How Long Do Hilton Timeshare Presentation Points Take To Post?

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How Long Do Hilton Timeshare Presentation Points Take

How Long Do Hilton Timeshare Presentation Points Take To Post?

I recently did a Hilton timeshare presentation offer in Orlando.  If you remember I was able to get quite a deal out of them, even asking for more after booking the trip.  I shared my experience in the actual presentation as well.  As a part of the offer I was supposed to get 50,000 Hilton Honors points.  But how long do Hilton timeshare presentation points take to post?  Longer than they should have, at least in my experience.

How Long Do Hilton Timeshare Presentation Points Take
The torture chamber 🤣

My Timeline

We finished our three night stay at the Hilton Orlando on October 11th.  When we had left the presentation we had to sign a sheet confirming our offer and our Hilton Honors number. They told us the points should post within a few weeks. The terms do say it could take up to 30 days but I didn’t think it would take that long.

I waited a few weeks but never saw the points post. That is when I decided to reach out to Hilton’s trusty Twitter team on November 2nd.  I was hoping they could just deposit the points in my account for me like they have in the past when there has been issues.  But they said the Hilton Grand Vacations department was a separate company and all they could do was send them a message/email.  I thanked them for their help but didn’t think I would hear from HGV, but I was wrong.

On November 6th I received an email from Hilton Grand Vacations saying they were aware of the issue and they apologized for the delay.  The rep reiterated that the terms say it can take up to 30 days but the points usually post within 7 days once the stay is complete.  She said she put in a request for the points to be added and I should see them in my account within 5-7 business days.  Lucky for me the points posted the next date.

Here is a quick timeline breakdown for you:
  • Stay completed October 11th
  • Reached out to Hilton Twitter team about points November 2nd
  • Received an email about the missing points from Hilton Grand Vacations November 6th
  • Points posted November 7th

All in all it took 27 days for the points to post.  Not the quickest system but I imagine I was an outlier and they normally post more quickly than that. It wasn’t as bad as the Aspire free night at least!

Final Thoughts

Timeshare presentations are a great way to travel on the cheap.  They make your points stretch further and can even add to your points war chest if you play it right.  It may take a while for the points to post to your account though. At least it did for me with Hilton Grand Vacations.



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