5% Categories & How to Maximize Them!

Discover’s 2nd quarter bonus categories are now available for registration. This upcoming quarter you can earn 5% Cashback Bonus at Gas Stations, Uber, Lyft and Wholesale Clubs.

Chase to Introduce Points Bookings for High-End Restaurants, Bars and Wineries

Tock’s network has restaurants, wineries, and culinary pop-ups across 200 cities and 30 countries worldwide.

Barclaycard JetBlue Plus Increase: Highest Ever Bonus Now Available!

The card usually has a bonus of 40K TrueBlue points, and sometimes we see it increased to 50K. But now you can once again get the best ever bonus of 60K points.

Chase Updates Credit Card Terms to Prevent Self Referrals

Referral bonuses are a great way to earn extra points from credit cards that you already have. But American Express and now Chase are no longer issuing points for self referrals.