An Interesting Retention Offer: Free Night Award Worth 50K Points

If you have a card with an annual fee, it's always a good idea to call the bank on the cardmembership anniversary and check if they have an offer for you.

Amex Adding 15% Awards Discount for Delta Reserve Cardholders?

The American Express Delta Reserve was briefly showing yesterday a new benefit called ‘TakeOff 15’.

American Express Will Open an Exclusive Lounge in Midtown Manhattan

American Express will soon open a new type of lounge in New York City. This will be a luxurious and exclusive experience designed mainly for Amex Centurion cardmembers.

Amex Bumps Up Referral Limit to 100K Points for Select Cardholders

American Express is targeting some cardholders with an offer to earn up to 100,000 Membership Rewards points this year through referrals.
Image of credit cards in a wallet as we discuss what happens to your status benefits if you close a credit card

(Update) Being Too Anxious Cost Me Money With My Amex Airline Incidental Credit

I had an issue with my Amex airline incidental credit not posting. I go over what was the cause of it and what my choices are now.
Question: Do Amex Employee Cards Earn the Same As Normal Cards?

(More People Targeted) 100K Amex Business Gold No Lifetime Language Offers

There are quite a few different increased offers for the Amex Gold Business Card. They range from 90,000-100,000 points.

Amex All The Time: My 5 Truths About Amex Right Now

I tweak my credit card strategy based on American Express trends. Here's what I'm currently thinking about Amex.

What Still Works For Amex Airline Incidental Credits In 2022?

We take a look at what still works for Amex airline incidental credits. There are still creative ways you can use the Amex reimbursements.