Chase Cards Now Available for US Citizens and Green Card Holders Only?

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Chase Cards applying with SSN

Chase Cards Now Available for US Citizens and Green Card Holders Only?

Update: Chase Rolls Back Recently Implemented Restrictions on Credit Card Applications

When applying for a credit card, most people enter their Social Security Number. But you can also apply with just a tax ID or passport depending on the issuer. Some people have restricted SSNs and are still able to apply for credit cards. However Chase looks to be tightening up rules for who can apply for new cards with them.

New Chase Rule?

Recently there have been some data points showing new applicants being declined for Chase credit cards because their Social Security Number (SSN) is “valid for work only with DHS Authorization”. Now a report on Reddit says that this seems to actually be a new policy that has been introduced 15 days ago. He was declined for that same reason and a Chase representative explained the policy change.

People who have a non-restricted SSN are usually US citizens and Green Card holders. So it looks like if you do not fall under those two categories, you will not be able to apply for any new Chase credit cards.

Current Cardholders

I haven’t seen any data points showing that this new rule is affecting any current Chase cardholders who are not citizens or Green Card holders. So if you already have Chase cards and do not have a Social Security Number, or have a restricted one, then you should be fine. I doubt Chase would go back and shut down those account. Seems a bit too extreme.


This might not apply to many readers. But for those who are affected it means that Chase cards are now out of the question if this new policy holds. Chase has some of the most popular cads and points currency so that would be a big hit.

Let us know if you gave been declined for similar reasons when applying for a Chase card.

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  1. Restricted SSN’s are given to Canadians for working in the tech sector for example working here under a TN visa. For Chase to restrict new applications to this subset of high income workers does not make sense financially.

  2. Didn’t expect so many xenophobes to read a travel blog.
    For your education, undocumented immigrants can’t have SSN because they’re, you know, undocumented (they use ITIN instead, and yes perhaps shockingly to you they pay taxes). Those with restricted SSN are NON-immigrants who are here for temporary work and/or study. This can last 5-10 years, so getting a credit card is not unreasonable to do. Besides, there foreign workers are in much more secure positions than many Americans during the pandemic, so denying them credit because the fear of default is not very substantiated

  3. I agree with Marisa. Legal immigration is key. If you allow everyone to come in you might as well get rid of ICE, you might as well get rid of immigration laws, too. Absolutely Ridculous!!!

  4. I was one of the discriminated persons with the Chase card when i moved to New York from Miami, where i was in possession of a Chase Card for 7 YEARS!!! The man at the bank told be he couldn’t find my account because there was more than 100 persons with my name in Miami….come on!! Give me a more intelligent excuse to discriminate me. And you know? The only loser here was Chase because i was able without problem to get a card in a much better bank..

  5. I applied for a business account at Chase in Decatur, GA, near Emory Commons and I was declined for the same reason.

  6. Most the restricted ssn’s would be people working in tech and I am pretty sure they have pretty good income then majority of the unrestricted ssn’s. I get it, students, family members of immigrants who dont work in tech wont have that income but I think chase should look at the income level of the person rather than their immigration status when making those decisions. Also, banks give you a credit limit depending on your income and credit history. They are not that stupid to give you 100k limit when you work $11/hr job, so this is absolutely stupid argument that chase would lose money. Also, its not that easy to just throw out legal immigrants. The current scenario is politically motivated and will all wither after november.

  7. Makes no sense whatsoever. Feel bad for the Indian nationals that have been in the US for 15 years waiting for a Green Card. This is ludicrous that a University Prof waiting for a Green card for 15 years can no longer get a CC from Chase when a Waffle House waiter can get one.

    • I totally agree to your saying 100% since these companies are capitalistim based nothing to do with nationality they’re for profits nothing else., also should be applied in India as well, but foreign nationals can’t get aadhar card number if you’re not a citizen so no question of even opening a bank account forget about CC.. sorry going out of context here but also give a thought about this…

    • Typical entitled attitude prevalent among Indian “skilled” workers in the US.. They think they are here doing us a big favor when in fact I hey are only here seeking better opportunity because their country is horribly mismanaged hasn’t gone anywhere unlike China. the waffle house waitress has as much right to chase card as you do so much he sooner you get that into your head, the better it’ll be for you

    • Sir, even I am an Indian but you’re trying to degrade other professions. Remember the same waiter serves you when you visit Waffle House. Please try to respect everyone and moreover you’re a professor!! You should be the one teaching this to society.

      • Credit card are about risks. Thre is no degrading here but do not tell me a waiter at Waffle House, in this current environment, is of lesser credit risk than a University professor here for 15 years. Universities are onee of the few business that riddle any crisis with little to no furlough. So yes this is exactly what I meant: it does not make any sense whatsoever

  8. Agree it makes sense. In today’s economic climate card issuers are tightening eligibility, reducing credit lines and closing accounts to help manage the expected flood of defaults.

    Any steps they take are reasonable as they have to protect their company. They aren’t in business just to meet the needs of people that sign up for credit card bonuses you know!

  9. Most people with restricted SSN are likely to be foreign students. Given the current environment, who knows how much longer they will be allowed to stay in the country. Can’t blame Chase . . . .

    • no other country in the world allows people to come into their country and get so many benefits, I think chase is being smart,if they have any complaints let them apply for a credit card in the country they came from, should not be a problem.

      • You are so mean . I’m sure your ancestors are from somewhere too . Everybody you see here came from somewhere including you.

      • Marisa for your info, America was built and is still being built by skilled foreigners who brought in their expertise.

        • America was built by Americans who created created a strong framework for those with skils and drive to suceed regardless of national origin. A lot of skill foreigners like Indians are only here because they don’t have good an opportunity in their mismanaged country that hasn’t gone anywhere. The Chinese are here because for all their progress, when it comes new ideas ingenuity , creativity no matter what the sector is, whether it’s art or the sciences the US is still the number one.


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