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Circa’s Crazy Promo, Virgin’s Possible Delay, Rocking Hyatt/Mlife Promos & Vegas Shows Still Open?

Vegas is heading into a very very slow period, but its two newest properties are trying to charge crazy high prices. We'll discuss Circa's new promo giving two nights free and how it probably isn't a great deal plus how Virgin Hotels may be delayed. Hyatt's extended promos are definitely also worth looking at for Mlife loyalists and some Vegas shows are surviving the new 50 person capacity limit.

Is Chime Card Legitimate? They Closed My Account & Took My Money

Chime Card Closed Account Update 12/2/2020: I (Danny) has a similar experience as Shawn regarding my Chime account. I filed a CFPB complaint after not...

Back in the BofA Game, Vegas Zombie Casinos, Chase Approving More Business Apps & More!

A recap of the best posts and deals including a $2K bank bonus from Chase, why the World of Hyatt card free night change is good, what it is like flying United business class right now, a complete roundup of Black Friday weekend deals & much more!

Zombie Casinos, A New Landmark, NYNY Refurb & Nevada Goes on “Pause”

Vegas is under new restrictions and we dive into just what that means for people visiting in the next few weeks. Plus we dive into the new Vegas icon, a big refurb at NYNY, a possible new casino getting built and which casinos will be "zombies" during the week!

Big Chase Retention Offers, Costco Private Jet Membership, Draining Citi ThankYou Account & More!

A recap of the best posts and deals including Black Friday gift card offers at a number of retailers, updated data points on retention offers, what it's like flying into Vegas right now and was an American jailed for a bad review?

MtM Vegas Video Podcast – Rio Opens, Cirque Closure, Vegas Egg Nog & New Covid Restrictions Coming?

Tons is happening in Vegas including new Covid restrictions possibly around the corner, one of the last shuttered casinos is reopening, a popular Cirque show closes for good, my 1,600 sq ft suite for $68, Vegas limited edition egg nog and how to save $50 off your next sports bet!

Las Vegas Airport Video Tour & What It’s Like Flying In/Out of Vegas Right Now!

What is it like flying out of one of the country's busiest airports? I recently filmed a full tour of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and between the construction, closures and other little oddities it wasn't quite the same as normal.