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In the Miles to Memories podcast episode 50 we talk about Chase's amazing new offers, Mark's recent vacation, being stranded in Tonga & more

(Video) Are the New Chase Freedom Increased Bonus Offers Worth Considering?

A video segment from our podcast where we discuss the new Chase Freedom 5X Grocery offers, why they have us changing our plans and who may want to consider applying.

Permanent Ride Closures at Disney World, Rise of the Resistance & COVID + Disney’s...

On this episode we discuss what Disney's most technologically advanced ride is like now and how it compares to before. Plus we discuss some permanent attractions closures announced for Disney World and we dive into the history of Disney's 3 Peoplemovers.

(Video) Vegas South Strip Tour: Masked Lions, Motels & Monorails

Take a tour of the South Vegas Strip including a motel, two huge casinos, the stunning new Target sign on the Strip and other fun and oddities we found on a recent trip.

(Video) Vegas Center Strip Night Time Walking Tour: Stunning Views, Showgirls & An Old...

Vegas Strip Night Time Walking Tour - Late July 2020 Yesterday I covered the news about Las Vegas and its many troubles. With many hotels sitting largely empty and a huge new round of layoffs...

Credit Card Rewards for Retirement, Hyatt’s Improvement Is Bad For Some & 5 Countries...

Find out about why Hyatt's new feature is bad for some members, how you can possibly use credit card rewards to juice your retirement and 5 countries you should visit but haven't considered before!

(Video) Las Vegas Raiders Allegiant Stadium Construction Tour: Almost Open!

Come with us for a video tour of the construction of the world's most expensive stadium as it nears its opening date. Find out where the $1.8 billion went to and what makes Allegiant Stadium unique.

(Video Tour) Closed, Shuttered & Boarded Up Las Vegas Casinos! When Will They Open?

Las Vegas is still hurting badly and many casinos have not reopened. Come with us to look at 10 now closed and boarded up casinos which are currently sitting shuttered for the foreseeable future.