Barclaycard rules

Easiest Annual Fee Offer Process I’ve Ever Experienced: Barclay’s Business?

Barclay's Aviator Waived Annual Fee Retention phone calls, who here besides me hates calling in to the retention line? Before you cancel a card in the future, it might be worth sending a secure message...

Which Business Card Is Better? Comparing Barclays and Citi AA Business Cards.

Which business card is better - the CitiBusiness AAdvantage Platinum Card or the Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Business Mastercard? Here's a detailed look.

Barclays Is Clueless On The AA Shutdown Shenanigans

It appears that Barclays is clueless on the American Airlines shutdowns even though their miles are being confiscated along with the ones issued by Citi.

Barclaycard JetBlue Plus Increase: Highest Ever Bonus Now Available!

The card usually has a bonus of 40K TrueBlue points, and sometimes we see it increased to 50K. But now you can once again get the best ever bonus of 60K points.

Get 60,000 Miles with Barclays Hawaiian Airlines Card

There’s a new increased bonus on the Barclays Hawaiian Airlines card. You can now earn 60,000 miles if you apply and are approved for this credit card.

Barclays Uber Visa Card Relaunched with Big Changes

Now there's some changes coming to the card, with different earning categories, up to 5%, and more. Those who apply will already get the new version of the card, while existing cardholders will be converted in 2020.

Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Business Card Has New 75K Bonus

Barclays has a business version of the AAdvantage Aviator credit card. The card is offering once again its best ever signup bonus. You can earn a total of 75,000 AA miles.

Barclays Makes Changes to Credit Cards Benefits

Barclays has sent out notices to cardholders announcing some changes to credit card benefits. There's good and bad news, as some benefits are removed and some added.