(Video) Cruise Ship Destroys Moorings In San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Cruise Ship Destroys Moorings

(Video) Cruise Ship Destroys Moorings In San Juan, Puerto Rico

On February 12th a Norwegian Cruise Ship, the Epic, crashed into moorings while trying to dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  It experienced engine trouble and was being assisted by two tug boats when strong winds pushed the ship into the moorings.  Here is the statement from Norwegian on the incident from Twitter:

Today as Norwegian Epic was maneuvering into Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico with a local pilot on board & the help of two tug boats, prevailing winds caused the ship to veer towards the pier, damaging two mooring points at Pier 3 East.

You can see the Tweet of the video below:

The ship was on the way to the British Virgin Islands before experiencing the engine trouble and needing to divert to San Juan. The ship will remain in San Juan until at least Thursday to make the necessary repairs.

Apparently things like this happen more often than you think during the docking process. Hopefully the passengers missed out on this shady Uber driver while in San Juan.


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