Amex Offers Finally Get A Much Needed Improvement

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Amex Offers limit

Amex Offers Finally Get A Much Needed Improvement

Amex Offers are a valuable perk for all American Express cards. We usually see new offers come out every few days. A new batch of great offers was released just last week. Definitely take a look if you have an Amex Platinum Card.

With all these offers, there was one issue when your card has too many of them. Until now you could only see up to 100 available offers or 100 added offers to a specific card. And there’s often more than 100 Amex Offers available at any given time.

Offers are still added to a card even when you go over 100, but it is just frustrating if you’re not able to see them to make sure the card has a specific offer. There are some work arounds, but I never understood why Amex would put a limit at 100 when they always have more offers.

But now American Express seems to have fixed this issue. You can finally see all the offers that have been added, as shown below. I have a total of 123 Amex Offers on my Amex Platinum card for example, and I can see all of them.

The image above is for my account on a desktop. On mobile, it shows the total number of offers added to the card, but when I tap the ‘Added to Card’ tab, it still limits you to 100 offers. Hopefully that gets fixed as well.

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  1. Perhaps fixed with Platinum but, not with my Gold or Hotel Cards, Still only 100 showed. Also would be great if the new offers were either at the beginning or end of the list to avoid having to look at all to see new offers.

  2. I keep a “sock drawer” in my Amex profile – one of my Amex cards that I never use – to move all of the offers to that I know I will never use. Because of the one-per-account rule it keeps me from having all of these “junk” offers show up on my other 5 cards. The only problem is that despite numerous requests to Amex to stop sending me emails when an offer is about to expire, I continue getting them.

  3. Now, if Amex would just allow me to delete available offers that I’ll NEVER USE, two wonderful things would be accomplished:

    1. I can get rid of the sludge and thus see more available offers (so that *I* don’t miss out)
    2. Since Offers have a finite number of people who can subscribe to, it would be make said Offers more available to *others* who might want them (so that *they* don’t miss out).

  4. I don’t see this as much of an improvement at all. I doubt many people have a need to add every offer to their card and have a hard time believing many people really have a need to add 100+ offers. An improvement would be showing more than 100 available offers since you never know what you might be missing

      • You can tell me I’m wrong (and I might be), but I *believe* you have it switched. The left column, Available, caps at 100. The Added to Card has always been infinite.

        For those of us not in the habit of saving all the offers, we only see 100 offers at a time. We have to manually add a bunch to bring it down from, say, 100 to 80, so that “Added to Card” says 20. After a bit, you can come back to the page and that 80 offers goes back to 100 offers. When you look through, you discover that Amex Platinum had 20 offers hidden, but were next in line, just waiting for us to add offers and “make room” for these other hidden offers!

        It’s *that* column that is capped and a problem for us who don’t add all of the offers!

        • I had no idea. I thought those 100 offers were all there were. At most, I add 2 or 3 offers out of those 100. I wonder how many “hidden” offers I have missed. I just went in and added 15 and will monitor over the next few days to see if more show up. Thanks for that tip !!

        • Pretty sure both were capped at 100 previously. This is a change. You are correct that you had to get the “available” below 100 to see some hidden deals previously (still the case). But the problem was that if you got the “added” one to up over 100, then you couldn’t see some of the furthest-out (to expire) deals … until some sooner-to-expire deals expired, and then these deals would show up again in the “added” page … they were there all along (if you added them) and would work, but they were just hidden with no way to un-hide them.

          • So maybe a good strategy is to add ones that expire in the next month so that you can see more available, but the added ones you dont want will expire soon and fall out of the added list so you can still see 100. I wonder how many deals i missed out on not know there were well more than 100 available at all times


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