Say It Ain’t So! Masks Are Returning To Las Vegas

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Masks Are Required In Las Vegas

Masks Are Required In Las Vegas Once Again

We talked about the overcast skies in Vegas in our MtM Vegas episode last week.  And no, I am not talking about the actual sky in Vegas, which is clear enough, and hot enough, to cook an egg on a rock this summer. I am instead talking about their increase in covid cases.  Casinos had reinstated mask policies for their workers last week and some introduced a more vigorous testing requirement for unvaccinated workers. Then the CDC came out this week with a warning about traveling to Las Vegas.  I still believed that a mask mandate would be held back, at least until they had no other options.  A few hours later I was proven wrong, and as of Friday morning masks are required in Las Vegas once again. They are required in most of Nevada actually.


What Are The Requirements?

The Governor has said that the indoor mask mandate for everyone is for areas that have substantial or high transmission rates.

Twelve of Nevada’s 17 counties are currently considered to have substantial or high transmission. They include: Carson, Churchill, Clark, Douglas, Elko, Esmeralda, Lincoln, Lyon, Mineral, Nye, Washoe and White Pine. Las Vegas resides in Clark County and falls into this group.

The CDC’s suggestions say that all school children from Kindergarten to Twelfth grade, and all teachers and staff regardless of vaccination status, should be in masks but the mandate does not address it.  This will likely be decided over the next few weeks before schools reopen for the new year.

The much more potent Delta variant has led to a spike in covid cases, especially in Clark County.  The fear of continued increase, a shortage of hospital beds and a return to the peak of last year has prompted this change.

Me & Shawn Talking About The Changes On MtM Vegas

Final Thoughts

With the vaccine coming out earlier this year I had thought we would be past mask mandates and limitations in restaurants and stores etc. It appears we didn’t get the vaccine quite fast enough, or in enough arms quickly enough, to stop more potent variants from spreading.  Hopefully for Vegas, and our sanity, this is a short term requirement and they can get the cases under control quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar steps taken in other areas of wide spread cases, just like LA County.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I’m vaccinated and no, I don’t care if someone who is unvaccinated gets sick. They’ve been given every option to prevent illness….in some cases bribed with money, sweepstakes, free vacations, booze, weed etc. Look, my freedoms don’t end where your stupidity begins. Don’t want the vax? Fine, don’t get it but leave me out of it.

  2. That random mask is not doing anything. It’s like saying I ate a white skittle now my headache will go away.

  3. Seems that only a few understand what the virus can do now and why it is harder to control the spread of it. With people now being vaccinated, they may not even show any signs of having it, yes they have it and are spreaders for sure!!! Now in the past, if you showed signs that you might have it, you would quarantine yourself from workers/family and take a test to see if you were positive. Based on the results, you would then take the recommended steps to quarantine or if negative, go back to work, be with family (including children in the family). As we are seeing from the Olympics in which they are testing “everyone” daily, people are showing positive to the virus and HAVE NO SIGNS OF HAVING THE VIRUS. They are not sick, do not feel sick, and in their mind are not sick! What they are, highly contagious carriers of the virus that don’t think that they need the mask and for feel that they can be around people and NOT WEAR A MASK! Now in the USA, people that are vaccinated were a mask all day long, then go home and take their mask off, if they have the virus and not know it, now give it to the family and for sure children are exposed and then get it! Watching the news, now the CDC and Government is trying to put the “put mask back on” which is only a start to help the problem. Stop spreaders that have no idea that they are spreading the virus. The CDC and Government NEED TO DO MORE TESTING TO FING THE INFECTED PEOPLE THAT ARE SPREADING THE VIRUS AND NOT KNOWING IT. At the end of the day, EVERYONE ONE THE PLANET WILL GET THE VIRUS, many (if vaccinated, will not have a hospital event, some without the vaccine will get sick, and some will die. EVERYONE WILL GET THE VIRUS, just a matter of time. Best thing is to get vaccinated and reduce the affects and protect others by wearing a mask and get tested on a regular basis. Hoping that some company can make a simple, quick, and low cost home test for regular testing.

  4. Chairman Sisolak at his worst again, I can’t imagine why Nevada elected this A-Hole? Why not rename the state – East California? And yes, this is absolutely political. Masks didn’t work for a year. Not wearing them in 2021 didn’t make things worse, numbers were steady. Why would it make a difference now? Totally political. If you feel threatened, stay home, same should have applied after the two-week flatten the curve period.

      • So then why should vaccinated ppl care if others are vaccinated or not, if it’s just the unvaccinated getting sick, and most importantly, only unvaccinated are dying?

        • I didn’t say they did. I think this is to protect those people and the only way to do it is to have it be for all since no one is interested in confirming whether or not someone is vaccinated or not and no one follows the guidelines. It is all or nothing unfortunately.

