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Points Are Gonna Be Worth A Lot More & A Lot...

There are some interesting travel trends happening this summer that could make your points worth a lot more and less at the same time.

Dear Airport Terminal, It Is Time To Open Up!

After my recent trip I noticed a trend that is a little confusing. Many of the stores and restaurants in airport terminals are still closed.

30 Things I Have Learned About Travel As I Turn 30

I share a list of 30 things I have learned about travel as I turn 30 in the next few days. Some tips and tricks I learned along the way.

I Have To Admit, I Am Nervous About My Upcoming Trip

I have to admit that I am nervouse about my upcoming trip this week and I wonder if I am not alone in that feeling as travel revs back up.

My Experience Getting A Real ID & Why You Might Not...

I share my experience getting a Real ID, how long it took and how much it cost. I also share why you may not need it at all.

Has Airbnb Actually Been A Net Negative On Our Lives?

After reading a recent article I am left wondering if Airbnb has actually been a net negative on our lives.

Disneyland Opening To Out Of State Guests & Universal Orlando Drops...

Two big announcements for popular theme parks. Disneyland opens to out of state visitors and Universal Orlando drops their mask policy.

Circa Stadium Swim Entry Costs Are Going Through The Roof

If you were wondering how much does Circa Stadium Swim cost, well it costs a whole lot more than it used to cost and it varies greatly.