Yes, It Is Possible To Get More Destinations For The Hilton Timeshare Offer

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How To Get More Destination Options With Timeshare Offers

We broke the news yesterday on an awesome Hilton Timeshare offer where you can get 100,000 points and 4 nights for only $349.  Some people have actually been able to get a better offer by simply asking for more, which you should always do.  The major problem with the offer was that it was limited to Las Vegas and Orlando, as these offers often are. There are people who don’t really want to visit those two locations so they can’t take advantage of the offer.  People always wonder if it is possible to get more destination options with timeshare offers.  It appears all you have to do is just ask for that too!

Lovely sunset at the Hilton Waikoloa, courtesy of the Aspire resort credit!

It Is Possible To Get More Destination Options With Timeshare Offers!

Reader Tim reached out to me to let me know that it was possible to get other destinations offered.  Not all of the locations come with the same 100,000 point offer but there are options. The locations he was given were as follows:

  • Myrtle Beach
  • Waikiki
  • Washington DC
  • New York City
  • Waikoloa

The offers varied by location but the offer he got for Waikoloa was $649 plus 25k points for 6 days 5 nights.

Final Thoughts

While the 100,000 point offer is amazing for anyone wanting to go to Las Vegas or Orlando it is great to see more options.  As will all things it appears that all you have to do is ask.  What is the worst that could go wrong, they say no?

I am sure there are some of you that will be happy to hear that you can get more destination options with timeshare offers. Is anyone now considering calling in to see if they can get a different option?  Remember to ask for more than whatever they offer you up front too.


    • They can’t keep you past 2 hours so start a timer on your phone when you get in there. But for the most part you can get out in 90 minutes if you are firm. My experience with Hilton was they weren’t too pushy either.

  1. Thanks for the info! Called and Booked Las Vegas in April at the Hilton Grand Vacations on the Strip. Upgraded us to a one bedroom suite and waived resort fees and weekend surcharge of $99! Great deal!

  2. Keep in mind for Waikoloa they refused to put in on the big resort property in a one bedroom (an employee told me that they put guests in the old tired rooms on the resort so when they do the tour, they realize these new upgraded rooms are where they want to be). If you want to stay at the big resort, negotiate it’s in writing. The best they would do for us was Kingsland. Kingsland is a bunch of separate buildings with the pool area in the middle. It does offer a one bedroom w/kitchen vs a hotel room ( in the old, unrenovated section of the Waikoloa resort) though I requested to be near the pool, we were put in the farthest building away from the pool. I was told because I was the last guest to arrive, I got the last room available. We had to drive our car to the Kingsland pool and the big Waikoloa Resort. It’s a great deal if you don’t mind driving everywhere. We’ve been to Hawaii a few times and I just felt that it didn’t feel like Hawaii staying on a golf course. We went in August.

    • I don’t think he asked for more info on those locations it was just listed as options. I would imagine it isn’t quite as good as the Vegas or Orlando offers.


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