AA Shutdown: Citi Account Closure Letters Mailed Out This Week

The latest chaper will hopefully be the last. Letters went out warning of AA shutdown Citi account closures, so these are your options.

Which New Policy Is Best On Change Fees: American, Delta or United?

The 3 major airlines in the U.S. just slashed change fees. Who has the best new policy on change fees - American, Delta or United?

United Airlines Gets Rid or Ticket Change Fees

The carrier announced Sunday that it is getting rid of change fees on all standard Economy and Premium cabin tickets for travel within the U.S., effective immediately.

Almost 2,000 Delta Pilots Will Be Furloughed in October

Delta currently has 11,200 active pilots, but will need roughly 9,450 pilots for the summer 2021 schedule. That is expected to be the peak flying period for the next year or so.

American Airlines Tells Customer to Pay Up for 52 Cases of Hidden City Ticketing

Hidden City Ticketing or skiplagging is the practice of booking an itinerary where the stopover is the actual intended destination of the passenger. This trick often lets you travel for less, even though you are paying for a longer flight.

American Airlines to Use New Surface Coating that Kills Virus for 7 Days

Allied BioScience's SurfaceWise2 coating is now the first and only surface coating approved by the EPA for use to continuously protect against COVID-19 with a single application. It claims to keep surfaces virus-free for seven days.

You Can Now Book Some Cathay Pacific and GOL Rewards on Aeroplan.com

For the last few years it has been possible for Aeroplan members to book some flights by phone with Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon and GOL. Now the process has been simplified and bookings can be done online for eligible routes.

Alaska Airlines Offers Some Customers Option to Convert Wallet Funds to Miles

Alaska Airlines is now offering something similar, but in a smaller scale. The airline has sent out email to some customers to let them know that they can convert their wallet funds into Mileage Plan miles.