Huge Devaluation! Amex Offers Restricted to One Card, All Tricks Dead!

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amex offers devaluation

Huge Devaluation! Amex Offers Restricted to One Card, All Tricks Dead!

There’s been talk of Amex Offers being limited recently. Shawn already talked about it two weeks ago. Once you added an Amex Offer to an AU card, it would disappear from other cards with the same name. As you can see from the comments on that post, the issue affected some but not others. But starting today, there’s a few reports of these limits being enforced and Amex Offers could very well be super limited.

Now even if you use multi tabs and add the offer on many cards, once you log out and log back in, they all disappear. You will only have the offer on one card with your name on it. They might have made this new rule permanent starting in August. Multi accounts and multi tabs are now useless.

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I tested it out with today’s Staples Amex Offer, and it disappeared from all my cards, except for the last card I added it to. Shawn tested it out and was able to get the offer on two cards. Maybe being super quick helps? Also you might be able to still add some older offers that have been around for a while to all your Amex cards.

This really makes Amex Offers significantly less valuable as a program. Yes you can still use them on one card, or maybe two or three, depending how big your family is, but the draw of these offers was the fact that people had a lot of Amex cards. Amex Offers were also a reason to hold on to Amex cards long term, as you could easily net a couple of hundred dollars in savings annually.

Let us know your experience on adding Amex Offers today and join the discussion in our Facebook group.

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  1. My wife and I have two cards on the same account, each with a different number. However we have to register on each card to ensure we get the offers. It ought to be that when you register one card for an offer, the account is covered, not just the one card on the account, after all it all ends up on the same statement.

  2. most of the amex offers were for crap, least common denominator, crass stores of minimal value. No big loss.

  3. Dead for us as well. Had two cards with offer when first announced. Gathered cars to take to store; when I rechecked offers offer was only on one card.

  4. I have cards with different names on them because of AU people. I think those will still work for one per user but I will have to try it out

  5. You’re a whinny. Me. Me. Me. Why me? Get over yourself. And quit abusing & cheating scamming the systems. Your behaviors were and are the reasons why Amex, Citi, Chase, BoA are cracking down on scammers. Grow up and accept your responsibilities. You f* up for everyone.

    • DJ enlighten me how we f’d this up for everyone if you say it should be for one card anyway and not abused – well that is what it is now so where is the harm? I am sure I won’t get a response though.

  6. Amex has always had the knack of giving me offers I have absolutely no interest in. I never see the ones for Home Depot, etc. that I might use, so I rarely get any benefit.

    But I feel for the rest of you.

  7. It’s fine for Amex to control the cost. Which drives me crazy is that the *last* card keeps the offer. I always add a offer to my favorite card *first*!

  8. Often times I will get multiple offers from the same brand that either gives back AMEX MR or actual dollars. Would it still be possible to take advantage of spend $1,000 at Air France and get back 20,000 MR points and spend $1,000 at Air France and get back $200 if I have both offers on my account?

    Upon further inspection, I don’t see any offers giving back MR points anymore… This doesn’t look promising at all considering offers were the easiest way to generate MRs….

  9. I am interested in the Amex offers primarily for the ones offering membership reward points. Checking my offers today, all the new ones seem to be the cash back. Anyone else finding this?

    • So that means you did as well, no? Since you read about it, used it, and profited from it. I guess something that lasts 5 years was killed by the bloggers though….

  10. This is a bummer. I was one of the unlucky ones that had this rolled out in July. I always thought the multi-tab trick would be fixed at some point, so I have separate logins for every account. Once it’s added to one, it disappears from the others. Doesn’t matter if it’s biz or personal. If it’s added to an AU, it disappears from that same AU’s other account.

    Small upside? At least we can add the worthless offers to a rarely used account, and won’t have to look at it again on the main accounts.

  11. So to be clear, are you ONLY referring to AU cards or are you referring to different cards for the same user?

  12. They’ve gone too far. Only one offer is valid even if you have different products (ie personal and business). Huge devaluation. Combined with SPG devaluation, this will cause me to close several Amex accounts.


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