(Update) Don’t Panic, Amex Credits Are Delayed For Pretty Much Everyone

No need to panic, the Amex credits are delayed for pretty much everyone right now. The emails are going out but no credits are posting.

Amex Gold 75K Offer Available: Here’s How You Check If You’re Eligible

There is an amazing Amex Gold 75K offer out there that is the best we have seen. I show you how you can see if you have been targeted for it.

Amex Blue Cash Preferred, New $300 Bonus with Waived Annual Fee

The Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card has a new bonus that comes with the annual fee waived for the first year. You can earn $300 when you apply and are approved for the card.

PSA: Bank Of America Business Checking Changed The Rules On Fees

Public Service Announcement: Bank of America business checking recently changed what activities qualify for waiving the monthly fees.

No, You’re Not Going To Earn 10X On Dining With The Sapphire Cards

The Chase 10X dining promo is nothing more than fool's gold. I put the chances of actually earning 10X on dining at slim to none.

(New Link!) More Pay Over Time Offers Sent Out – An Easy 10K In...

People are reporting that they have been getting new Pay Over Time offers which means they are getting the easiest 10,000 points possible.

Just When I Thought Citi Couldn’t Get Any Dumber, They Did This

Citibank's Fraud Verification Process Makes Absolutely No Sense Wow, so this is maybe the dumbest interaction I have had with a bank...and of course it is Citi. I was recently approved for the Citi Premier...

(Alive Again?) United Travel Bank Appears Dead For Amex Airline Incidental Credits

Another one bites the dust, United Travel Bank Appears Dead For Amex Incidental Credits. It appears coding has changed on these purchases.