      • And how are you pretty sure? I’ve read that in counties across the U.S. where the most people are vaccinated ,they are the ones having the largest outbreaks of covid and that the unvaccinated are 22% less likely so far to contract covid, I use the term “vaccine loosely, because it is neither a vaccine ,nor does it prevent covid,[look it up]it is an experimental spike protein gene therapy shot ,it was rushed through manufacture ,[normally takes 10 years to safely test a real vaccine. and we don’t even know anything near the long or short term complications it could cause .

          • Dean you realize this doesn’t say anything but the fact that urban areas have higher numbers. More people will of course lead to higher daily cases regardless of if the vaccination rates are higher…it is common sense. More people means more cases.

            “New COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County comprised of mostly vaccinated people
            Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer announced on July 22 that at least 20 percent of the county’s new COVID-19 cases were in vaccinated individuals.”

            Since when is 20 percent most?

            From the source they use to write the article:
            That doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t work — rates for infection and hospitalization remain vastly higher among the unvaccinated.

        • Maybe if you read some more, you will find that vaccinated people are likely to show no signs of the virus as non-vaccinated people. Therefore, feeling fine you tend to be a good spreader of the virus and infect family and workers. Yes, testing is a long process, watch some of the ads on TV for meds that are FULLY TESTED and hear the possible side affects including DEATH. These are FULLY TESTED and APPROVED drugs for people! The vaccine only help your body fight the virus and try to control it and defend the body by helping the fight. If the virus is unrestricted, it will kill the affected organ, very simple. If the antigens help stop the grow of the virus, the body MAY win the battle. Simple enough for you?

  5. Good for Nevada, and anyone that refuses to get vaccinated is a moron. Kick me out if you want to but that is how I see it. I won’t reply to anyone so say whatever you want.

    Plus, if you are not vaccinated and get sick? DIE!

  6. Sigh. The foil hat types who won’t get vaccinated are ruining the whole life thing for normal people. If they would get their vaccinations, whether because of altruism or out of selfishness, we’d be done with COVID in the USA rather than hearing them pronounce how they have the freedom to infect and kill other people.

  7. This is encouraging news. For those who are unvaccinated and choose not to wear a mask, social distance or just stay home altogether, it’s definitely your fault. If only there was a way to hold you legally accountable for the sickness and deaths you will potentially cause due to your callus disregard for human life, I’d certainly support that wholeheartedly.

  8. I think you have to take this with a bit of salt – mask requirements are back, but restaurants, clubs, etc still operate at 100% capacity. In effect, this will have little impact on the operations on clubs and restaurants. People will still be eating and drinking indoors

    • As long as social distancing or capacity changes are not made I would agree with you. But I think that is the next logical step if they don’t see cases go down unfortunately.

  9. Such BS – I will do everything I can to not comply. Will wear one but not over nose for example. I’m vaccinated and frankly hope everyone that didn’t get vaccinated gets sick and has to deal w it.

    • I think you’re exactly right. People have free choice in this country. We allow smoking and a lot more. Seems like this is just punitive.

  10. Or… the more vaccines we get that don’t produce true immunity, the more virulent viruses we will get.

    This is biology, not politics.

    It’s sickening to see comments from people who put everyone into ‘vaccine or not’ – as if that is the only way to stop a pandemic. It’s wild there is this much in accurate information still after 2 years of this.

    So happy to not be in the US, and free from all the madness. So many other countries are so much more free

    • I concur. I signed a recall Sisolak petition. I wish it would’ve went through. I am sick of this clown. It’s just a way to push everybody to get this goddamn vaccine.

    • Right on. Biden has this so screwed up no one can figure out how to get out of this. Biden and Fauci will want ZERO Covid before we can get back to normal. At some point, we have to learn to live with this challenge.

  11. You are a bit generous here, folks have had plenty of time to get vaccinated and too many refused to get the vaccine and are screwing up the economy. And yes, unnecessarily deaths and hospitalization are happening. Only solution is mandatory vaccination or you can’t visit the casino etc. It’s YOUR civic responsibility. We knew Delta was coming…

    • Mandatory vaccination for the public at large will never happen. For employees, perhaps, but never for the public at large.

      • Mandatory for the public to participate in certain activities Is how I see it. Mandatory for restaurants, shopping malls, casinos, bars, flights. Well vax or test. So either you get the jab or you get a test every three days on your own dime. That’s not a vax mandate, and it would be enforced by a combo of private businesses and gov depending on the situation. Eventually life will be so hard for the unvaxed they will either become a hermit in the hills or they will go do what’s right.

    • This is nonsense. This policy is not forced or required, it is a political choice. People are free to take risks. If you are vaccinated then others vaccination status is irrelevant. It’s strange that you would blame the victims of a disease because they are in a high risk group. Do you blame gay or promiscuous ppl for AIDS?


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