American Express Platinum Varieties Guide

I Fished for an Amex Everyday Preferred Upgrade Offer – What Did I Catch?

I awaited an American Express Everyday Preferred Upgrade Offer, but one never showed up in my online account. I decided to call. Here's what happened!

As Expected – Amex Bonvoy Brilliant Adds Anti Gaming Terms Too

American Express has added new anti gaming terms to the Bonvoy Brilliant card's $300 annual statement credit just like the Hilton Aspire card.

American Express Targets The Aspire Credits Next – Adds New Terms

There are some new Hilton Aspire resort credit terms that American Express just installed to combat against people gaming the credit.

Why American Express Is Dead Wrong With Their Latest Clawbacks

I state my case on why American Express is dead wrong with their latest round of clawbacks involving airline incidental credits.
American Express Platinum Varieties Guide

American Express Staff Misled Small-Businesses to Boost Card Sign-Ups

The company misrepresented card rewards and fees, checked credit reports without permission, and, in some cases, issued cards that weren't requested.
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Last Days to Use $15 Uber Platinum Credits this Month (UberEats Promo Codes!)

Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to use your Uber Platinum credits this month. Don't let them go to waste!

What I Would Do With 80,000 Delta SkyMiles – Maximizing the Amex Delta Platinum...

Here is how I would go about maximizing the American Express Delta Platinum Card and the currently increased 80,000 Delta Skymiles welcome offer.

Amex Rat Sinks Their Teeth Into Airline Incidental Credits #Clawback

American Express has now set their sights on the airline incidental credits and have started clawing back some credits from 2019.