Points in the Bank – 15 Simple Options for Transforming Rewards into More Savings

Points are great to redeem for big travel, but you can save money with points to improve your financial situation. Check out these options.
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Money in the Bank – 15 Ways to Save Without Significant Lifestyle Changes

Many tout big changes to reach financial independence. But lots of small tweaks can have a similar effect. Check out these easy ways to save money.

Slaying the Higher Education Dragon – Practical Methods to Fight Rising Costs

College education costs are high and rising even more. Here are several practical options to mitigate higher education expenses.
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Whoa, That Was Quick! Stimulus Payments Are Already Showing On People’s Accounts

Quite the quick turnaround! Stimulus payments are already showing on people's accounts, check your bank account to see.
Image of coins growing as if they are plants

Financial Independence: Why I Focus On Cash Flow Rather Than Budgeting

I continue to focus on cash flow along with my three guiding principles to reaching FI. Here's why cash flow takes priority over budgeting in my situation.

Financial Independence Myths: What I’ve Faced the Most

I see and hear more about financial independence every day. With this onslaught come more financial independence myths. Here's what I've faced!
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How To Double Dip Your Credit Card’s Cash Back Rate – Tax Free Earnings...

By saving more for retirement, you can increase cash back rates with credit card rewards for the long term. Here I explain how!

Determining How Much You Need To Retire and How Points Can Help

How much do you need to retire? Let's talk about the Trinity Study, the 4 Percent Rule, calculating your FI number, and how points can help.