Increased Offer for Hilton Honors Business Card

Hilton and American Express have several co-branded cards. One of them is the Hilton Honors Business card, which now has an increased welcome offer for 130,000 Hilton Honors points.

Amex Green Card, Check Referrals for Up to 60K Welcome Offer

We are seeing some amazing welcome offers the Amex Green Card. They are available through referral links and possibly even the public link on the American Express website.
American Express Platinum Varieties Guide

How to Easily Remove An Amex Account from Your Online Banking Login

I give you a step by step guide on how to remove an Amex account from your online banking login. Get rid of those unwanted cards!

Check Amex Offers for Targeted Welcome Bonuses with No Lifetime Language

Some people are seeing welcome offers in the Amex Offers section in their account which have no lifetime language. Just scroll down to your offers and check if you have any such offers and also look for the terms.
American Express Platinum Varieties Guide

American Express Shutdowns: Everything You Need To Know About Shutdowns & Clawbacks

American Express shutdowns have been ramping up over the past few years so I wanted to put all of the data points into one place.

(Letters Sent Out) Is Amex Delaying 12X Hilton Honors Payouts? Data Points Needed

Is Amex delaying 12X Hilton Honors payouts with the recent promo or is this something that has been happening for a while? Share you data points.

Crazy: American Express Overcharged Cardholder During Recent Clawbacks

Check your statements, Amex has been overcharging airline incidental clawbacks for one reader. We need to see if this is widespread.

Amex Business Gold, 60K Welcome Bonus Available

The Amex Business Gold card has a 60K signup bonus available that is showing for some people. It requires a total spend of $7,500.