Credit Cards I Want to Get in 2022 – Planning Our Next Applications

CitiBusiness AAdvantage Retention Call – Why I Took a Mediocre Offer

CitiBusiness AAdvantage Platinum Retention Call Retention calls are part of the points & miles game. The goal here is to reduce or eliminate annual fees to minimize costs on earning points from cards. When annual...
End of Year Checklist: Temporary Credit Card Perks to Use or Lose

Amex Personal Platinum Retention Offer & An Interesting Data Point

I share PDX Deals Guy's recent Amex personal platinum retention offer plus I share an interesting data point when discussing the results.
End of Year Checklist: Temporary Credit Card Perks to Use or Lose

My Wife’s Amex Platinum Retention Offer – Did She Keep or Cancel?

I give you the details of my wife's Amex Platinum retention offer phone call and if we decided to keep the card open or not.
Barclay's AAdvantage Aviator

My Retention Phone Call Results: BOA Virgin Atlantic & Alaska Airlines Credit Cards

I go over my retention phone call results with Bank of America. I called to discuss my Alaska Airlines and Virgin Atlantic credit cards.
Barclay's AAdvantage Aviator

Amex Platinum Retention Call Results. Will I Pay Another Annual Fee?

American Express Personal Platinum Retention Call Results. Why I kept the card open despite being unsuccessful in my retention offer call.

My Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card Retention Phone Call Results

Did I keep or cancel after hearing my Alaska Airlines credit card retention offer?

My American Express Platinum Delta Skymiles Retention Phone Call Results

The annual fee recently posted on my Delta Platinum Skymiles credit card so I called to see if there were any retention offers, I share my results.
What Still Works For Amex Airline Incidental Credits?

My Strange Amex Platinum Retention Call. Was it a Success?

American Express Business Platinum Retention Call Results My American Express Business platinum card came due for it's annual fee this past month and I waited until the very last minute to make a retention call...