Discounted Gift Cards on eBay: Lowe’s, BP, Southwest and More

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Discounted Gift Cards on eBay

Discounted Gift Cards on eBay

There’s some new discounted gift card deals on eBay. As a reminder, gift cards sold by PPDG will no longer earn 5X, unless you have an old Ink Mastercard. Read this post for more info: The End of an Era: 5X Earnings on Many Gift Cards DEAD!

Here’s the offers that are available now:

  • $100 Lowe’s Gift Card for $90
  • $100 Gift Card for $90
  • $100 BP Gas Gift Card for $94
  • $100 Southwest Gift Card for $92
  • $100 Airbnb Gift Card for $94
  • $100 Cabela’s Gift Card for $82
  • $30 Burlington Gift Card for $25
  • $25 Burger King Gift Card for $20
  • $25 Domino’s Gift Card for $20
You can find all of the discounted gift cards here.


Some decent new offers and there’s also previous offers that are still available. Hopefully you see something useful in there.

Happy shopping!


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