Use a Referral Link for 3 Free Award Nights at Marriott

Current Marriott Premier Plus Cardholders get 20K for each approved referral and applicants Get 3 Free Nights with this offer

Chase Adds Helpful Tool to Marriott Credit Card Applications

Chase is making it easier to figure out if you are eligible for a signup bonus when applying for Marriott credit cards.
Marriott Travel Package Mapping Old to New

Marriott Rewards Premier Business Card Is Not Under 5/24, Should You Apply?

Marriott Rewards Premier Business credit card is one the products that will disappear on February 12th, and the bonus could be available to more people than previously thought.
Chase Marriott Rewards Business Card Confirmed Changes 

Marriott Business Card Details. Changes Are Mostly Positive with a Few Negatives!

Chase has confirmed changes to the Marriott Business card. Some changes are positive but others may have a negative affect on some.
Chase Offers cashback

A Popular 100K Bonus Offer Is Expiring: Should You Apply?

Marriott Rewards Premier Plus 100k Offer Expiring It has been widely reported that the current offer on the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus card is expiring tomorrow. The current offer is a whopping 100k Marriott...