No Way I’m Buying That – I Avoid Spending on This Senseless Stuff

I enjoy focusing on financial independence and sensible spending. But my spending habits also involve what I don't buy. Here's what I avoid.
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Have you ever wondered, is delivering DoorDash worth it? I share my experiences, and thoughts, on that after a few days of doing it.
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Backdoor Roth IRA In Jeopardy? Why You Should or Shouldn’t Care

Many high-income taxpayers take advantage of a Backdoor Roth IRA strategy, but it may disappear soon. But will this impact you?
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I share my Greenlight Debit card overview. After trying it, I was pleasantly surprised by how simple and useful it is. Read more here!

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Money in the Bank – 15 Ways to Save Without Significant Lifestyle Changes

Many tout big changes to reach financial independence. But lots of small tweaks can have a similar effect. Check out these easy ways to save money.

Slaying the Higher Education Dragon – Practical Methods to Fight Rising Costs

College education costs are high and rising even more. Here are several practical options to mitigate higher education expenses.
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Whoa, That Was Quick! Stimulus Payments Are Already Showing On People’s Accounts

Quite the quick turnaround! Stimulus payments are already showing on people's accounts, check your bank account to see.